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Christmas is right around the corner according to Mack.  Time to get the resort ready for all the guests we have coming.  


Time to head to the lake to get the ice skating rink ready.  Our hillside has turned brown from the warmer days but the ice is ok.  We still have snow on the ground on top of the resort by the cabins the ground is white except for the hillside


Troy and Steve making the outline for the rink we will keep cleared off


One blows and the other shovels


The rink will be ready!


Lets hope for some fresh snow in the forecast.  We hear there is a little in Wednesday and Saturday’s forecast


Fish were biting this weekend.  I had some ice fishermen share a pic of their catch of perch

IMG_7483 (1)

Usually we call red squirrels public enemy number 1 for being bad neighbors.  They like to break in cabins when they can and chew on windows, they chatter from the trees and have been known to drop pinecones on people not expecting it.   This little squirrel though we have started to feel sorry for.  We watched him all summer gather up hundreds pinecones in the front yard for his winter food


Here is the pile he made.  However he has had some interloping free loaders stopping in

The usually nicer and friendlier gray squirrel.  Sneaking in while the little red squirrel was up a tree


Getting closer


Making a dash for the pile


In comes the little red chasing off the free loaders.  This goes on for hours until a big golden chases them all off

The little red has been running from the pile to the stairwell at Kaubashine we think he is relocating his stash… that is til the grays catch on


Steve headed out on Lake Katherine with his buddy Darby and the dogs for some ice skating before the snow gets too thick.  These are the islands of Lake Katherine


Lake Katherine is just 5 minutes from the resort and beautiful any time of the year



Three dog skate pull.  Darby did teach them how to stop which is important


This is the life of happy dogs



Penny telling Bella what she missed while at school.  


The snows been piling up outside on the trees.  I have been definitely enjoying the camera on the iPhone 10.  The quality of the pics capturing winter and the trees shows it






Laughing in Birchwood I found this sign on a screw the guys must have sent through the wall.  One of our guests I don’t know who left some commentary on the wall.  Gave me a laugh as I was cleaning


Troy has started the fire pit wood pile for next summer.  Splitting wood in the cold is when the wood warms you twice once while making and then again when burning.  He works hard to make sure we have dry wood.  Make sure to know the work Troy puts in keeping the fires going.  


Steve and Darby putting the final touches on our new building this week.  Lots of screwing and hammering going on.  


If you are interested in one of Troy’s horse racing games give a call.  He sold all his games but has two new ones almost ready to go for Christmas they are 65 dollars and guaranteed to keep mother in laws, crazy uncles and high energy kids busy at Christmas playing instead of fighting.  


How do you celebrate the end of the week?  You grab the family and head to the lake


Bella and Steve ready to skate.  The conditions are perfect to skate all over the lake.  The snow is not too thick and the ice is safe.  Time to fly!


We use these lake skates.  They have a ski binding and attach to ski boots.  They are like a speedskate with the heel not attached.  Your feet and comfortable and warm and you can fly across the lake.


My binding was being a pain.  Yes I knit that hat a few years ago.  yes it took a long time and no I am not making them to sell


Off we go.  It was 4 pm so it was getting dark


You can see the pattern you leave behind it is long and swooping strides on the ice


Waaa hooo having fun



We checked in with an ice fishermen to confirm the ice conditions


Ok that was fun but I am ready to defrost

Perfect end to a Friday!


We had a very busy weekend with all of the boys home for Thanksgiving. We did not take the usual Thanksgiving pictures of all our groups as we were on the road to cook a turkey at the nursing home where Troy’s mom is.  It was a special Thanksgiving spending time with her.  If you ever wonder how to pull off a full home cooked Thanksgiving meal at a nursing home see Troy and I. That is what Thanksgiving is all about and one we will not forget.

We also spent our usual time playing games as a family.  We tried out an escape room game that comes in a box. We did solve it in time.  


