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Some people were fishing this week…


Some where canoeing being chased by dogs


Ha caught up to him!


Then here are others who like wine….

Time for wine making


Corks and wine corker where out


Wine was transferred and ready to be bottled

Eleanor was our corker


Linda was the official taster


More mixing and work from Eleanor while Linda tasted some more


Next batch of Plum wine the Kim picked out is started.  As we were tasting the wines we had to double check our vision as we started to see a unicorn


Was it real or too much wine…. a rainbow unicorn…..


Tasting wine and having fun with rainbow unicorns….  just another day at the lake….

Stop by on our horse racing nights to try out all the wines

Back to tasting the wine



There have been quiet moments at the lake in the last week.  This sunrise picture was shared with me by Stacy (Borger) Keleyweg.  She was out in the Kayak with her dog Toby at sunrise.  Toby is still sleeping but Stacy was awake.  Thanks for sharing Stacy!


Tom and Murry Hixson where surprised by one or two of their friends with a 50 anniversary party.  Congrats to Tom and Murry and many many more!


Great food, great vocal entertainment, great wine, and even greater friends.  Happy to celebrate their special milestone with a Scottish Twist.  The Scottish bar song that was sung in their honor was something that will be talked about for years.


Our weekly horse racing and wine tasting evening was a hit.  You could hear the cheers for the winning horses all the way to Norway Pines.  These girls took their playing seriously


What do you mean I have to pay a penny?  I like my pennies

The best part is when the teacher in September asks her what she did on summer vacation and she tells the teacher I was betting on the ponies


Back to enjoying quiet moments.  Marie Voight enjoying the new chairs at Red Pine that Troy just finished putting together.  The chairs are Marie approved



Little does Marie know but while she was enjoying her chair her grandsons where down competing with the girls for pennies in the horse races

The Adam and Samuel caught on quickly and won more pennies than they came with.  Grandpa Horst and their Dad Roy would be proud.  

We have a surprise arriving for the beach this week.  These kids are all hoping it comes before they have to go home.  Stay tuned.   We are all waiting for the UPS truck to come in the driveway.  The UPS driver may be scared when he is mobbed by kids and adults all anxious for the delivery



One of our largest crews of the summer arrived on Saturday for the first wave.  Many more to come and go over the next 2 weeks

First night out was at Otto’s Beer Garden to celebrate their 50 week count down to vacation.

Many toasts and smiles around the table as everyone toasted being together


If you have a big group in the summer Otto’s with its beautiful outdoor seating is definitely an affordable and comfortable stop


The special was a bacon burger with peanut butter.  It was an interesting combination.  Otto’s is always pushing the button on new things to try

If you do go there check out the outside kitchen to see if Grant is cooking up your food.  He has joined the Otto’s crew for the summer until he goes to college.  Ben is just down the street at the Everything Jerky store.  Katie’s boys are all over town.  Conner is the golf pro at Settlers Mill mini golf, Max is running the golf carts at Holiday Acres and Sam is making fries in the kitchen of Hoggie Doggies.  All or some of them can be spotted on Fridays and Saturdays at the resort raking and picking up garbage.  


On the way home a doe and her her fawn in the background were spotted


 A sunset cruise on Lower Kaubashine was the perfect way to cap off the beginning of vacation


Many ask, what do you do on vacation in Wisconsin.  Those that understand how to do nothing and have no schedule understand this picture and know what paradise is.  Those that jam pack their vacation jumping from one thing to another might not get it, but these ladies do.  Don’t ask them what is for dinner that is decided at 4 pm when the sun leaves the dock and they are done doing nothing for the day.  2 weeks of special moments with friends and family doing nothing that means something.  That is what makes the other 50 weeks of the year worth it


The Kramp family enjoyed their first summer at the resort and have had a great time fishing with the family

They shared with me some of their catches


I believe they said his was a 22 inch bass.  They released it back into the lake


Awesome bluegill


Some fish where a little furry


Thanks to the Kramps for sharing some of their fun pictures


They also stopped in for our weekly horse racing game.  


There where a lot of pennies won that changed over to pinball dimes

Good times this week 



We received over 10 inches of rain in 3 days. I have never seen the lake levels go this high. The lake is over the beach wall


Coming down the steps the lake greets you 


Kaubashine’s dock is basically at lake level



The boats are about ready to just come up on shore. 

We are hoping everything starts draining fast

Thankfully no major rain is seen in the extended forecast so we have time to dry out


Enjoy these great sunset pics tonight after a rain storm






We had our first horse racing afternoon in the community room.  We brought out our Northwoods Derby and packages of pennies for folks to buy and the races began.  Everyone had fun we even got some adults playing once they saw through the kids how it all worked.  There was penny swapping and moaning as pennies where lost to scratch horses.  

We also had a wine tasting of our homemade Loonshine Wine.  


Emerson was quick to catch on.  In the end he was the big winner and was swapping in pennies for dimes for the pinball game.


Down to the lake for some evening fishing with the Grimm Family.  There was some grumbling about scratch horses stealing pennies especially that 8 horse

All made better by more wine for mom and dad and the fish where biting



IMG_5857 (1)

Kids and Summer are here.  You can hear the fun being had from the top of the hill

IMG_5858 (1)

I was happy to see some of our first young kids enjoying jumping off the diving board.  Lots of new fun being had at the raft

IMG_5859 (1)

Some though who do not like to swim (he is a golden retriever bred to swim) stay at the top of the hill and watch from above

IMG_5855 (1)

Sunsets on Lower Kaubashine are getting soft and colorful as the temps warm up

We have one remaining opening June 22 – 29th give a call if interested.  After that we are booked out till August 31st.  Last chance at summer.  I will break this rental up nightly

IMG_5751 (1)

We had a big week in our family as Grant our youngest graduated from high school this week.  He is off to Saint Norbert with his brother, Ben this fall who will be a Junior.  

Jacob has just accepted his first teaching job in Green Bay for next fall at Prebble High School teaching science and his wife Michelle will be accepting a job soon in that area as well as an elementary teacher

IMG_5800 (3)

Back at the resort it was life as usual.  Mack and Penny looking for scraps from Julie who has been taking good care of them all week with her bag of snacks


Lots of fishing has been going on.  Spawning season is in full swing and crappies and bluegills have been up on the beds

IMG_5803 (2)

Lots of quiet moments enjoying time on Lower Kaubashine as life goes on


It has been a beautiful week since the rain came.  


The hillside greening up 


Steve and his buddy Darby have started a new project.  They are replacing all the rails down to the beach


They spent time this winter and spring gathering 32 rails and skinning them 

IMG_5712 (2)

Steve is pulling out the big posts as well.  They had been starting to rot out

IMG_5713 (2)

Last summer when they buried our electric lines down the road, Steve gathered a few of the left over power poles so we could turn them into posts to the beach

Darby digging a fresh hole to put the post in


Looking good and ready for the rails


They have worked their way half way down the steps with the new rails

Rumor has it that they will not be white anymore… stay tuned


Time to get to the beach and enjoy the quiet under the moon