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This is a good example of how much snow has come down the last couple of days.  Looking at the National Weather Service they are calling for an additional 5 inches between now and Saturday morning inch today, tonight and then Friday night 3 inches.


Bearskin trail in Hazelhurst this morning.  Talked to John the Groomer guy and he said they are going to groom for the first time tonight and he thinks the trails will be decent this weekend for snowmobiling.  If snowmobiling is decent then x country skiing should be awesome they need much less snow to operate and we may even get out on the ski trails this weekend as well


In other news, Mark and Ted have been staying in Muskie and enjoying the new furniture but told Craig that to really enjoy the Packer’s play off game, Muskie really needed a bigger TV to go with the furniture.  So Craig took a trip to town.


Ooo la la it fits!


Mark was in Rollie and Helens shopping for fishing this summer and came across the newest and greatest lure that was just being delivered to the store by the maker.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it looks cool, but will Muskie’s find it desirable?  Maybe the Arm Chair Fisherman in Virginia will have to check it out


Mark even got the box signed by the guy who made them.  He was officially the first person to ever buy one


Had to make a quick stop at the Bearskin trail in Minocqua.  We have set 6 geocaches along the trail and one of them had gone missing.  So I chose this cold foggy morning to stop to replace it and shoot some fun pics of a different lake for a change for the blog.  The tressel bridge is always fun to take pictures of and the fog added to it.  Very Halloween feeling.  The trail lady was not there to take money it was eerily quiet


Frost on the bridge from the fog rolling across it



Just passed the bridge I found a spot to leave the cache.  If you are in the area and want to find this one and the other 6 between Minocqua and Hazelhurst along the trail go to and look for Going on a Bear Hunt 1 – 6 they all give clues to the final cache at the Bear’s Pot of Gold.  Enter Minocqua’s zipcode 54548 we have 20 caches hidden through out the Minocqua and Hazelhurst Area


View down the trail in the fog and late fall leaves.  I know most folks love to walk or bike the trail in the summer, but to me this is the best time to be on the trail, quiet and great views


On the way back I shot this pic of The Thirsty Whale in the mist.  Looking off the otherside of the bridge the fog was too thick for a good pic.