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I am importing these beautiful maple pictures larger than I have in the past.  I have had trouble with my iPhone importing pictures to small to my computer and my computer exporting them to the blog on the small side.  click on the picture if you can not see it in full size.  I hope you enjoy







We had a beautiful and busy weekend in the Northwoods.  The warm temps have made for some beautiful sunrises on the lake


We started out the weekend with a great fish fry with friends, Gloria and Rich Snodgrass at the Heart 2 restaurant in Arbor Vitae.  It is really a good fish fry if you are looking for a new place to go.  They have the usual cod along with walleye and perch.  Deep fried, baked, lemon pepper and cajun are the options


I went cajun walleye and was very happy with it.  Just 15 minutes from the resort


Then we were off to a wedding of Dawn and Buck Cass’s oldest son John in Appleton.  Dawn many remember from the last 70’s and 80’s who worked at the resort for many years.  She possesses the highest pinball score ever seen at over 200,000.  The wedding was a great time with friends and a bit of dancing.  Be careful of ever playing the song Cotton Eyed Joe near one of the people in this picture because what happens to her feet.  Not saying who

Big Congrats to John and Molly Cass on their life together from your family in Minocqua.  Thanks for including all of us on your big day it was very special


Bella received her first subscription request for her Black Family Magazine.  She is all smiles and is contemplating her next issue.  The next one I am told will be a  Thanksgiving edition complete with her favorite recipes of holiday food and a list of warm stuff to wear.  Always entertaining are the side bars where the stars give their commentary.  If you would like one sent to you send 5 dollars to:

Bella Black Editor Black Family Magazine PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531

She also likes letters to the editor for article ideas or just letting her know you are enjoying her magazine.  I hear the next one will be the Christmas Edition after that


It has been raining this week but a few peeks of color have started


Our family headed out for a Night For Wildlife this week.  Katie and Bryon are on the board of the Northwoods Wildlife Center and have put a lot of time into the center this year.  The Northwoods Wildlife Center was the first Wildlife Hospital in the state 39 years ago.  Our mom Trudy also spent a lot of time helping with those first years of the center.  Things have come full circle now with Katie and Bryon lending their efforts to wildlife


Bryon did this beautiful painting for the event.  Blue Loons was auctioned off.  Bryon wanted to do loons a different way and did them swimming underwater.   It was an amazing painting for great cause.  Bryon is looking into getting prints made of this painting and you may see them for sale in the Loony Bin.  

Congrats to Katie and Bryon for making a difference in the Northwoods


and thanks for inviting us to join you.

Katie is always recruiting volunteers for Wildlife Events so watch out if you say you have free time.  


We had a busy weekend with the Tomahawk Fall Ride in the area with Harleys.  We had lots of Harley stop in.  This crew from the Chicago area has made it a tradition


We snuck off for a day in Green Bay at the Viking Game.  It was awesome!


Jake and Troy got their green and gold on to head to the stadium


Back to the resort and back to work

Dog Park Beautifcation.  One of our cedar swings needed retirement and they had an idea to reuse the seat


Perfect spot out at the dog park


Steve has also carved out seats at the park out of my friend Sue’s tree that came down in a storm.  Sue was happy to see the tree used for something other than wood


Colors are starting to pop.  We have a couple of cabins left for the weekend if you need an escape


We have hired a new writer for her first foray into being published.  Steve’s daughter Bella has started the new Black’s Cliff Magazine.  She is writer, editor and publisher (publishing with a little help from dad at the copy store).  Bella’s first edition is hot off the presses and can be picked up in our office area.  If you are lucky it is hand delivered to your cabin by the publisher after school


Stay tuned for the Winter, Spring and Summer editions.  She loves letters to the editor if you take the time to read the magazine turn in a comment or two to the editor letting her know you enjoyed her magazine


In other news the locals have been stopping in each evening for a dinner of acorns on the playground


Lots of great campfires this week


The Jung’s hanging out missing the rest of the family but enjoying quiet moments with their friendly visitor who did not notice the locals on the playground yet


We took Mack on a geocache adventure.  The resort has gotten a little quiet so we have escaped on a few adventures


We headed off after 8 caches on the Awassa Trails in Saint Germain.  They are right behind the Saint Germain School and Flea Market area


When we go caching people wonder what we are looking for that have not cached before.  Here is one of the caches we found on the trail using our phone Geocaching app.


We signed the log book and put the cache back in the container


Down the trail to find 7 more caches with our Geo Dog


Stay tuned for more fall adventures.

