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Unless you were a 24 inch fat northern, it was a great weekend to be at the resort.  The fishing was hot.  I have several groups sending me their fishing pictures.  All the fish were headed to the spawning beds from bluegills, bass,  northerns to crappie.  The elusive muskie was not far behind but I did not hear of any caught this weekend.  Everyone fishing went home happy


These guys are some of the happy fishermen who are sending me pictures.  They have been coming to the resort since the early 80’s every May and October.  Happy times with good friends and fish


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Bluegills that swallow the hook become dinner

I found Mike and Ruth enjoying the warm temps and filleting a few fish that could not be released.  Mike had his handy dandy electric knife making quick fillets

Nothing like a electric knife to make life easier in filleting little bluegills

Ruth was doing her part cutting out the stomach and taking off the skin

It takes a steady hand

There is nothing that tastes better than a pan fried bluegill fillet.  Need a lesson in filleting see Mike and Ruth they have a system that works