I will have this to borrow out of the office, check with me to check it out.  It will not be in the main rec room but in my office to check out


Christmas lights went up around the resort.  Friday is always a tradition of getting the lights up.  

Ben and Grant enjoy the challenge


The Our Wisconsin December and January issue just came out.  If you get the magazine or pick one up at most stores in Wisconsin that sell magazines you will find on page 10 – 11….


The story of the sock machines that I have and the sock shop


My friend Linda Wrobel asked if she could write a story about my sock machines this summer.  She submitted the article and we got a call 2 days later from the magazine wanting to print the article.  The magazine is written by submitted articles from its readers.  All the photography is also submitted from readers.  Linda’s payment from the magazine is an amish pie baked by one of the monthly writers who is amish.  He writes a monthly article for the magazine about 2 weeks on his farm every issue along with baking a lot of pies to send out to all the selected story writers.  Big thank you to Linda for taking the time to write about the machines and socks


Back to work for Darby and Steve finishing up our boat barn.  


Troy was busy filling up the spaces with all the chairs and pontoon boats

Back to sock making as the phone has been ringing continuously for sock orders from the article.  If you are thinking of ordering any socks for Christmas don’t wait the supply gets less each day


Beautiful Thanksgiving week at the resort.  Snow seems to be sticking around


Home from college and time to have some fun behind the gator like the old days


Lets GO!


Such form!.  Using a water skiing knee board


Ha Ha I snagged a hat!




Trying out card board, a shovel and a garbage can lid.  Steve had to jump in too


The shovel was voted best



The true winner!


Time to bring in some wood and warm up by a fire

Happy Thanksgiving!



Our longest running hunting group the Evans guys led by Grandpa Dan and his son Jeff enjoy all 10 days of the hunt with us.  They have over the years built the deer stands you see along our hiking trails.  They have spent many special moments with Jeff’s sons in the woods enjoying time together over 3 generations hunting together.  Dan is 83 and headed to the woods with a smile on his face


Phil and the guys are in their 18 year hunting with us staying in Norway.  They are trying out some of our hunting land on our new forty this year for the first time. Hopefully they see some deer


The Walstad crew led by Rick are in their 4th year enjoying the 10 day hunt through Thanksgiving in Muskie.  


We have two new groups of hunters both who have in the past stayed in area hotels and are loving the cabins this year.  The Fargo crew will be hunting our swamp 40 for 3 days introducing hunting to the next generation.  


Smiles say it all with the Welnak crew. No more staying in motels and hunting for this group.  Enjoying Birchwood and getting ready for early morning tomorrow

It was nice to see some younger guys with our groups up participating a wonderful tradition with their fathers and grandfathers.  

Anybody in the Stevens Point area on Sunday stop at the Holiday Convention Center at the Tinsel Trail craft fair where I will have the sock machine whirling around and all the socks for sale.  First time I have traveled out of the Mincoqua Area for a craft fair


Our boat shed is quickly going up.  It is not small. It will fit all 4 of our pontoon boats along with cedar chairs and ski boat. Excited to get it finished

I am happy to say Bryon figured out my picture sizing issue.  No more thumb print pictures for the blog!

I needed to export them as a custom size not the sizing my mac wanted to make them


Steve and Darby getting the final pieces of the roof on


Time to clean jus and get the boats in.  We will be finishing the building weather permitting with ambient windows and big doors 


Enjoy pics I took at Bear Den with ice across the lake





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I had been eyeing up the iPhone 10 for awhile and yesterday did the dreaded 2 hours in Verizon to go through changing over from the 7 to the 10.  The camera is amazing on the new phone and worth every penny

I still though can’t figure out why the pictures do not size right coming into the blog.  They are either too big or too small….  I think I will have to stop by and see my brother inlaw Bryon and ask him

So for the moment back to the smaller size.  Enjoy and I will work on getting the sizing right so these great pics can be enjoyed moreIMG_6959IMG_6965IMG_6969IMG_6967IMG_6968IMG_6970IMG_6957 (1)IMG_6958 (1)