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This last summer we were asked by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to be a part of a special project.  They wanted to do a video telling the story of a family that has come to the resort for generations.  We have many families that fit this request coming for 30, 40 and even 60 plus years.  I talked with a couple of families and with their permission gave their contact info to the production crew at the Department of Tourism.  They picked the Thompson Family to do the video on.  It turned out great.  They could not have asked for a nicer day to video


John took the old boat out for a spin on the lake.  The drone pics of the boat skimming across Lower Kaubashine are amazing. The video is part of an ad campaign the state is doing about why to come to Wisconsin

I think you will enjoy the video check it out


It was a special day, a special family and friends and all came together for a great video.  Thanks to the Thompson Family for taking time out and doing this.



I saw the sunset on the lake was amazing and headed down to the lake to take some pictures of the pink sky.  Little did I know the sunset was taking 2nd fiddle to the fish being caught at the lake.  These 2 were having fun with bluegills or anything else that would bite and enjoying the sunset


Meanwhile Jimmy Cikowski lured this muskie out of the water off Kaubashine’s dock on a surface lure just as I was coming down the steps


Turns out it was a 28 incher with a few scares in its back from fights.  Now Al is afraid Jimmy won’t get in the boat the rest of the week and will just being fishing from the shoreline


Now here would be the picture I originally came to the beach to take


With Temps soaring to near 90 with the heat index it was time to pull out the icecream maker.  A couple of years ago we bought this one on Ebay for around 80 dollars.  It is a White Mountain ice cream maker.

Lemon Ice Cream

1 1/2 cup sugar

mixed with

1 cup lemon juice

2 cups butter milk

2 cups 1/2 and 1/2

2 cups whole milk (I used 2%)

Mixed together with many kids help


You appreciate the icecream when you put in your own sweat and muscle


Poe cheering everyone on to stir faster but wondering where his fan is?


Split wood on a 90 degree day and there is nothing like Lemon Icecream to cool you off


Temps brought everyone to the lake.  Some like Max above trying out jumping off the raft for the first time without a life jacket with mom close by if needed


Max’s brother Sam was just happy to make it swimming without a life jacket to the raft.  Yeah Sam!


Boats were definitely out enjoying the lake


This has got to be one of the biggest floats I have ever seen.  Complete with a soaking tub in the middle and a slide on the side.


I think it was supposed to be an adult float but the kids could not resist coming out to try out the slide