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It was a beautiful weekend one the lake


The community room was hoping with teenagers playing games til 11 pm.


We were given a beautiful gift by Ruth Grady when she arrived. Ruth spent part of her winter making us a 25 year anniversary quilt.  We loved it!  We have the best guests who become not just guests but friends.  Thanks Ruth we will treasure this quilt and know the work you put into it


Steve and Troy got their final touches on Holiday for its updates.  New screens and paint job were on the list.  They also finished the trim around the screens.  Nice job guys!


I thought this was a fun menu for new ideas around the campfire.  I would love to try a few of these this summer


Beware of the store stealer who haunts all campfires and looks for hand outs

I just updated our availability list on our website adding a few things for the end of August and Labor day

We still have Bear Den open July 14 – 21st and nightly openings up to June 21st



We see the light at the end of the tunnel on the weather.  It has rained everyday since Mother’s Day.  That has caused the water levels to reach record amounts.  My brother in law Bryon took this picture on the Raven Trail in Wooodruff of Clear Lake.  It shows how crazy these water levels are.  They are claiming we will see the yellow ball in the sky later today so we can start drying out


Some of our biggest spring projects are waiting everything from anchors, chairs, docks and cabins in the spring.  With weather like this it has put us far behind in those projects.  We had to get creative and bring the beach chairs in the basement for their annual paint job.  The raft may or may not make it for Memorial Weekend as it needs atleast one good day of drying to get dry enough to paint.


Thankfully projects like putting in the pontoon boat and cleaning it can be done on rainy days.  We have 3 of them in the water so far and running smoothly


Pontoon boats do require one thing to be launched and that is the key…  Had to save these two who were trying to paddle from the launch to the resort and gave up.  They were happy to see me with the key in hand


We have had folks up all month enjoying the cabins.  This was my favorite guest so far stopping in to pay her bill.

We are now booked Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Weekend.  We have nightly openings up to June 21st and we still have Bear Den open July 14 – 21st if anyone is interested check out the website for details on opening on the right side or give a call


Mack would like to know what happened to his safe water free beach last night.  He is very confused


Yesterday the beach wall was nice and safe and today after the storms of the last 2 days the beach has been invaded by water


Wondering where exactly the drop off is and where those darn blue gills are that like to nip him in the back legs


Over by Kaubashine and Shamrock the dock was just about under water.  This is I think the highest I have ever seen the water.


Our new motors almost went under last night.  I am not sure how many inches of rain we got but it was a lot

We also as usual lost electricity for 20 hours.  Happily we got it back about 3 pm today and the boats were all safely bailed out

Hopefully it dries out and we can get back to painting and getting the resort ready.  On a happy note the office building got cleaned out and ready for summer and….


Steve and Troy got a new drain system for Holiday’s Lake Black that occurs during heavy rains.  Hopefully this works well for the next summer draining away Lake Black.  If not see Steve and lodge a complaint




It is still a little quiet in the Northwoods for a few more days


Because it is quiet the guys feel the need to pull things apart.  They were fixing the drainage for Holiday’s lake the appears when we get lots of rain.  We are out of time this year to completely redo the entrance to Holiday but atleast they go the water flowing better for this year.  Next spring they have plans of a new deck and entrance to the cabin


Meanwhile Steve was putting his thinking cap on to finish up the stairs at Norway.  Railings and maybe a seat will be part of the master plan before it is all done this week.  This feels like the project that goes on and on, but it is really looking good


You might have heard we purchased 4 new Evinrude 4 stroke motors for the boats.  Steve and Troy had to break them in and run them through their paces.  Both of them were very happy with the new motors especially Troy.  The motors use less gas and are much quieter than the old ones.

