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Beautiful quiet morning at the lake today


Nice time to grab a cup of coffee and your sister and head to the lake


Or grab a pole like Rob and see what is biting


The answer came a minute later with a bass





4th of July week means one thing.  Time to pole dance with horseshoes and head to Hilltop for the annual tournament with everyone in the resort.

The brackets were made in the 2017 Roy Tungett Horseshoe Tournament.  Roy was smiling down watching it all take place and happy Tom made all the brackets balance out


Early warm ups for those who take it more serious than others


There are those who come for the game


There are those that come down for the entertainment with their own couch


There are those that come down to enjoy the good food that always follows the tournament or ordered from the bar at Hilltop from Mary Ellen


There are those who go for the joy of playing with their sister and getting a ringer


To help get a ringer and Kaubashine Cooler from Hilltop is a must


In the end our runners up were Carrie Vandersteeg and Phillip Cass.  Phillip was thrilled as his name was on the pony plaque for non winners and he knew he could finally take his name off the plaque


The big winners in the end were Molly who was playing in her first tournament and Eric Snodgrass who’s son Graham immediately stole his crown with a big smile and wore it all night


After the resort picnic Phillip got to remove his name and add his brother Tony in yellow behind him to the plaque


A toast was made to Roy as we rehung the plaque on the wall in the office till next year.

What a great thing you started so many years ago corralling everyone off the beach to head to Hilltop despite all the groans of the sunbathers.  Thanks to Roy


Another award was handed out by Katie and I.  Eleanor Tungett Vandeventer was inducted into he honarary movie club at the resort for all of her continued years at the resort.  You will have to ask Eleanor for the list of benefits this club brings with


Eleanor in awe of her new power as the president of the movie club at Black’s Cliff.  If you want membership see Eleanor.


Mine!  I can’t get enough of movies!   Coming soon, Eleanor’s top picks on a shelf all to herself

Good Times!

Thanks to all who participated in this fun night

See you in 2018 for horse shoes.  Back to practicing



Three giggling girls getting rowed by dad.  What could be sweeter than that you ask?


How about a canoeing poodle.  Ruby is one of my favorites who stop in.  Sharon and Nancy take her everywhere including a canoe and Ruby loves every minute of it


No falling in!  Poodles ride well but do not appreciate getting wet


Follow up giggling girls and a canoeing poodle with floating flat landers.  Everyone stayed dry floating by Mike


Giggling girls, canoeing poodle, floating flat landers followed by ladies in red (that would be a very fast red ski boat and lots of laughs and maybe a giggle)


Giggling girls, canoeing poodle, floating flat landers, ladies in red, all followed by Jake the Bachelor who better not get the canoeing poodle wet or pull too hard on the boat with the ladies in red


Giggling girls, canoeing poodle, floating flat landers, ladies in red, Jake the Bachelor and smiling newly weds with their new Christmas Stockings made by Jenny


Giggling girls, canoeing poodle, floating flat landers, ladies in red, Jake the Bachelor, smiling newly weds and teens having fun in the office not on their phones!


Giggling girls, canoeing poodle, floating flat landers, ladies in red, Jake the Bachelor, smiling newly weds, teens minus phones, and finally resort dog living the life


That is all that happens at a week at the resort


The Tungett kids have been coming to the resort since they were little kids.  Linda, Mike and Eleanor spending another summer on Lower Kaubashine.  Missing those who have passed but enjoying time spent with each other that is priceless and to be enjoyed




IMG_1506 (1)

Linda and Eleanor in the early 60’s at the lake.  Linda making sure Eleanor stays safe even if she is the one wearing the life jacket and little Eleanor is not



Recreating that picture in 2017.  Linda is still the safe one and her dad, Roy, mom Marilynn and brother Dave would be so happy to see her wearing coast guard approved life vest and that she is still keeping an eye on little sister Eleanor.


We had another picture recreation.  Mike and Michelle Tungett daughter Amelia and my sister Katie Black’s son Sam back in the mid 2000’s


Here they are today in the same pose

Time goes on and kids grow up but they still return 10 or 50 years later

Recreating these pictures was fun and thanks to everyone for taking part and  bringing us these pictures.


My sister, Katie also just dropped off more of her painted disks.  They can hang on the wall inside or protected outside.  These are all 85 dollars each.  The dragon fly is latest one she has made


Katie brought the owl new last week these are also 85


The loon is twice the size and is 150

If interested in any of Katie’s works or if you have a special request for an animal or bug for a painting message me for her contact info at

We are now booked out till Sept 4th for the entire resort.  Fall reservations are steadily coming in.  If you are looking for something in the fall give a call.  I will start posting 2018 openings tomorrow




We had a wonderful night out with about 1/2 of the resort at The Hazelhurst Pub.  I will not say what was being toasted here as, what happens in Wisconsin stays in Wisconsin.  It is hard sometimes to find a restaurant for 16 people to sit at one table.  The Pub made room for us.  Everyone enjoyed the start to a great vacation


Followed it up with a pontoon boat cruise with Apple Loonshine Wine served in red cups

The loons and baby were spotted but not a good picture of them


Here is the end of the day and for many more ahead on Lower Kaubashine


We spent a cool summer solstice swimming at the lake late at night.


