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Our longest running hunting group the Evans guys led by Grandpa Dan and his son Jeff enjoy all 10 days of the hunt with us.  They have over the years built the deer stands you see along our hiking trails.  They have spent many special moments with Jeff’s sons in the woods enjoying time together over 3 generations hunting together.  Dan is 83 and headed to the woods with a smile on his face


Phil and the guys are in their 18 year hunting with us staying in Norway.  They are trying out some of our hunting land on our new forty this year for the first time. Hopefully they see some deer


The Walstad crew led by Rick are in their 4th year enjoying the 10 day hunt through Thanksgiving in Muskie.  


We have two new groups of hunters both who have in the past stayed in area hotels and are loving the cabins this year.  The Fargo crew will be hunting our swamp 40 for 3 days introducing hunting to the next generation.  


Smiles say it all with the Welnak crew. No more staying in motels and hunting for this group.  Enjoying Birchwood and getting ready for early morning tomorrow

It was nice to see some younger guys with our groups up participating a wonderful tradition with their fathers and grandfathers.  

Anybody in the Stevens Point area on Sunday stop at the Holiday Convention Center at the Tinsel Trail craft fair where I will have the sock machine whirling around and all the socks for sale.  First time I have traveled out of the Mincoqua Area for a craft fair


Our boat shed is quickly going up.  It is not small. It will fit all 4 of our pontoon boats along with cedar chairs and ski boat. Excited to get it finished

I am happy to say Bryon figured out my picture sizing issue.  No more thumb print pictures for the blog!

I needed to export them as a custom size not the sizing my mac wanted to make them


Steve and Darby getting the final pieces of the roof on


Time to clean jus and get the boats in.  We will be finishing the building weather permitting with ambient windows and big doors 


Enjoy pics I took at Bear Den with ice across the lake





New Day

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IMG_6964 (1)

I had been eyeing up the iPhone 10 for awhile and yesterday did the dreaded 2 hours in Verizon to go through changing over from the 7 to the 10.  The camera is amazing on the new phone and worth every penny

I still though can’t figure out why the pictures do not size right coming into the blog.  They are either too big or too small….  I think I will have to stop by and see my brother inlaw Bryon and ask him

So for the moment back to the smaller size.  Enjoy and I will work on getting the sizing right so these great pics can be enjoyed moreIMG_6959IMG_6965IMG_6969IMG_6967IMG_6968IMG_6970IMG_6957 (1)IMG_6958 (1)



My sister and brother inlaw, Katie and Bryon love to head out on the Raven Trail in Woodruff anytime of year.  It is officially their favorite trail in the area.  They shared these pics of their idea of paradise


Why live in Florida and miss all this… until March, then Florida does look good



Clear Lake not frozen over yet


They returned to the trail just a couple of days later and the snow was deeper.  Soon it will be skiing, fat tire bike riding and snowshoeing time.


They both have fat tire bikes and love flying through the woods in the winter on their bikes.  There are several trails in the area just for Fat Tire Bikes.  The Raven Trail has a designated loop for them


Bryon has been busy painting and is an amazing artist along with Katie.  Bryon has set up a shop for people to order prints or merchandise of his art work.  Check out the link above.  Blue Loon is my favorite and it hangs over my couch.  There are also other neat things you can order with his art work on them.  Great Christmas presents




The Snow has arrived.  We received a couple of inches last night.  The ice is starting to form on the shoreline.  Mack was checking it out and definitely keeping his paws on the shoreline


Before the snow came the work on our boat barn was getting closer to getting the roof on

The boats are waiting to get under roof before more snow comes


I have sold my final Christmas stocking for 2018.  My wall of stockings was full this summer but they have all slowly left.  If you would like stockings for your family get on my 2019 list and make your requests.  They are 60 dollars each and that includes the name 

IMG_6915 (1) IMG_6916 (1) IMG_6917 (1)

I have been busy at work on Christmas socks, gloves and headbands.  If you are interested in any email me at

If you receive the Our Wisconsin magazine check out the December/January issue for a story about my sock machines and the story of my sock business.  If you want any socks for Christmas I can text pictures of what is done in the size you are looking for and ship them.  With the article coming up and 4 craft fairs don’t wait long for the best selection


IMG_6889 IMG_6890

It was a quiet weekend at the resort.  Leaves have fallen and the crowds have left


We filled the weekend with friends.  The Snodgrass and Hixson crew arrived for some fun at The Hazelhurst Pub for fish fry and helping with our new building and heading to the craft fair at the high school with me


The walls were going up this week with Troy, Steve and Chris Moran working together


Keeping things straight


Chris pounding nails and keeping an eye on what Steve is up to


Why would Chris be concerned about what Steve was doing….  I see no reason for concern here… just a little Northwoods pole dancing


Then came the real inspectors.  Tom and Murry making sure all was straight


Tom decided to show off his lumberjack skills he honed in during his years in Chicago traffic.  He may be trying out for The Lumberjack Show next summer


Meanwhile Murry entered her first craft fair joining me and the sock machine at the High School this weekend.  It was her first craft fair and sure to not be her last

See you all next summer if not before


We had a fun weekend with friends and took the pontoon boat out for its last cold run around the lake.  When you start looking for a winter hat to go on the boat it is time to think about taking it out


We also met up with Jake and Michelle in Woodruff at the Rocky Reef Distillery


Their menu of beers is fun 


Good spot to stop in if you like beer

Chris Moran arrived on Sunday and work got started on our new pontoon boat storage shed going up on Eagle’s Nest Road.  Here are shots of the progress so far.  Only one calamity that might worry Workman’s Comp.  Stay tuned for more pics of the building going up.  They say walls by the end of the week atleast



I had these awesome fall pictures shared by Chris Gough this week.  He took them the 2nd weekend in October while staying with us.  Chris caught some awesome shots that really capture fall on Lower Kaubashine

Thanks Chris!


CIMG2313 paul pier CIMG2254 Geezer pier


Kate Coyle shared this picture of Norway last weekend in the fresh snow

The snow has melted since then but it was pretty for a day


It has warmed up enough for the guys to take most of the boats out of the water.  


Quiet days on Lower Kaubashine


We had a bit of snow come down this weekend.  Thankfully by this morning it has all melted.  


Before the snow came we were enjoying some late fall colors and working on a few things


The green boats got washed.  Waiting for a few volunteers to stack them for winter


Steve and Troy were hard at work on the building


Straight walls make the building inspector happy


Setting the corners


Time to put the skid steer to work.  Deciding the best way to get things flat


Steve was having fun


Next was setting the supports in the ground.  Steve called in help from his friend Darby


It helps when your friend has a post hole digger

We have a several cabins open this next weekend if you want to enjoy some end of fall views

Minocqua has a great Haunted House open this weekend and a new escape room in the basement of Gaslight Square if you want to enjoy some Northwoods Halloween fun