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The fall is winding down.  Most leaves have fallen and the resort is finally slowing down a little

We have quite a few cabins open for October 29th weekend with a 2 night minimum.  It is still a great time of year to come up and enjoy some quiet times at the lake in front of a fireplace

Deer Hunting Season:  We have had a couple of our regular groups cancel for the deer hunting opener November 19th weekend.  We have 2, 40 acre private hunting spots open for folks who want to come up and hunt and stay in the cabins.  Give a call for details on this.  We also open these spots up for bow hunting on other weekends in November.  We own a total of 120 acres of forest land on our road that we allow some hunting on when arranged with us


We will be leaving a few boats in until ice makes us take them out.



Getting ready for winter the storm windows went on this weekend.  Jake always knows when he gets his fall break from Lawrence University that he gets to come home and do a few things


Even more fun than windows is power washing the boats for winter.


Even more fun is helping pile up winter wood for the main house for the season.


Anyone looking for a Christmas stocking I still have a few in the shop.  They are 50 dollars each and I embroider the name on plus shipping


I also have one Santa stocking that has a full pattern without room for the name


Dogs and Cats can not be forgotten


Peace, Love and Joy on special they are 50 each or 135 for all three


I also have a great selection of Christmas socks, fingerless gloves and headbands in this great warm and soft Christmas Yarn

The socks are 30, gloves 25 and headbands are 18

Email to order from Jenny anything above or other things out of the sock shop.  Right now there are 240 pair of socks, and 70 pair of fingerless gloves ready to go for the Christmas season.  The closer to Christmas we get the smaller the choice gets so don’t wait




Another beautiful fall day in the Northwoods.  We had 2 days of very rainy nights.  We got 3 – 5 inches of rain depending on who’s rain gage you listen to.  The lake went way up to the highest levels we ever see


A whole lot of rain, leaves and pine needles came down filling the swimming area.  Look closely and you can see the level of the lake is even with our wall.  That is a crazy level of water for our lake


The new dock starting to go under water.  The guys were going to take the dock out today but with the high lake they decided to wait til next year


Crazy lake level!


Instead they decided to take out pontoon number three along with a bunch of chairs.  Just one pontoon boat left for this weekend


Steve cruising to Hilltop much more relaxing than trying to get out a flooded dock

One cabin left for the weekend and three that open up on Saturday if you need a last minute fall trip.  Beautiful days on Lower Kaubashine



It was a beautiful day at the resort with full colors.  The reds and yellows were out.  We have not had a lot of hard freezes and it has put our colors behind.  Everywhere you looked today the colors were vibrant.  I could not stop taking pictures.  Enjoy

We have cabins open this week and weekend of October 22nd we have 2 cabins open for the weekend.  Come on up while the color lasts
img_5960 img_5959 img_5958 img_5957 img_5956 img_5955 img_5954 img_5953 img_5952 img_5951 img_5950 img_5949 img_5948 img_5947


The colors along Lower Kaubashine are amazing.  Had to stop and take a few pics on my drive home





Then you arrive at your destination.  What could be happening at the resort.  All was well when I left……


I came home to find the guys on top of Birchwood doing things that did not look good…..


Never think there is nothing to do around the resort or Murphy’s Law makes a hot water heater break.  Time to call the plumber.  Thankfully the plumber has not left for Arizona yet.  I am told the cabin will be ready for renting tomorrow.  Wondering if all these parts went back the way they were supposed to be


Beautiful morning at the lake with the lake mists and the colors


There were some fishermen appearing out of the mists




What a peaceful way to fish




I don’t know if these fishermen knew the paparazzi was taking pictures from the shore


This last picture was shared with me by Annette who was at the lake at a different time than I was to catch the party in the mists


The colors are great and we have cabins open through the week and a couple for next weekend




The colors and sunsets have been amazing


The road to the resort has been amazing the last few days


Tom and Michelle Bronsky approached us a year ago wondering if we would build a dog park at the resort.  We thought about it and thought why not…  It took a year but we got it done and they came to enjoy it with their dogs.  They brought along a couple of items for the park.  The park has been a hit with dog owners


Sparky one of their scotties loving his new home away from home


We say a big thank you from all the other dog owners to Michelle and Tom for their great idea

Andrea Zlabis also added her improvement neon dog paws on the door so it can be found in the dark

We hope everyone enjoys it as much as Sparky does


John Burscheid our lake association president stopped in to pick up the donations to the fish stocking program.  John led the charge to get 1000 walleye fingerlings stocked in the lake last year.  This year the DNR stocked in 900 a week ago.  Our lake association is privately adding in the money to put another 900 in the lake.  Hopefully we will see the fruits of these stockings in the coming years.  Thanks to all who donated from John


Birchwood in the colors


I took these at sunset the other night



I will try to catch more this weekend

We do have cabins that open starting on Monday October 10th and a few that go through next weekend.  GIve a call if you want to come up and enjoy the colors




The colors are quickly heading to peak.  We have cabins open up to Saturday but are booked Saturday and Sunday nights October 8th and 9th.




Troy and I took Mack up to the Schlect Lake Trail 5 minutes from the resort.  We were going to do the Skida Lake Loop


We were going to take the loop between the 2 lakes..   We have skied it but never hiked it in the height of color


The color was popping


I do not have a picture of it but our trail ended at the swamp between the two lakes.  In the winter the trail is skiable frozen but hiking….. it is a wet mess that Mack would have happily romped through but not for us.  Will have to wait for winter



Back to the resort and enjoying the color around the lake




The Cikowski Crew was up muskie fishing.  Jimmy, Tommy and Fritz have spent lots of hours trolling the lake for muskies along with Al who now calls Minocqua his home with his wife Roberta.  Jimmy hooked into this nice fat 41 inch muskie this week.  Nice fish Jimmy!  Fritz and Tommy need to find theirs now


Jimmy and Tommy were also our co Ice Out 2016 winners and they stopped in to pick up their winnings from Cliff who we had to wake up.  Cliff was looking for a treat for putting up with this picture


Back to fishing!



Splitting wood at the wood shed with the splitter Troy has discovered a new friend.  This Thrush hung out all day eating grubs from the wood Troy has breaking apart.  The bird is as bad as Mack at begging.  It is nagging him to split more

It lost its fear of people and was definitely a fan of Troy

img_0456 img_0454 img_0451 img_0445 img_0443

Every picture has the Thrush in it can you pick it out in all the pictures?
img_0436 img_0435 img_0432 img_0430 img_0428

Til tomorrow when he splits some more

We drove past an hour later and the bird was still hanging out on the woodpile


Leaves are starting to get going in the Northwoods.  We are full right now Friday and Saturday but have openings mid week if anyone wants to come up and enjoy the color.  It is going to be spectacular in the next week or more



You can just feel it is ready to explode


Right now just peaks at what is coming



If you like color I have been busy working on some thinner headbands.  They are 10 dollars a piece and have a lot of stretch in them.  Great stocking stuffers if you are looking for something.