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Enjoy these great sunset pics tonight after a rain storm






We had our first horse racing afternoon in the community room.  We brought out our Northwoods Derby and packages of pennies for folks to buy and the races began.  Everyone had fun we even got some adults playing once they saw through the kids how it all worked.  There was penny swapping and moaning as pennies where lost to scratch horses.  

We also had a wine tasting of our homemade Loonshine Wine.  


Emerson was quick to catch on.  In the end he was the big winner and was swapping in pennies for dimes for the pinball game.


Down to the lake for some evening fishing with the Grimm Family.  There was some grumbling about scratch horses stealing pennies especially that 8 horse

All made better by more wine for mom and dad and the fish where biting



IMG_5857 (1)

Kids and Summer are here.  You can hear the fun being had from the top of the hill

IMG_5858 (1)

I was happy to see some of our first young kids enjoying jumping off the diving board.  Lots of new fun being had at the raft

IMG_5859 (1)

Some though who do not like to swim (he is a golden retriever bred to swim) stay at the top of the hill and watch from above

IMG_5855 (1)

Sunsets on Lower Kaubashine are getting soft and colorful as the temps warm up

We have one remaining opening June 22 – 29th give a call if interested.  After that we are booked out till August 31st.  Last chance at summer.  I will break this rental up nightly

IMG_5751 (1)

We had a big week in our family as Grant our youngest graduated from high school this week.  He is off to Saint Norbert with his brother, Ben this fall who will be a Junior.  

Jacob has just accepted his first teaching job in Green Bay for next fall at Prebble High School teaching science and his wife Michelle will be accepting a job soon in that area as well as an elementary teacher

IMG_5800 (3)

Back at the resort it was life as usual.  Mack and Penny looking for scraps from Julie who has been taking good care of them all week with her bag of snacks


Lots of fishing has been going on.  Spawning season is in full swing and crappies and bluegills have been up on the beds

IMG_5803 (2)

Lots of quiet moments enjoying time on Lower Kaubashine as life goes on


It has been a beautiful week since the rain came.  


The hillside greening up 


Steve and his buddy Darby have started a new project.  They are replacing all the rails down to the beach


They spent time this winter and spring gathering 32 rails and skinning them 

IMG_5712 (2)

Steve is pulling out the big posts as well.  They had been starting to rot out

IMG_5713 (2)

Last summer when they buried our electric lines down the road, Steve gathered a few of the left over power poles so we could turn them into posts to the beach

Darby digging a fresh hole to put the post in


Looking good and ready for the rails


They have worked their way half way down the steps with the new rails

Rumor has it that they will not be white anymore… stay tuned


Time to get to the beach and enjoy the quiet under the moon


We have been scurrying all week and the place is finally ready for summer.  The chairs are just waiting to be filled

IMG_5668 (1)

Steve and Troy were busy getting the diving board back on the raft.  We gave it new wood and it needed a little finishing touch to fit on the platform


The platform got a good scraping and new paint to make it look brand new


Wa La…. I love it when a plan comes together says Steve


Ta Da… he is like a movie star at the Oscars happy with his work

Now to get it on the raft


Wrangle up some help 


All good things go down the boat shoot


Carefully going out on the dock

IMG_5676 (1)

What could possibly go wrong with this picture….

IMG_5677 (1)

Many things could have gone wrong but they didn’t

IMG_5678 (1)

This is like the raising of the flag in the war monument 

IMG_5679 (1)

Good work guys!

IMG_5680 (1)

While all that craziness was going on with the raft, little Charlotte was catching fish with her dad and happy as can be with her pink pole


Three generations of the Sewell family were having a great week catching panfish.  The spawning season is the best time to go panfishing!


Nothing like cleaning fish and filling the freezer


Hope your path takes you through the resort in the next few months.  

We are ready for Summer 2018!


Most of us have been running around getting ready for Memorial Day Weekend.  Did I say most of us….  others have exhausted themselves watching everyone else work

Take it easy Mack, don’t strain yourself


Here would be work….

IMG_5620 (1)

Here would be an example of more just sitting around watching from the water all the work getting done


Steps going in at the lake


Then there are fun deliveries….  3 boxes arrived from UPS


All of our new shirts arrived for summer.  


These t shirts are the softest!  Love them.  


