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We had quite the storm roll through yesterday.  The temps dropped 15 degrees and the trees swayed in the winds.  Happily we kept electric on.  Our electric lines were buried this last summer and we are hoping storms like this knock our power out lot less.  So far so good


Annette took these pictures of the storm rolling across the lake and shared them with me as I was dashing around the resort closing porch curtains


Seagull unfazed by the thunder and lightening


I had some great helpers this morning helping me bail out the boats. 


Had to teach them the trick of stepping all your weight on the back of the boat to get the water all in one place.  


Now to sit back and enjoy these summer like temps

We have a few cabins open for Beef A Rama next weekend.  Call for details.  Beef A Rama is an experience.  Look it up on google to appreciate its craziness


It has been a delightful week with the return of August weather in the 80’s and fall colors peaking through



Lots of folks heading out on the pontoon boat for afternoon cruises


Campfires at the lake at Bear Den


Sweeping up for the next guests




Steve taking advantage of warm temps and painting Bear Den



Mack has enjoyed all the picnics outside people are having


We did have one visitor that stopped in that got everyones attention.  Lauren Rose caught a picture of it through the screen door os Birchwood


The fall colors are starting to be seen around the resort


We had a vistor on the playground this afternoon who was not afraid of anything.  The deer was more interested in eating acorns than a gold retriever who wanted to chase it into the woods



Meandering through the playground


The fawn also had no fear


The dog could be held back no longer and these two went bounding into the woods laughing at the slow dog behind them


Beautiful weather the paint brushes have come out.  Steve giving Bear Den a fresh coat of paint 

Troy has been working on the railings at Holiday and Restawhile and many of the cedar chairs around the resort are getting some stain to keep them looking good.  It was a wet spring and we missed getting a few of these painting projects done so the guys are getting some stuff done before next spring


I had a delivery today of my Christmas yarn for my sock maker.  This will be knit up into socks, headbands, and fingerless gloves.  Socks are 32 for women, 35 for mens sizes, fingerless gloves are 28 and headbands are 20.  Let me know if you want to order any to   Once the Christmas yarn is gone that is it till next year  It is some of the softest yarn I work with 75% wool and 25%nylon and soft as can be


Here is what it works up looking like


If your path brings you to the Northwoods this weekend we have 3 cabins left.  Give a call 715 356 3018.   The rest of fall is quickly booking up.  Give a call if you are thinking of heading to the Northwoods



Some nice pics by the lake I caught this weekend.  








The Vallejo family was up at the resort this weekend having fun.  They were first time to the resort and were determined to try sinking the raft like they saw in the Travel Wisconsin commercials.  They tried their best but the raft won

IMG_3329 (1)

They had lots of luck fishing.  

IMG_3331 (1)

Fish are lots of fun to catch until….


They start to flip around on the pole


Ahhh this was fun…. but I have had enough Dad make it go away back in the lake please


Colors are starting to peak out.  This maple was in full red and beautiful to see

This weekend we have a few cabins open if you would like to escape to the woods.  Remaining cabins will have a 2 night minimum

Weather looks good this weekend time to come up and enjoy a quiet weekend at the lake

Bayview 2bdr is open the 8, 9 and 10th 2 night minimum at 130/night mid week and 165/night Friday and Saturday

Blackwood 2bdr is also open starting the 8th at the same rate 1/2 mile from the resort on the lake 

Eagles Nest 2 bdr opens on Saturday the 9th at the same rate as the other 2bdrs and is open for 4 nights. 

Wigwam 3bdr is wide open with a 4 person special of 960/week or 150/night mid week or 175/night Fri and Sat,  up to 7 people it is 170/night mid week and 205/night Friday and Saturday

Holiday is open starting on the 8th and has the same special for up to 4 people as Wigwam

Bear Den 4bdr home 30/night Fri and Sat and 230/night mid week

Give a call for details 715 356 3018


Fall is in the air with Labor Day Weekend here.  Color is popping out here and there.  This leaf was suspended by a cob web in the middle of the air


The Jorgensen crew enjoying a bottle of Loonshine by the fire pit.  Raspberry was the flavor of the day freshly bottled


When your good friend from college owns a resort and you come and visit for Labor Day Weekend you get put to work.  Mike stopped in and we needed to get a cabin cleaned so he got put to work.  He has over the years helped us get motors going, put roofs on, helped do garbage and on a cold January night helped Troy get the TV going in Bear Den.  Always something to help with when he stops by. Now we know he can make corners on beds as good as the military


A day of rain and we were putting everyone to work bailing out the boats


Noah and Charlie heard that the going rate for cleaning out the paddle boats was 2.00 each in dimes for the pinball game.  They were quick to help out and get the paddle boats sparkling


Of course one had to drop his sponge in the lake and that required getting wet and swimming to the bottom to get it out


Drop a sponge….. who me?


Charlie was proudly showing off his clean as a whistle paddle boat


Yeah for swimming and dimes for the pinball game!


Someone else I know was just happy to watch all the boats get clean 


Moon rising over Lower Kaubashine after a day of rain



Quick sunset ride in the old ski boat with Elias our German exchange student.  This was his first ride in the old boat


Here is to quiet evenings on Lower Kaubashine and getting a little help from friends


Summer is drawing to a close but the sunsets have not stopped


Eileen Wasson was going to back to celebrate with some Loonshine after once again flying across Lower Kaubashine on water skis at the young age of 85.  Eileen is the youngest 85 year old I know.  Congrats Eileen and we shall see you next year for skiing at 86 and counting


The week has been wet and makes everything very green 


The raft after the rain stopped finally this afternoon


Folks start coming out of their cabins as soon as the rain stopped



Mack looking to see who is headed to campfires where he can steal a hamburger when nobody is looking


We are all just happy to see the sun and blue skies


Everyone at the resort gathered at the lake with their viewing glasses for the eclipse.  We were supposed to get 80 percent.  The glasses were amazing to use shared by all


Beach steps were the place to be


In the spirit while waiting Ellinas created his own eclipse



This was the best picture we could come up with using glasses over an android phone


The best seat in the house for viewing!

Till the next time


Few days of rain this week had us busy keeping the boats bailed out of water.  Our german exchange student Elias helped us out learning what the word bailing ment.  If you are fluent in German stop and say hi to him.  He will be with us til Thanksgiving


We stopped into a small restaurant in Hazelhurst just 2 miles from the resort.  Church Street is close to Charlie’s Cheese and that is where if you look closely you will find Vince’s place.  It is not big and only open Wednesday to Sunday from 11 – 5.  Food is great!  Vince is a one man operation so go and enjoy and don’t be in a hurry


He is located in this old neat cabin.  Look at the sign on the door and if it says open stop on in


His menu is not huge but it is very good!.  We have not had anything we don’t like and desert is always divine.  Carrot cake was what we had and it could not be moister and the frosting was……. amazing


The kitchen.  Vince uses as much local and organic produce as he can.



Stop in pull up a chair and enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner away from the noise of town.  Vince has a true small oasis in the Northwoods


Then come back to the resort and work on building a river like little Charlotte


It was hard to take a bad picture this morning

In a day with terrible things in the news nazis and North Korea a little time on Lower Kaubashine in the lake mists is what everyone needs.



IMG_3173 (1)






Someone forward this to the nazi’s in our country and Donald Trump and Kim in North Korea.

Our world is a wonderful place we don’t need war and hatred

Send them for a morning on Lower Kaubashine and I dare them to not leave changed and in a better place