It has been a cool week and everyone has been making trips to the woodshed


The Kloida family enjoying a cool evening around the fire.  Everyone would love it to be warmer but it is not stopping families from enjoying time together


Steve and Troy have spent time this week fixing up the canopy pontoon with new carpet.  It should make it in the lake next week


Katie has spent a the cooler days working on some paintings to sell in the office.  This owl is 85 and joins her luna moth, dragon fly, robins and loons in the office.  Stop by the office to see her art work.  She takes requests for orders if you have an animal you are looking for

We just booked out the last cabins for summer and are now full up to Sept 4th.  Give a call for openings after Labor Day


We had a rainy and sunny week at the resort this week.  Just when the lake levels start going down we get more rain, so the lake is still up.  The changing weather has made for lots of pretty pictures.  The blooming flowers on the hill have enjoyed the rain.  The mosquitos have not been bad so far but we are waiting with all this rain to see what happens with them


We had lots of folks fishing last week.  This was my favorite sight.  Three generations of Urbaniak fishing ladies headed to the lake with their worms


With all the fishing has come a bit of a smelly dumpster.  Everyone tries their best in these heavy fishing weeks to double bag or bury their fish remains.  We still manage to have to come up with creative ways of keeping the dumpster from stinking.  Ashes from the fireplaces, baking soda and a tarp have been what works the best.  We are very happy when the dumpster is picked up


With all the wet weather we have had lots of roofs to keep clean.  Jake got the task this week of blowing off all the roofs


Activity picked up this week at the beach with the arrival of the Johnson Family.  The sisters bonding in the kayak learning to paddle together as they argued who was steering


Their older brother and sisters forming a heart with their arms at the raft


Then the big jump in.  Summer is here

Now to dry the lake out a little


Very exciting time for our family. Jake and his fiancé Michelle graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton this weekend.  A very big congrats to them.  They are graduating with degrees in Biology and Religious Studies.  Both are also getting their teaching certificates and are starting out in Appleton next fall finishing up their student teaching and then heading off into he working world teaching.  They are returning to the Minocqua Area and will be helping out at the resort this summer along with their other jobs before their wedding August 5th.  Very proud of these two and happy as they start their lives together


Our expanding family we could not be happier


Just as Jake and Michelle received their degrees a storm hit the Northwoods.  We got panicked text messages just after the ceremony from Steve that we might want to hurry home and stop and get a couple more generators for the resort as the area was hit but a major thunderstorm.  We rushed home and bailed Steve out along with a bunch of boats. The lake level once again is at record levels.  We were out of electric for 2 hours along with most the Lakeland Area.  We are ready for some drier days


Calm after the storm


Mack doing his best to lower the lake level. Keep drinking Mack!


The first dunking of a cousin occurred with everyone ready to get in the lake after helping get the resort cleaned up after the storm.  Katie’s twins were easy pickings for older cousin Grant.  Cousin Dunking


Bad stormy weather makes you appreciate nights like this at the lake


It was raft launching day.  They guys were ready and were just missing Paul to help them put it in.  They decided to persevere with out him

IMG_0710 2

We finally had enough dry days in a row to get the raft painted.  Penny and Steve were off to get it in place

IMG_0713 2

I am thinking the thought of pushing Steve in the water crossed Penny’s mind

IMG_0714 2

Raft in place and ready for summer


The crappies were biting this week.  Spawning had them all up on the beds


Conner and Ben hitting the pile of fire pit wood for summer

IMG_2540 (1)

We are trying something new this summer.  This is farmer Ann from 3 Brothers Farm here in Hazelhurst.  We will be carrying her farm products at the resort for guests to buy.  She raises Berkshire pigs and chickens.  We will have her bacon, sausage, sausage patties, sausage links, ham steaks, pork chops and Jalapeño and regular bratwurst, and eggs for sale at the resort.  All prices are the same as what she sells them for at Farmer’s Market in Minocqua.  Stop by the office to check out her products.  Ann says her ham steaks are great on the grill drizzled with some maple syrup


Bentley had a big day with Grandma and Grandpa.  Morning started out with Grandpa Mike at Paul Bunyans.  The bear was something he was not too sure about


Bentley was much happier when the donuts came over being close to a bear


When grandpa catches a Northern 2 inches bigger than you are it is a little much for a little guy

Grandpa Mike caught this nice 32 inch northern.  Bentley was just happy the Northern did not get him and grandpa kept him safe


Bentley was much happier when the Northern was on the table.  Grandpa can’t wait till Bentley is big enough to go fishing and catch Northerns with him


Having a lot of fun with the crappies and blue gills that grandma Ruth helped grandpa catch.  Fun to chase them around in the bucket.  Insert sounds of a baby squealing with excitement while trying to catch much smaller fish than the northern.


Time for Bentley to take a nap and fishing with dad.

It was  big day for Bentley and Grandpa not sure who had more fun

Thanks to Grandma Ruth for sharing the pictures of Bentleys big day

See you next time Bentley when grandpa has a Mickey Mouse pole ready to take you out on the lake and find more monster Northerns