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As cold as it has been this week and Brent and Annette and their daughter Catlin have been having fun in the cold ice fishing


First few fish were small but it is fish fry season and they are tasty!


Restawhile with its smoke stack smoking in the cold


Cold sunshine


Staying warm by the fire with Bella


Bella out sporting her fancy coat


Bella was the fanciest beagle I have seen in awhile.  She is an old girl and deserves all the extra TLC that Annette gives her.  Mack was slightly jealous in the background


Back on the ice the fish were biting


This is happiness and a great Friday Fish Fry


I believe the count was atleast 15 each day so far.

Thanks to our guest photographer Annette.  Appreciate you sharing your pictures

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1958 Craig and Millie by house

It is as cold today as it looks in this picture from th 50’s of Maynard and Millie and Craig in the background

Cold weather + I don’t go out and take pictures + guys to cold to do interesting things outside to take pics + dog to cold to go outside to pose for pics = not a lot of blog entries lately

So into the old photo files I go

1961 Kids on dock

Dreaming of warm summer days at the dock…

1961 Muskie

Catching big fish

1960 Pat on Daves shoulders

And water skiing like Dave Black with a pretty girl on your shoulders.

Hears to thinking about summer.

A few new cabin openings have popped up on the availablity page check them out on the website or I announce them on Facebook so like Black’s Cliff on Facebook to get those announcements

I have one cabin open this weekend starting on Saturday with a 2 night minimum.  It is Muskie Inn on special for groups up to 4 at 175/night Saturday and 145/night Sunday same rate as Birchwood.

Next weekend we have 4 left Holiday, Restawhile , Bear Den and Red Pine.


I had some nice pictures shared with me by Cindy and Karl Larson.  They come up skiing 2 or 3 times a winter with their dog Maddie.  It is nice to get a different photo perspective from them


Mack is a fan of Cindy and Karl as he goes down to visit for treats about 4 times a day.  I had to call last night when he did not return to see if he was visiting.  Mack picks up right away on who likes him hanging around as he goes on his walk abouts around the resort checking everyone out


Steve’s dog Penny also loves the Larson’s and stops by to play with Maddie who is much better at keeping up to Penny than Mack is


Steve and Karl ski journing with Penny and Maddie around the driveway.  The driveway during the week has become a skiing race track with Steve and Karl.  As long as a squirrel does not distract Penny and Maddie it seems to work well.  Ski Journing with dogs pulling you on skis looks easy but it is actually quite a work out for both dog and skier.

Thank you Karl and Cindy for sharing your winter adventure this week with pictures

Resort 1969 beach

Back to dreaming of summer with this oldie but goodie from the 60’s showing our first slide

Resort 1969 Kane

Mrs Kane enjoying a steak from Maynards grill in the late 60’s.  The Kane family was one of many that started out coming to the resort and then moved to the area.  The Kane’s bought the gas station in Hazelhurst that was originally a grocery store and gas station.  They kept a nice business going as Kane’s Country Store in what is now the Marathon Gas Station.  There was even a small meat market in the store.  There are many stories of Kevin Kane and Craig putting the roof on the old Country Store.  Hazelhurst misses the grocery store and the Kane’s a lot.  Kevin and Di, brother and sister still live in the area and stop by to say hi

Resort 1969 Perch

Here is to thinking about summer and sitting on the perch

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We had a beautiful 6 inches or more of snow come down last night.  Karl and his dog Maddie were out enjoying a quiet ski around the driveway this morning


The bear in the front yard getting buried deeper


Picnic table snow depth report.  It is getting deep.  Time for snow shoes


Mack’s snow report… who needs snow shoes!


Ok I do I am worn out going through the snow


Anyone know where I put my ball?


Steve doing his favorite job around the resort.  His report is there is a lot of snow but it sure is fun to plow in a truck that has all its mirrors and nobody has backed it into a tree yet.  Missing pic was Penny and Bella along for the ride.  He was plowing with Bellas favorite American Girl story blasting out of the radio.  The life of a dad


Pretty summer picture of the day.  We have had a few cancelations in the last couple of days.  Below is our current opening list.  Holiday July 2 – 9th might change to Norway July 2 – 9th I will know which one in a couple of days.  Holiday June 18 – 25th might also be popping open and I will know that one tomorrow

Summer 2016

Updated February 3rd

Eagles Nest 2 bdr added August 20 – 27 Holiday 4 bdr July 2 – 9, Wigwam 3 bdr August 13 – 20

Memorial Day Weekend

Bayview and Wildflower 2bdrs.  Wildflower is open starting on Saturday the 28th

Wigwam and Norway 3bdrs 

Red Pine 4 bdr

May 30th to June 3rd lots of cabins open at low spring rates

June 4- 11th Early Summer rates

Bayview 2bdr 895/week

Wigwam 3bdr 1125/week 

Holiday 4bdr 1400/week

Bear Den 4bdr(Friday to Friday) 1595/week

June 11 – 18th

Bayview, Wildflower and Restawhile 2bdrs 1210/week

Blackwood 2bdr Saturday to Friday 6 nights 1035/6 nights

Shamrock and Wigwam 3bdrs 1580/week

June 18 – 25th

Eagles Nest 2 bdr 1210/week

Blackwood 2 bdr 1210/week Friday to Friday 17 – 24th

July 1 – 8th Friday

Red Pine 4 bdr 2480/week

July 2 – 9th

Holiday 4 bdr 1890/week

July 8 – 15th 

Blackwood 2 bdr 1425/week 

August 5 – 12th

Blackwood 2bdr 1425/week 1425/week

August 13 – 20th

Wigwam 3bdr 1580/week 

 August 19 – 26th

Blackwood 2bdr 1425/week

August 20 – 27

Eagles Nest 2bdr 1210/week 

August 26th and beyond lots of cabins open give a call

Sales Tax and Room Tax

Prices do not include 8.5% sales and room tax


2 bedroom $525, 3 bedroom $620, 4 bedroom $800, 4 bedroom homes $980

Deposits are sent in by check or cash with in one week of making the reservation


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It was a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon, no football on and time to head out on the resort trail to hike to Kitty Springs


It was almost deep enough to put on snowshoes but we choose to just go in boots and break trail



Never get tired of the view off of the hill


Kitty Spring was not frozen over quite yet.