We purchased a 40 horse Evinrude 4 stroke for our ski boat and were amazed the first time we took it out.  You could carry on a conversation with the passanger with out shouting with one another while taking skiers


Taking off for a spin around the lake


Penny was a very happy co pilot with Steve.  Troy has his own boat in the foreground

I posted our remaining openings on our website for summer.  Click on the link on right side.  We are going nightly on our remaining openings through June 21st see the website for details or give a call 715 356 3018

IMG_2440 (1)

The party was here this weekend.  The Jung family descended on the resort for their annual birthday weekend.  There is someone in the family that is always celebrating a birthday that ends in a 0 or a 5.  They have decided that each year they are getting together no matter what and celebrating whoever is the 0 or 5 birthday.  Nice way to keep the family together.  They say they just don’t have time in at home to all get together and having one weekend a year designated for the family at the resort is what they are going to do.  This is the 3rd year as a group getting together at the resort

IMG_2439 (1)

I found a few members of the family getting ready for their party weekend

IMG_2444 (1)

The best use of a laundry line I have seen

IMG_2448 (1)

While they were partying we were painting.  Ben was back from his first year at college and we put him to work painting beach chairsIMG_2451 (1)

Lots of boat painting as well was going on this weekend

IMG_2447 (1)

Ever wondered how many anchors it takes for all the boats.  Where here is the answer.  Most of them are paint buckets filled with cement

IMG_2453 (1)

When tired of painting green Bear Den and Red Pine both had their docks painted

IMG_2454 (1)

Leaves are just starting to pop out at the lake

IMG_2446 (1)

You can feel summer is not far away

IMG_2445 (1)

The lake is calling

We are going to go nightly on our remaining June cabins.  Here is a list of cabins we have left for summer.   We are going to break up the openings on Shamrock June 10 and Norway June 17th nightly.  You have to start or end on a Saturday with a 4 night minimum.   Give a call for details 715 356 3018

I also did not add to the list Restawhile July 8 – 15th at 1240/week this just popped open and will not last long

                                                             Memorial Day Weekend

Norway 3 bdr 260/night 3 night minimum

Wigam 240/night

May 29th – June 2nd 

Lots open at our lower spring rate call for availability

June 2 – June 10th early summer rates

We will do nightly rentals for these cabins with a 3 night minimum

Wigwam 3 bdr 1150/week or 205/night Fri and Sat and 170/night mid week

Norway 3bdr1250/week or 240/night Fri and Sat and 190/night mid week

Holiday 4 bdr 3 and 4th 475/2 nights

June 10 – 17th

Shamrock 1620/week or nightly 240/night 3 night minimum beginning on a Saturday or ending on a Saturday

June 17 – 24

Norway 3 bdr 1720/week

Located at the end of the resort in a nice quiet location

July 14 – 21

Bear Den 4bdr 2545/week up to 10 people

August 12 – 19

Wigwam 3 bdr 1620/week

Labor Day Weekend

Blackwood 2 bdr 3 night min 185/night

Wigwam 3 bdr 3 night min 240/night

Bear Den  4 bdr home3 night min 375/night


Warm spring days have spring popping around the resort


Lots of painting going on


Steve got the job of testing out one of our new motors.  This year we invested in 4 new, yes new, Evinrude 4 stroke motors for the boats.  Two 6 and two 9 horse motors.  Steve was headed out for the maiden voyage of one of the 6 horses


Just another day at the office.  Some people have such a rough day at work


Back to real work.  Troy and Steve have been working away at the new steps into Norway Pines.  They have quite the project down there.  We meant to do this to Holiday too but time is short this year.  It might have to wait till fall


They now just have the porch to build by Friday when folks check in


While they are working on that I have gotten a lot of the porch doors painted.  In the spring we sometimes think paint brushes become an appendage living at a resort


Then there are reports from the south as to what Craig is up to.  Last reported he was headed to Mexico on a mule…. the rest of that story you will have to ask him for this summer.  A picture tells a thousand words and I wonder what tales this pictures has to tell


Been off the blog for awhile due to the space bar on my computer deciding to quite working.  I managed to keep my emails checked on my iPad but the blog did not happen til today when my computer came back.  So peaceful pictures are the theme today


Green chair at the lake is what we all need


Swing beds are all set for summer as we are spring cleaning all the porches and freshening everything up.  Nothing says relaxing like a swinging bed looking out at the lake with the wind in the trees


Some other people have not been relaxing.  Instead Troy and Steve have spent more time in the lake than they would like with wadders on getting all the piers back in