New sweatshirts for summer.  Also extremely soft 


These are a really nice cotton long sleeve.  I predict it flies off the shelf this summer.  I will try to reorder it in other colors

Stay tuned blog entry of the launching of the raft coming tomorrow with the new (old)diving platform attached

IMG_5611 (1)

First of all anyone interested in the diving platform update.  The three of us spent an hour scraping and getting the old paint off the metal frame.  This frame was hand made back in the 50’s and steal was bent in place

IMG_5612 (1)

Fresh coat of paint and looks shinny and new and not 65+ years old

On to other things, time to get the big swimming docks in


Ben came home from college a couple of weeks ago and has been put to work this spring helping his dad

Good break from studying to get outside again


Blue dock going back together


Penny keeping eye on things and waiting for someone to throw her ball.  Ball is missing from the picture as Mack once again stole it and won’t give it back to her

IMG_5613 (1)

On to the big brown dock.  Major discussion going on as to who was going in the water.  Ben stays quiet in the back ground hoping nobody notices him and volunteers him to go in the water

IMG_5616 (1)

Well we know who ended up in the water and who was the smart college student who organized from the shore

IMG_5614 (1)

Anyone know where my ball is?


Time for cute kids like Charlotte to come up and enjoy the docks and do some big fishing with their stylish pink poles

My favorite is when a little one like Charlotte hooks a big fish on one of these small poles.  It happens every year.

News from the lake is that the crappies have moved into the shoreline along with the bluegill for spawning.  Fishing is getting hot.  

We are full Saturday and Sunday night of Memorial Weekend.  We have openings after the weekend to June 2nd

Norway is open from May 28 to June 5th and I am doing a special on it of 155/night up to 4 people mid week and 175/night Fri and Sat up to 4 people.  Otherwise it is 195/nigh mid week and 245/night Fri and Sat up to 7

Holiday is open June 2 – 9th.  We will do nightly rentals on it at 225/night or 1550/week up to 10 people, 3 night minimum.  Or for up to 4 people 1150/week.

June 9 – 15 Blackwood 2 bdr 1090/6nights

June 16 – 23rd Birchwood 2bdr 1275/week or 190/night 4 night minimum, Shamrock 3 bdr 1665/week or 245/night 4 night minimum

June 22 – 29 Red Pine 4 bdr home 2620/week or 385/night 4 night minimum


We have had some beautiful warm weather the last week.  The lake is warming up

IMG_5579 (1)

First of all the most exciting news, we got approval from our insurance company to put our diving platform back on the raft.  This platform was built by Maynard back in the 50’s and was loved into the early 90’s by everyone on the raft.  One of our insurance companies back then made us take it off along with removing the slide from the swimming area. Thankfully insurance has changed and both have been brought back

1958 Jungle Jims

Here it is the day the raft was launched for the first time with the diving board on

1959 Flips on the raft

Please refrain from duplicating this picture for the sake of our insurance company:)  Lets keep it to front dives.  I am going to have to police those Christian sisters who are all ready to start practicing their back dives this summer.  I also heard the diving board is great to watch for circling alligators in the water who like to circle looking for cute blonde to munch on

IMG_5581 (1)

The guys tools moved one last time to Eagles Nest

IMG_5583 (1)

Eagles Nest bathroom got a little TLC before summer. Along with an awesome new elevated toilet that every other cabin got the bathroom got a few other Steve touches


I ran into a buy on these cool wood rocking chairs.  I see them on the blue dock…. but others tell me they should go to Bear Den and Red Pine decks… we shall see


Back to enjoying quiet moments of spring




IMG_5574 (1)

You can’t tell from Mack but it was an exciting day at the resort.  Mack was much happier at the lake fishing for bluegills than hanging up top with all the noise from machines.  Relax Mack it will all be over soon

IMG_5562 (2)

We were sadly loosing a bunch of old pines that were mature.  Every storm that goes through Wildflower and all the old pines around it made us wonder if the cabin was still standing.  It was time to take them down before they took out the cabin.  We also had one that was leaning towards Bayview’s porch.   Sad to see them go

IMG_5572 (1)

Always exciting when the crane comes.

IMG_5560 (1)

This big pine by Kaubashine was just being limbed.  It was healthy enough to stay, it just needed a hair cut.  The big pine leaning toward Shamrock in the back ground however did need to go and that was why the crane was here


All limbed up and the pine by Shamrock coming down

IMG_5570 (1)

At the playground we took out one of the big oak limbs.  We had them save part of the limb for the basketball hoop.

IMG_5575 (1)

It was quite the day but no calamities with the pros of Tree Removal LLC on the job

4 cabins left this weekend.  I will be doing a special on Wigwam at 155/night up to 4 people.  We also have Holiday, and Red Pine open