We are under a Winter Storm Warning tomorrow for 7 – 12 inches of snow.  Glad we made the hike today.  Tomorrow it will be in snow shoes.

4 cabins left for the weekend.  New snow and temps look to be in the 20’s perfect time to head up for a little winter fun



Resort 1975 Mama LEonie

Throw back pic of the day

Anyone recognize this bathing beauty.  She is the mom of an infamous character around the resort.  Answer at the bottom of this blog entry


It has been snowing and snowing and snowing.  Little here and a little there…



Red Pine in the snow



The guys have found a nice inside project that has taken up their time last week and this week.  A new floor in Muskie.  Looking good and staying warm out of the snow

Resort 1975 Bunger taking skiiers

Back to the answer of the question of who’s mom was pictured at the beginning of the entry.  It was Mama Leone mom to Bunger one of our infamous summer boys who had the girls swooning in the 70’s and volunteering to be spotters in the ski boat.  Bunger enjoyed going over bumpy waves with all the girls in the front of the boat… then again so did John, Kevin and Paul….. This pic was for you Paul

Resort 1969 Maynard and Millie snowmobile

Picture from 1969 with Maynard and Millie having fun snowmobiling.  Muskie Inn is in the background.  The snow looks about like this today too.  Time to come up and play in the snow


Here is how deep it is in the woods as of today.  Temps have warmed up and perfect to play in the snow


Troy has gotten the snowblower out on the lake and cleared off a rink.


After last weeks cold the wood pile is definitely going down


Birchwood in the snow

Resort 1972 Millie, Maynard, jenny

One more pic from yesteryear….  Millie and Maynard and child in a blue jump suit.  No idea who that is…..  down at their newly constructed house probabaly about 1972 or 73

Resort 1975 Seen no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, Jenny, Mark, Katie

What is a blog entry in January without a throw back summer picture.  This is entitled See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.  Two sisters (who could they be… one blonde and one dark haired?)  are on either side of Mark Fore from the Frisch Clan



Though I would prefer to think about warm days at the lake….  It is finally time to enjoy winter with cold temps that have finally froze the lake


A certain someone and I went out on the lake to see what tracks we could find after a weekend of cold fun on the lake.  There were tracks everywhere and we both felt safe to go out on the lake for the first time


There were straight tracks from traditional skiing.  Pole plants you could see


Steve’s tracks from skate skiing with Penny the other day.


Tracks of folks walking around headed to somewhere…



Tracks everywhere and tracks returning to shore so I was pretty sure it was safe


Someone even felt energetic enough to shovel off a ice skating rink.  Troy is considering going down later this week with the snow blower and blow off a big one


The trail is still not marked across the lake but we saw snowmobilers crossing a few times this weekend


Are we ready to go up yet?


Summer seems a long way off but before you know it these chairs will be filled.  Waiting for the raft to be completely buried in snow

Sending out good thoughts and prayers to Colorado where there are a few people I know who are also dreaming of being in these chairs instead of where they are.  The chairs will be waiting for you!  Get better!  We are thinking of you! along with the rest of your resort family




1958 launching raft

It is cold out and taking pictures outside and freezing my fingers is not high on my list today.  So instead it is time to reach back into the file of old pictures from yesteryear

1958 Raft floating

Dream of warm afternoons at the lake from years gone by….


The way swim suits have changed over time

1958 Mr. Blum, Dick and T

But sitting at the lake has not changed much.  Anyone recognize the chair in the middle?

1958 L Rambo on dock

Maynard enjoying a few moments at the lake

1960 Dock scene

People in the chairs change week to week and year to year, the dock shape changes and the raft moves around a bit but the place remains the same

1958 Seaplane Mrs Taylor, Rocky and Mr Myer

A change we all miss……  the days of the sea plane……

1958 Paddocks and Meyers with Millie

But the party goes on.  Anyone recognize the cute green and white cabin in back of the shed?  The old Shamrock before it was moved next door to Kaubashine

1958 Cocktail party

Cocktail party at the main house.  The lamp on the back table is still in a bedroom somewhere and the picture on the wall is somewhere as well.  Millie is sitting in the wicker chair and it is probably Mayards feet next to her

Hope you enjoyed the trip back in time in time to warm summers of years past


Snow has been steadily falling adding up slowly.  The cold snap has added a lot of ice to the lake making it safer and safer.

Here is the snowmobile trail report for Minocqua

January 13, 2016

Curt Christensen

President,  Minocqua Forest Riders Snowmobile Club

Press Release, Email Blast, Internet Post & FB Post:

Finally, all of the swamps throughout our trail system are completely frozen and safe for snowmobiles to travel over. Generally speaking, the Corridor Trails are in fair and changing to good condition when riding from east to west.  Most Club Trails have yet to be panned or groomed, but will be soon.  The club is starting a full grooming schedule this week.

X country skiing report from Winter Park