I happily watch the dock going in.  My job was to keep the blue rails straight as the guys pulled the end of the dock out to deeper water.  They are looking at their feet as they are balancing on green chairs in the water trying to keep themselves dry in the deeper water.  Of course Troy was the one that ended up with the water going over his wadders. He took a trip to the sauna to warm up


The old red boat came out of storage for a paint job.  It will be flying across Lower Kaubashine before we all know it


Back to enjoying the quiet of the lake.  I took this picture down at Red Pine while the guys drained out the paddle boat

We had a cancellation on Wigwam August 12 – 19th if anyone is interested.

Plenty of cabins open for the fishing opener for this weekend starting at 130/night.  Muskie’s might be spawning in Cedar Falls this weekend


Spring is springing around the resort.  Snow is all gone and it is slowly starting to look green here and there

Spring clean up of leaves has been in the last week and we are slowly shaking the shaggy leafy look of early spring


The Day Lillies sprouting up in front of Birchwood


Chives I planted in Birchwood garden are also sprouting up


I think this is the first Lilly of the Valley poking through or it is a stray Day Lilly


Lots of dock work is going on getting all the docks straight.  The ice broke off some of the supports so we have a bit more work than usual a the lake this year


Boats floating and waiting to head in to the docks


Slowly repairs are being made and docks are ready for summer


Mack looking for his friends the bluegills in the shallows.  Last summer they nipped him in the legs when he was wading and he took to dog fishing for the first time.  He would wade in the shallows and dive head first after them when they were swimming between his legs taunting him.  For a couple more weeks the bluegills are not in the shoreline until the lake turns back over and the warmer water is in the shallows and not in the deeper water.  He will have to wait to go fishing for a couple more weeks


Meanwhile his younger and not as smart counter part Penny seems to have a problem.  She got out to the raft but can’t figure out how to get back to shore

No comments


Spring has sprung along with all the spring dock work.  Time to get to straightening the docks


First things first, finding the best wadders that do not leak.  Then rounding up the docks


They like to wander away when not anchored down


Getting all the boats out of the way is a must


And the work starts.  I think Troy will tell you this is his least favorite job to do.  Steve made it easier the last couple of years renting a really good sprayer that makes the job much easier than before.  It is a cold wet job to work on


If you missed these pictures on Facebook the other day, we lost one of our big pines in a heavy wet snow by the lake  It landed right in Kaubashine’s boat parking area.  Time to move it a little down the shoreline but how to do that?  First cut off all branches that you can


Attach a rope.  Just another day at the office


Start pulling with the winch and cutting off branches as you go


Down the shoreline you go


This will make a great fish habitat just not in Kaubashine’s boat parking area.  I can imagine the lures caught in this tree in the next years


They tucked it into the shoreline a bit and the fish will love it



For the 2nd morning in a row we woke up to no electricity.  Sunday night we had 70 degrees and a big wind storm go through which knocked out the power and last night 6 plus inches of heavy wet snow and yet again no power.  This is a sight that makes you pull the covers up in April and go back to sleep except for no heat and no power means get out of bed and start a fire


So far from the snow storm we have only found one tree down so far.  The big pine by Kaubashine’s dock.  Not sure how we are going to get this cleaned up….


That was a lot of weight on those limbs to crack that tree all the way up the trunk




This definitely gets in the way of dropping off water skiers at the dock..  Something will have to be figured out


Another tree thinking about taking the plunge but will have to wait for another storm



Except for the month of April it would be a pretty view



The wind storm Sunday night took out this spruce in the back of Wigwam.  We are waiting on the tree service to come take it down.  If we try Wigwam will get hit so we are leaving this one to the professionals


Thankfully this one is caught up in an oak tree over the cabin.  It is not going anywhere.  The tree service has been too busy the last 2 days with trees hanging in much worse spots.  Til they come this one is not going anywhere we hope.

Enough with the storms!

If you did not notice I added June 17 – 24th in Norway to our openings for Summer 2017.  Our list is quickly shrinking.  If interested give a call 715 356 3018