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It was a cool but ok weekend to get out and do a few events.  The trusty Iphone camera came along instead of my main camera as it fits in a pocket so bare with the graininess.  The above picture was taken heading down the trail across from the resort for a bike ride into Minocqua for Beef A Rama.  Iphones do not like bumpy trails while I am trying to keep up with 2 kids and document the beautiful colors.  I think nice leaf pictures will have to wait for my cannon camera but you get the idea

A much easier less bumpy picture cutting through Timber Ridge to the bike trail

The colors were coming out on the bike trail and it was a beautiful 3 miles on the Bearskin in to town.  No traffic and no fighting for parking

Beef A Rama in Minocqua.  I have been asked by many people what is Beef A Rama.  Think of a party involving cooking beef roasts that combines with Halloween.  It started many years ago as a end of season thank you party for locals.  It has grown into a crazy street party with cooking beefs, people dressed as cows and lots of beer.  The only thing that drives Troy nuts is the use of the dairy cow as the beef cow.  Everyone dresses in black and white cows not beef cows.  I have to listen to this rant once a year til it all gets put away.  Troy grew up working on a dairy farm and definitely knows the difference.  He told me the other day if it has udders, people don’t eat it.  Old dairy cows are not for people consumption.  All that being said Beef A Rama is a hoot to see

We ran into the beef judges tasting and voting.  NOt sure what the qualifications are to be a judge except you had best be hungry

This would be a typical Beef a Rama display, dressed up for the 70’s with a smoking roast in the background and fun music playing

Music is to be enjoyed everywhere.. and dare I point out the hat with the wrong colors for beef cows… but I have complained enough about that for one day.

My pictures of Beef a Rama end here as we headed to the huge craft fair and I was to busy looking to take pictures and we headed home before the beef parade started

Our 2nd event of the weekend was to head out to Winter Park Day down a few miles of dirt roads that led to Winter Park.  The colors were out and it was a pretty drive

Along the way you don’t see much traffic except for trucks parked on firelanes like this.  Folks in the trucks are most likely scouting out their hunting spots for this fall.  Lots and Lots of hunters

You know you are getting close to Winter Park when you see signs like this

Finally made it to the park.  It was a day for skiers to get together and look forward to the season and celebrate the folks that work hard to keep the park going

I love one of their mottos

This year the guest of honor was the Tyler family who lets Winter Park run a number of their trails over their private land.  With out land owners like these Winter Park would not be able to have such great trails.  Big thanks to the Tylers and their commitment to the area and Winter Park, we appreciate your efforts.  Can’t wait to take our first ski and snow tube at Winter Park this winter

This link will take you to a video of Beef A Rama 2009.  It will give you an idea of just how crazy this festival is.  Youtube has other videos of Beef A Rama if you search for them


The mists and the color were at the lake this morning.  Enjoy









Now that I have tortured you with pictures of the awesome color, I do have 2 cabins left for this weekend.  Beef A Rama is this weekend that everyone should experience once in their life.  I hear the pirates are back on the corner by the Belle Isle.  Parade of Beef, Beef Sandwiches, and Craft Fair.

Sunday Winter Park is having Winter Park day with all sorts of family and individual things to do like Nordic Walking Hike Kids Treasure Hike,  Mountain Bike Tour, Hayrides, Games and Races for Kids, CAT Skiing, Nature and Birding Walk.  My favorite Bad Bones BBQ will be there as well along with the Timberline String Band and Leinenkugels Beer.  Does it get better than this?


Minocqua was a rocking and a beeping on Saturday.   It is always a unique experience to walk the streets of downtown Minocqua on Beef A Rama, you never know the sites you will see


This guy was one of the more interesting sites to see.  Funny thing, is he fit right in


There was a definite party going on in the streets


Barney Rubble and the rest of the Flintstone Crew


My main reason for coming to Beef A Rama, the carmel apples at Minocqua Fudge are the best I have ever had.  Crisp apple and gooy carmel


I am believe these guys have a group name and can be seen having coffee together everyday except for Beef A Rama.


I personally love the udders they have.  Udders brings up a topic of conversation that is one of Troy’s pet peaves about Beef A Rama….  Black and White cows are dairy cows not beef cows.  All of Beef A Rama is based around the classic black and white Holstein dairy cow.  Troy would like to point out to all, that in his vast experience working on dairy farms in his teens, when a dairy cow hit the end of life, it was sent to the processor who took it to mink farms for feed.  Dairy cows are not that great to eat.  Dairy Famers are not firing up the grills when Bessy kicks the bucket.  We were happy to see the Kemps, 30 foot tall dairy cow and calf were not at attendence for the first time this year along hwy 51.  Maybe next year they can find a cute Black Angus or Hereford to take the place of black and white and udders.


The beginning of the beef parade.  What starts out the beef parade…. cross dressing dairy cows with udders and oversized hotdogs….  followed by the firetrucks with sirens


Our favorite Hawaian beauties parading down the street


Unfortunately they had a little too much fun and the beef took a trip to the street in front of a few thousand people waiting to eat beef sandwiches.  5 second rule??


Where is the beef…. Not where is supposed to be….


Happy dog following the Hawian folks picking up the scraps


Can we have the Holestein conversation again….


Good Day was had by all

Pirates taking over Minocqua

Pirates taking over Minocqua

The Podriza crew showing their true pirating colors this weekend at Beef A Rama.  I put out a bounty for a picture of them and finally had a few Beef A Rama pics submitted from the Life Spring Coffee Clutch.  I hear the cannons even fired.  I would have loved to see the reaction of drivers in downtown Minocqua when teh cannon went off as they were driving past.

Pirates Enjoying the local drink

Pirates Enjoying the local drink

I am not sure if anyone enjoys Beef A Rama more than this crew.  Each year they come up with a new theme for TJ”s Butcher Block and put on quite a show.  Can’t wait to see what next year brings.
Parade of Beef

Parade of Beef

I missed a pic of the beef’s being carried down main street, but did get this picture of a cross dressing dairy cow being escorted by a sausage.  Only in Minocqua at Beef A Rama everyone has to experience it once.  Troy’s pet peeve about Beef A Rama is all the Dairy Cow costumes and the statues of Holestine Dairy Cow and Calf they have in down town.  Beef Cows (primarily fully brown or fully black) and Holestine Cows (the black and white ones) are two very different beasts.  Lets keep out cows straight in Wisconsin!

Beef A Rama Crew ready for Beef A Rama 2008

Beef A Rama Crew ready for Beef A Rama 2008

Ususally this crew is bigger. Every year they dress up the beef for TJ’s Butcher Block with their antics and costumes. Last year they were the ugliest and funniest cheer leaders ever aloud to put on a uniform. This year I hear the theme is back to PIrates. They are missing their ring leader Tia, but the show must go on and the beef is being cooked

Some Assembly required

Some Assembly required

Those dreaded words are what are required before the steaks go over the fire

Will it look like this assembled?

Will it look like this assembled?

I have no idea I left before they got it together. I did smell grilling steak an hour later. Pictures of the pirate take over of Minocqua coming at the end of the weekend