Mack, Troy and I took a day trip away from the resort to the Presque Isle River that dumps out into Lake Superior.  It was a beautiful trip a little less than 2 hours from the resort on the western edge of the Porcupine Mountains.  If you are looking for a nice day trip from the resort it is perfect with a stop or two in Ironwood for a pastie and Dan’t Antique shop.  Enjoy the pics

IMG_6534 IMG_6535 IMG_6539 IMG_6547 IMG_6550 IMG_6527 IMG_6528 IMG_6529 IMG_6531 IMG_6532 IMG_6533 IMG_6536 IMG_6537 IMG_6538 IMG_6540 IMG_6541 IMG_6542 IMG_6544 IMG_6545 IMG_6546 IMG_6548 IMG_6549 IMG_6552 IMG_6553


It was a beautiful Labor Day Weekend.  It did rain but only part of the time.  This beautiful picture was shared with me by Jack Barden one of my favorite guest photographers.  Thanks Jack!


The Zaremba Family who own Blackwood cabin that we manage where soaking up the last rays of summer this weekend while enjoying their cabin


Paul and Danny determined to get the last jumps in off the raft for the season.  Paul was happy to have the diving board back this summer that way when Danny tries to push him off he has something to grab on to, to stay on the raft


Picnic lunch was enjoyed by he Voight family at the dock.  Roy and Gail where enjoying their 3rd trip up to the resort this summer.  Memorial Day, Labor Day and a week in the summer is the perfect prescription for summer time 


Adam and Samuel agree with their parents.   These two fishermen could be guides later in life.  They catch the most fish as a tandem duo with their dad Roy that I see all year.  Now it is time to get back to school


Speaking of school we had John and Joanne Baldwin stop in.  They had not been to the resort in 60 years.  John was in Maynard, my grandfather, health class back at York High School in Elmhust back in the 50’s.  John came to the resort in the 50’s with his parents.  John and Joanne became campers enjoying the Minocqua area with their family staying at campgrounds in the area ever since.  Joanne was a little tired of camping and John said I know the perfect place to go to.  They are enjoying a few days at the lake and reliving John’s memories of fun times at the Cliff and his favorite teacher, Maynard Black

Side note:  Our old bell you see in front of our house I get asked about a lot.  It is the train bell off Clifton Keith’s train back when he built the resort.  Clifton and Lulu used it as their dinner bell to call the family to dinner and we did too until cell phones made it easier to track down family members.  We still ring it once in awhile when someone’s phone is not with them.  If you hear 5 bangs of this bell watch the family come running to the house

Our remaining cabins open for the weekend of Sept 8th I have reduced to a 2 night minimum

Restawhile 2bdr, Norway 3bdr, Holiday and Red Pine 4 bdrs are all open for the Sept 8th weekend

We also have Kaubashine 3bdr open starting on Saturday the 8th.  I will do a special on Kaubashine for smaller groups up to 4 at 175/night Saturday and 155/night mid week.  Otherwise it is 195/night midweek and 245/night Saturday up to 7 people.  Kaubshine is open up to Sept 13th

I will also do a special on Wigwam open today until Sept 8th for small groups at 155/night mid week and 175/night for Friday up to 4.  Otherwise it is 175/night mid week and 210/night for Friday up to 6



With cooler temps it has been great napping week and time to spend with family winning a few pennies


Wine and horse racing along with a nap makes for relaxation


The pennies were flying out at the office 


Troy had to get busy making a few more games for the gift shop.  If you want one of  these they are 65 a great family and group game for all from 2 – 99


Keeping Troy busy making boards drilling out holes


It is a bit rainy for Labor Day Weekend but that makes people relax more I think as they sleep in later not in a hurry to rush out to the beach.  As quiet as this picture looks it is


Peeks of color are popping up all over the resort  Fall is just around the corner along with more naps and walks in the woods



As sunsets get earlier summer is coming to an end.  


The fawns in the woods are loosing their spots.  I caught these five deer along the road.  Three fawns and 2 does



Steve and his friend Darby got to work fixing the fire damage we had to Kaubashine a couple of weeks ago.  We were finally given the Ok from the insurance company to get started on repairs


Ta Da all fixed

Reminder to be careful with fires around the resort.  This was started by a grill one the wood porch


An even bigger sign of end of summer is the trailer and car loaded to take Grant to his Freshman and Ben to his Junior year at Saint Norbert in De Perl.  Everything fit and off they went after a summer of hard work at jobs both at the resort and in town


Good luck Grant!  


We stopped to see Jake and Michelle at their new apartment in Kaukana and meet their new additions to their family two cats with lots of personality.  They start their first year of teaching in a week.  We hope to see them returning a lot to the resort on weekends when they can.  They will be visiting a lot with Ben and Grant just 15 minutes away from them

Our availability opens up at the resort Monday Sept 3rd.  Give a call with dates to see what is open.  Cabins are filling fast for fall and we are starting to get winter calls as well