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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours

Thanksgiving at the Cliff is lots of food, fires, games and laughs.

We had a full house at the resort enjoying the holiday

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The Robinson Family was up enjoying there 3rd Thanksgiving in Birchwood

Parchesse ws the name of the game in their cabin


The Walstad guys got done deer hunting for the day and football was on the agenda with them. They were grilling steaks later in the day and doing a double header of football.  I think the deer are safe today


The Rudatt family was all about comfy pj’s and doing puzzles

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Doing a puzzle by the fireplace how could Thanksgiving be better than that


Next stop was the Evans DeerCamp


These guys have spent 19 years in the woods across from the resort hunting and celebrating Thansksgiving together at the Cliff

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The Sveda family was keeping Bear Den rocking with games and food.  It has been 2 years since we have had the whole crew at the resort

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The owners of Blackwood the Zaremba family were up enjoying their 2nd Thanksgiving in their own cabin.

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I could not catch all of the Becksmith Family together in the cabin but I caught half of them at the playground before the turkey was cooked

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The Ring family enjoying their first Thanksgiving in Shamrock

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Cooking with a hungry dog was going on in Restawhile with the Hynes’

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Betsy and Marybeth enjoying their 19th year the Cliff with their 3rd dog since I have known them.  

Happy Thanksgiving from The Northwoods

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It was a gray week and the black and white photos matched the weather


Everything closed up and ice creeping across the lake


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The beginning of the holiday season at the resort brightened up the cabins.  We had several groups of deer hunters at the resort.  

The blaze orange after a gray week was welcome.  The deer have hit the bushes and are hiding pretty good so far I heard.

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The Evans crew up hunting for their 15th plus year.  They keep the deer stands in our woods going that you see along our hiking trail

Day 1 was slow but they have many more days of hunting ahead of them

The rest of our hunters were either asleep or out to eat and eluded my camera


Anyone need Christmas Stockings I have a few left.  Email me at I have a bear, cat, cabin, 2 snowman, santa, a full pattern santa, angel  and Peace and Joy stockings left.  I am making a few more before Christmas in the moose, tree and snowflake patterns.  They are 50 dollars each and that includes the name back stitched on.  I will only make a few more before Christmas before I start making them for 2018

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Ice and snow have arrived in the Northwoods.  Each morning the ice reaches a little farther across the lake


Mack would like to lodge a complaint that it is too cold to go pee outside in the morning and nobody has made bacon in a week for him. 

He is very sad…   Things look up for him today with 4 cabins arriving with breakfast eaters he is hoping armed with pounds of bacon

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It was time to pull out the boots this morning and brush off the car

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Definitely feeling more winterish around here

Much different than…


Just yesterday when Steve was blowing off the roof of Birchwood

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And Troy piling our winter wood by the house

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Back to snow in the pines pictures

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It was cold and crisp out to start the week.  The leaves are now all down.  The snow melted and it was time to get the resort cleaned up before more snows arrive


The views off the hill while leaf blowing where spectacular today




Blowing leaves down the stairway


In other news, I ran into a 4th sock machine that I could not resist.  This 1902 Gear hart is now the oldest machine I own.  It is called a knee knocker.  The cylinder the needles sit in rotates and when it gets going swings the weights on the sock and will knock your knees if not careful.  It will be fun to get this old machine working and on display for next summer.  

I am taking Christmas sock orders if you need any contact me at

This coming weekend Steve will be in charge at the resort as we will be traveling to the Menomonie area just east of the Twin Cities to visit Troy’s family.  The sock machines and all the socks will be going with to attend the Elmwood craft fair from 9 – 3 on Saturday.  So if you live on that side of the state and needs socks, fingerless gloves and scarves for Christmas presents come on over to Elmwood Saturday. 

We still have 4 cabins open for the weekend with Steve and Mack in charge


Happy Halloween from the snowy Northwoods


We had some light snows come in


Mixed in with the little color we have left



Come on up and enjoy the snow with us before it gets too deep. 

Our rates drop this weekend to our late fall rates.  Cabins start at 135/night for 2 bdrs, Birchwood at 155, Shamrock 170, Kaubashine and Norway 190, Muskie and Holiday 225 and Bear Den and Red Pine at 265/night from now until December 22nd



The sun was out… but it was cold…. I was happily doing book work and the call came….  We need your help…  Come to the beach…

I should know by now what that means.  I get the call 2 times a year, spring and fall


The guys need help with getting the blue dock out


Penny has not figured out that going with Steve in a boat in late October is a cold place to be


Mack in his infinite wisdom of older dog knows the shoreline is the place to be


Dang Steve, the boat floor is cold for me to sit on.  Where is my ball…. hmmm ball Steve we left it on the shore by the shaggy one who steals it from me and won’t give it back….  Steve, do you see he has my ball?


Relax Penny, I am good at this and don’t rock the boat or we both go in


Now what do I do with this?  Hey quit taking pictures and come help


Can I get out of the boat yet? 


You guys could not have done this with out my help


Hey Troy lets let her think that til spring and next spring she gets the leaky waders and the lake temp of 40 degrees and we take the pictures


It was a beautiful weekend with warm temps and beautiful sunsets


Lots of fishing and good times.  The Voight twins, Samuel and Adam stopped by each day to show me their catch they got with their dad, Roy.  This weekend it was Northerns all over 21 inches 


The boys had fun trying out all the old lures in their dads tackle box that they had not used in awhile from their Opa Horst and their great grandfather

Lots of fun for them and reliving memories for their dad Roy of other days fishing with his dad and grandpa.  


Now that the weekend has come to an end and the wind has blown most of the leaves off the trees it is time to close up most of the lake front before snow flies

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Last boat rides


One of our boats is going into retirement.  Big Bertha has been around a long time but Steve says it is time for retirement.  Bertha’s replacement is already here for next spring.  Anyone who is interested in an old boat let me know


Seaweed all loaded up and headed out of the lake.  It is headed to the welder for a little TLC before next spring


All 4 pontoon boats out and in the volleyball court til next spring


Red ski boat headed over to the marina for winterizing and getting a new wood top this winter


We will go back to enjoying the remaining leaves on the trees and close up the rest of the place.  I hear Eagles Nest is being drained today and the fish house is not far behind.  The temps in the forecast mean winter is not far away

So far this weekend we have plenty of cabins to choose from.  Come on up and light a fire and enjoy some cool days in the Northwoods.  Every season brings its own feel which I love and late fall is time for fireplaces, naps and enjoying the quiet around the resort

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It was a beautiful fall day with temps going to almost 70.  The colors were alive on the hillside

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With warm temps and cold temps not far away next week the guys got the itch to get one of the big docks out of the water


Slowly bringing the dock in

IMG_3680 (1)

Mastering the art of taking the dock out by boat and not in the water

Interesting story of the day, John Berschid who fishes the lake year round came by while the guys were working to tell them that he has spotted one of our boats at the bottom of the lake just off of the raft.  It is either our missing canoe from spring or one of the green boats we realized has been missing.  John has spotted it by camera and depth locator a couple of times.  Steve was all set to pull it out but we could not get a good fix on its location.  It will be a mystery for another day


Back to enjoying the color on the hillside


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We have one cabin left for the weekend.  Eagles Nest opens on Saturday.  Otherwise we still have cabins open for October 27th weekend