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The beautiful lazy days of summer mornings have arrived with a light fog on the lake and a warm summer morning


Work comes first.  Zoe and Bella delivering fresh shower curtains to the cabins like rock stars


Then comes the playing.  We headed out for a night of the theatre at Tommy O’s Playhouse to see The Beverly Hill Billies.  

It was a fun play. Granny rocked the house


A little fun behind the old red boat skiing around the lake


Then leaving time happens and it is time to take a little of the Northwoods home with.

Rick and Martha Riley and their daughter Megan welcomed Patricia to their family this year.  They adopted her from Hungry. No adoption is complete without an awesome Christmas stocking.  Patricia picked out a snowman stocking.  

Now to find a golden retriever puppy to make their family complete.  

Congrats Riley Family!



We are not sure what guests are having more fun with this summer the return of the diving board or..


Swimming out and bouncing on the water trampoline.  

I do know it is easier to get on the raft than it is to get on the water tramp


Then there are some who make up their own fun when no one is looking


We have had a busy week keeping up with family and friends at the resort

The final sunset on a great week at the resort


No vacation is complete without a picture in the driveway

See you all in another 350 days

Heres to Family and Friends and time spent at the lake

IMG_6050 (1)

4th of July means one thing.  Time to pole dance with the horse shoes

We have done this tournament for almost 30 years.  It was renamed the Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament 3 years ago when we lost Mr T.  It is faithfully attended by all in  his honor and toasts are made to Roy


The newbie this year was Steve throwing his first shoes.


No Steve you were the visitor not home….. and out in the first round


Also out in the 1st round was Katie, who made the mistake of not having a Hilltop drink before playing.  She was a little stiff from not practicing the offseason.  


Someone else though did have a Hilltop Pain Killer before the first match


One Pain Killer and a good partner, Rich, and we ended game 1 with a 3 point ringer and one point shoe


By the 2nd and 3rd game which require a half a Pain Killer each and good music Rich and I hit our stride and where pole dancing with the shoes


We ended game three the same as game one.  We were on a roll


The crowd watching the matches also required a few Pain Killers and Kaubashine Koolers


One more match against Grace and Chris Moran and on to the Championships


Rich had to present to Chris his award.  Every year it seems Rich takes Chris out of the tournament…. and once again it happened….  Rich presented him a gift certificate for Charlies Ice Cream for getting licked again.  There is always next year Chris!


In the end it was Sarah and Paul in 2nd place and…… drum roll please….


Yep good music and a couple of Hilltop Pain Killers and you can be a whiner too


Cook Out after to celebrate

Happy 4th everyone! and a toast to Mr Tungett


IMG_6031 (1)

Da Bass Boys of summer where hauling in the bass.  The Snodgrass fellas where dialed in to the bass

IMG_6030 (1)

Eric having fun

IMG_6029 (1)

So much fun he wore out his thumb

IMG_6027 (1)

Joe learning from Rich and Eric how to find the bass on Lower Kaubashine

IMG_6026 (1)

IMG_6024 (1)

IMG_6023 (1)

Rich’s smile cleaning fish says it all

Now Graham who is 5 has some growing up to do before he will get to go out on a long fishing trip with his grandpa, dad and uncle Joe


Some people were fishing this week…


Some where canoeing being chased by dogs


Ha caught up to him!


Then here are others who like wine….

Time for wine making


Corks and wine corker where out


Wine was transferred and ready to be bottled

Eleanor was our corker


Linda was the official taster


More mixing and work from Eleanor while Linda tasted some more


Next batch of Plum wine the Kim picked out is started.  As we were tasting the wines we had to double check our vision as we started to see a unicorn


Was it real or too much wine…. a rainbow unicorn…..


Tasting wine and having fun with rainbow unicorns….  just another day at the lake….

Stop by on our horse racing nights to try out all the wines

Back to tasting the wine



There have been quiet moments at the lake in the last week.  This sunrise picture was shared with me by Stacy (Borger) Keleyweg.  She was out in the Kayak with her dog Toby at sunrise.  Toby is still sleeping but Stacy was awake.  Thanks for sharing Stacy!


Tom and Murry Hixson where surprised by one or two of their friends with a 50 anniversary party.  Congrats to Tom and Murry and many many more!


Great food, great vocal entertainment, great wine, and even greater friends.  Happy to celebrate their special milestone with a Scottish Twist.  The Scottish bar song that was sung in their honor was something that will be talked about for years.


Our weekly horse racing and wine tasting evening was a hit.  You could hear the cheers for the winning horses all the way to Norway Pines.  These girls took their playing seriously


What do you mean I have to pay a penny?  I like my pennies

The best part is when the teacher in September asks her what she did on summer vacation and she tells the teacher I was betting on the ponies


Back to enjoying quiet moments.  Marie Voight enjoying the new chairs at Red Pine that Troy just finished putting together.  The chairs are Marie approved



Little does Marie know but while she was enjoying her chair her grandsons where down competing with the girls for pennies in the horse races

The Adam and Samuel caught on quickly and won more pennies than they came with.  Grandpa Horst and their Dad Roy would be proud.  

We have a surprise arriving for the beach this week.  These kids are all hoping it comes before they have to go home.  Stay tuned.   We are all waiting for the UPS truck to come in the driveway.  The UPS driver may be scared when he is mobbed by kids and adults all anxious for the delivery



One of our largest crews of the summer arrived on Saturday for the first wave.  Many more to come and go over the next 2 weeks

First night out was at Otto’s Beer Garden to celebrate their 50 week count down to vacation.

Many toasts and smiles around the table as everyone toasted being together


If you have a big group in the summer Otto’s with its beautiful outdoor seating is definitely an affordable and comfortable stop


The special was a bacon burger with peanut butter.  It was an interesting combination.  Otto’s is always pushing the button on new things to try

If you do go there check out the outside kitchen to see if Grant is cooking up your food.  He has joined the Otto’s crew for the summer until he goes to college.  Ben is just down the street at the Everything Jerky store.  Katie’s boys are all over town.  Conner is the golf pro at Settlers Mill mini golf, Max is running the golf carts at Holiday Acres and Sam is making fries in the kitchen of Hoggie Doggies.  All or some of them can be spotted on Fridays and Saturdays at the resort raking and picking up garbage.  


On the way home a doe and her her fawn in the background were spotted


 A sunset cruise on Lower Kaubashine was the perfect way to cap off the beginning of vacation


Many ask, what do you do on vacation in Wisconsin.  Those that understand how to do nothing and have no schedule understand this picture and know what paradise is.  Those that jam pack their vacation jumping from one thing to another might not get it, but these ladies do.  Don’t ask them what is for dinner that is decided at 4 pm when the sun leaves the dock and they are done doing nothing for the day.  2 weeks of special moments with friends and family doing nothing that means something.  That is what makes the other 50 weeks of the year worth it


The Kramp family enjoyed their first summer at the resort and have had a great time fishing with the family

They shared with me some of their catches


I believe they said his was a 22 inch bass.  They released it back into the lake


Awesome bluegill


Some fish where a little furry


Thanks to the Kramps for sharing some of their fun pictures


They also stopped in for our weekly horse racing game.  


There where a lot of pennies won that changed over to pinball dimes

Good times this week 



We received over 10 inches of rain in 3 days. I have never seen the lake levels go this high. The lake is over the beach wall


Coming down the steps the lake greets you 


Kaubashine’s dock is basically at lake level



The boats are about ready to just come up on shore. 

We are hoping everything starts draining fast

Thankfully no major rain is seen in the extended forecast so we have time to dry out