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You will have to wait for the end of the blog entry to find out about the siren in the swamp.  The guys have been busy taking out extra boats and getting them cleaned up


Troy spraying worm dirt out of the bottom of the boats

IMG_5547 IMG_5546

Cleaned up and ready to be piled away for winter


Boat yard aka volleyball court



Beach chairs headed to winter storage as well.



Steve and Troy taking up the heavy old dock pallets from the blue dock.  We are replacing them with  new pallets in the spring



Steve already at work creating the new pallets



Now what else has Steve been up to…….  For some reason this statue had no home….  I think it is a reject from Craig and Lynnette’s garden.  She needed a new home and who better to find her one than Steve.  Anyone remember the head Steve left in the woods for people to find…. well you now have the Siren of the Swamp who is somewhere out on the blue trail.  She may get a sign next spring to make her easier to find



Her location.  For some reason this reminds me of the siren that protected the holy grail.  This is the sort of thing that happens when Steve gets bored and a long winter is ahead…. and Craig asks to get a half naked statue out of his garden


I asked Steve to share some pics.  He grabbed this one down on our new land by Kitty Springs of the old Muskrat fence grown around a tree.  Hiking in that land you find scenes like this all over the land.  We are slowly cleaning up the old fence


Steve goes nowhere without chopping down a dead tree or two.  Balsams dead or alive are his favorite target.  He considers them weeds


I believe he took this by Norway Pines


I think Troy was the photographer on this one.  Time to get some boats out = less boats to bail


Headed to Hilltop



Til next spring when we do this all over again



Beautiful fall day at the resort.  Warm breeze and fall colors still popping



Lake levels again still up.  We had a lot of rain Monday and Tuesday.



Time to get the big pontoon out of the water and take some chairs up as well



Filling the boat up is the easiest way to get the chairs and other things up the hill.  We still have the other 2 pontoons in for another week or so



Chicken Little staying at the top of the steps and as far away from a boat ride as he can get.



View off the hill from Shamrock this morning.  Absolutely beautiful day



Leaves have been falling but it is still very pretty outside.  Looking from Wildflower towards Bayview and Muskie


Steps to Wildflower


Always one of my favorite panoramic pics

IMG_5508 IMG_3015 IMG_3014 IMG_3013 IMG_3012 IMG_3011 IMG_3010 IMG_3009


3 cabins left this weekend if you need to escape



Picture from yester year of our home before it went through many remodels.  We are out of town for a few days so no new blog entries will be up.  No worries will be back after the weekend to pics on a more regular basis when we are happily all back home.  If you call the resort you will be talking to Craig.  He has taken back is old job with the reservation books while we are gone.



No blog entries the last few days as we were unexpectedly called out of town.  We were very happy to return on the road to the resort.  There are still leaves on the trees and it is still beautiful



Nice to be back home


We shall start out with the good news.  Fishing is definitely picking up.  Brent caught this nice 35 inch muskie this week and released it.  Thanks for sharing the picture Brent!


Jeannie got sick while up north and did not get to go shopping in town.  Instead as she was feeling better came down to the Looney Bin and decked herself out with socks, 2 stockings and Christmas balls.  Hope you are feeling better Jeannie.  She says at least she had a nice view while not feeling well and will now have warm socks to keep her feet warm this winter


Now the bad news… yep it happened last night…. first snow started yesterday October 3rd…….


Snow…. did I say snow?


Yep there was snow



What came off the needles last night?  That interesting ball of green yarn I pictured the other day made wonderful pair of green yellow socks.  It is as combo of wool, soy silk and cotton.  I have never worked with a yarn like this.  It had an interesting and soft texture.  I have just one skein of the yarn and turned it into this pair of size 7 – 8 1/2 socks.  They are 27.   The red, gray, black socks are no wool, 100% acrylic.  I have to sew their toes up tonight in size 7 – 8 1/2 as well at 18 dollars.  I call them my sock monkey socks.  I got the gloves from the last entry done they are no wool as well in size medium, 25$.  Each pair of my gloves has 2 hours of work in them start to finish along with the yarn.  Socks are an hour start to finish with hand sewing the toes.  Now to see what that pink ball comes out like.

I bought a bunch of really nice German single skeins on ebay of really nice yarns.  I am anxious to make them all up and see what these new yarns look like.  It is fun to see new yarns come off the sock maker.  Stay tuned



View along the road to the resort.  I have decided I have become to reliant on my iphone camera which does take nice pictures and is always with me.  I need to bring my nicer better quality camera along more.  This is from my Cannon xsi









Road to paradise








What is on the needles?  I finished a 2 pair of the green blue now wool, 100% acrylic socks in 6 – 7 size and 7 – 8 1/2 sizes 18 dollars.  The gloves on the far left in the same yarn are medium size 25$ and I will finish them up tonight with some hand sewing.  I started a new stocking last night, this one will be a cabin stocking to replace the one that left this weekend.  The skein on the right is a single skein of a new yarn I found on ebay 50% super wash wool, 25% soy silk, 22.5% cotton and 2.5% chitin.   Can’t wait to see what a pair of socks looks and feels like out of this yarn.  I will probably make them to a size 7 – 8 1/2 and they will be 27 for the price of the yarn



Brett and Annette Geildenfelt were out fishing and hooked this nice 19.5 inch bass.  Time to make soup



Hungarian Fish Soup was on the menu



Annette also caught this pretty fall color pic along the lake.  Thanks for sharing  your pics!



In other news, Christmas is 88 days away and the socks have been flying off the sock maker.  If you have plans of giving some for Christmas stop at the shop or email for pictures of what is done.  They will be flying off the shelf faster and faster the closer to Christmas we get.  This pair I made in a size 9 – 10, 75% Super Wash Wool and 25% poymide.  Beautiful German yarn I found on Ebay only one skein of it.  These socks are 27 dollars.  My 75% wool socks are 27, the 50% and no wool socks are 18 and the ankle socks are 14.   I also have about 40 pair of texting gloves done right now that are 25 each.  In the next couple of weeks I will be making some kids socks that are 8 dollars but right now a I am sold out of them.

Christmas stockings.  I had 3 leave last weekend.  They usually sell out by Thanksgiving or shortly there after.  Let me know if you would like any.  I have 10 done and will be making 3 or 4 more but that is it before Christmas.  They are 48 with name if interested in anything above.  I can usually ship anything for 5 to 6 dollars

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This amazing picture was taken this last weekend and shared with me by Becky Van Elsen.  Amazing pic!  Becky took it just down the shoreline from Eagles Nest.  It is the dock at King’s Manor.  Thanks for sharing Becky



It has been a busy weekend and made even better with the arrival of the scotties.  Every June and October Michele and Tom Bronsky come with their 2 scotties and there is usually an additional one or 2 that also join them.  It is a scottie dog party at the resort.  Tom and Michele are from Door County and host the door County Scottie Rally each year   They raise money for research into scottie dog related illnesses and scottie dog rescues.  If you have a Scottie or like Scottie’s check out their site or stop and meet the Scottie’s when you see the flag up at Birchwood



Steve was thrilled to see the Hen in the Woods mushroom bloomed over the weekend.  Steve harvests this mushroom every year to cook with.  This year 3 heads of mushroom have appeared next to Birchwood.  Every year it grows in the same place.  It is worth 150 dollars a pound dried.   He will not be selling it but will be enjoying lots of great mushroom dishes when it dries



Hen of the Woods.   I always mistakenly call it Chicken of the Woods, but I hear that is a whole other mushroom