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Snow arrived and we were almost ready for it… almost.  Beach chairs up from the beach looking a bit forlorn this morning in their winter coat of snow


Pumpkins this morning were a little confused.  This one had its brain frozen and was still smiling


Eyes open and realizing that snow had invaded Halloween.  Not happy about it one bit


Oblivious to his environment again with eyes closed shut.


I took this picture a few weeks ago with the fall colors and now in snow



Time to take the rest of the boats out




IMG_5654 IMG_5652



The leaves are off the trees and it is time to get to blowing and raking the resort



Steve armed with one of our blowers to do the first task which is to blow all the roofs off



The views are great from the roof tops.  He can have the views, I will stay on the ground



We had cords of wood delivered the other day but we also have some dead trees to take down around the resort.  Steve and Troy have been busy with the chainsaw over at Bear Den and Red Pine.  Steve’s wood crib with the wood piled in it is ready to be sawed apart quickly



Here is what has been churning off the needles this week.  I have a craft fair at the high school on Saturday so I have been churning them out as fast as the guys have been cutting wood and blowing leaves.  The gloves and socks are in some fun new colors I have been trying out.  Except for the neon colors all the others are no wool yarns and are 18 for the socks and 25 for the gloves.  The neon socks are expensive yarns.  I will try to keep a couple of them in the shop all the time, but if you want a particular size of them let me know.  The neon yarn is not the easiest to get so plan ahead for these they are 30 dollars a pair and are 75% wool and 25% nylon.

One more Christmas stocking off the hand needles.  The bear stocking is the next one I am making but it has been claimed by very cute little guy in Wyoming.  Email me at for details or other pictures of what is out in the shop.  The stockings come in moose, angel, snowman, cabin, tree, bear, santa and holly (pictured above)



Katie and Jack every year share with me their favorite vacation pics.  In between naps on Birchwood’s swinging bed they snapped a few pics



Fishing with dad on one of the last warm days to enjoy the blue dock



Hmm…. why is the fishing pole left on the beach?  Maybe they were enjoying the sun too much to throw a line in



Early morning sunrise



Thank you Katie and Jack.  See you next year!



I had a couple of other pictures shared with me the Struger family caught 4 muskrats or lake otters frolicking by where the road meets the lake.  They were having a party and oblivious to any photographers shooting their pictures


The guys of the Frisch Family Kevin, Brian, Mike and Will were up doing some hunting.  They were bow hunting part of our land and bird hunting other areas around Hazelhurst.  They saw lots of doe but no bucks to shoot at.  They took a break from hunting to canoe up Kitty Spring with one of our canoes and shot this pictures of the springs, thanks for sharing




Late fall and the fall shut down has started.  The big white pier is out of the water and the slide looks very lonely without it



The raft seems to be floating in the middle of the lake aimlessly



Boats are still in the lake through this weekend



Leaves are mostly on the ground



The bees nest that freaked everyone out this summer that was camouflaged by the leaves on the tree is very evident.  Troy was contemplating putting his waders on and snipping it off the tree.  Anyone interested in preserving it and hanging it up let me know.





Firewood was delivered a few days ago.  This will be next summer’s wood.  13 cords.  Wood is in demand and the mills are screaming for wood so the price was the highest we have paid.  Appreciate it as you burn it and please do not waste it


You will have to wait for the end of the blog entry to find out about the siren in the swamp.  The guys have been busy taking out extra boats and getting them cleaned up


Troy spraying worm dirt out of the bottom of the boats

IMG_5547 IMG_5546

Cleaned up and ready to be piled away for winter


Boat yard aka volleyball court



Beach chairs headed to winter storage as well.



Steve and Troy taking up the heavy old dock pallets from the blue dock.  We are replacing them with  new pallets in the spring



Steve already at work creating the new pallets



Now what else has Steve been up to…….  For some reason this statue had no home….  I think it is a reject from Craig and Lynnette’s garden.  She needed a new home and who better to find her one than Steve.  Anyone remember the head Steve left in the woods for people to find…. well you now have the Siren of the Swamp who is somewhere out on the blue trail.  She may get a sign next spring to make her easier to find



Her location.  For some reason this reminds me of the siren that protected the holy grail.  This is the sort of thing that happens when Steve gets bored and a long winter is ahead…. and Craig asks to get a half naked statue out of his garden


I asked Steve to share some pics.  He grabbed this one down on our new land by Kitty Springs of the old Muskrat fence grown around a tree.  Hiking in that land you find scenes like this all over the land.  We are slowly cleaning up the old fence


Steve goes nowhere without chopping down a dead tree or two.  Balsams dead or alive are his favorite target.  He considers them weeds


I believe he took this by Norway Pines


I think Troy was the photographer on this one.  Time to get some boats out = less boats to bail


Headed to Hilltop



Til next spring when we do this all over again



Beautiful fall day at the resort.  Warm breeze and fall colors still popping



Lake levels again still up.  We had a lot of rain Monday and Tuesday.



Time to get the big pontoon out of the water and take some chairs up as well



Filling the boat up is the easiest way to get the chairs and other things up the hill.  We still have the other 2 pontoons in for another week or so



Chicken Little staying at the top of the steps and as far away from a boat ride as he can get.



View off the hill from Shamrock this morning.  Absolutely beautiful day



Leaves have been falling but it is still very pretty outside.  Looking from Wildflower towards Bayview and Muskie


Steps to Wildflower


Always one of my favorite panoramic pics

IMG_5508 IMG_3015 IMG_3014 IMG_3013 IMG_3012 IMG_3011 IMG_3010 IMG_3009


3 cabins left this weekend if you need to escape



Picture from yester year of our home before it went through many remodels.  We are out of town for a few days so no new blog entries will be up.  No worries will be back after the weekend to pics on a more regular basis when we are happily all back home.  If you call the resort you will be talking to Craig.  He has taken back is old job with the reservation books while we are gone.



No blog entries the last few days as we were unexpectedly called out of town.  We were very happy to return on the road to the resort.  There are still leaves on the trees and it is still beautiful



Nice to be back home