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This is a good example of how much snow has come down the last couple of days.  Looking at the National Weather Service they are calling for an additional 5 inches between now and Saturday morning inch today, tonight and then Friday night 3 inches.


Bearskin trail in Hazelhurst this morning.  Talked to John the Groomer guy and he said they are going to groom for the first time tonight and he thinks the trails will be decent this weekend for snowmobiling.  If snowmobiling is decent then x country skiing should be awesome they need much less snow to operate and we may even get out on the ski trails this weekend as well


In other news, Mark and Ted have been staying in Muskie and enjoying the new furniture but told Craig that to really enjoy the Packer’s play off game, Muskie really needed a bigger TV to go with the furniture.  So Craig took a trip to town.


Ooo la la it fits!


Mark was in Rollie and Helens shopping for fishing this summer and came across the newest and greatest lure that was just being delivered to the store by the maker.  Not sure what the name of it is, but it looks cool, but will Muskie’s find it desirable?  Maybe the Arm Chair Fisherman in Virginia will have to check it out


Mark even got the box signed by the guy who made them.  He was officially the first person to ever buy one


We had two huge loads of wood delivered to the resort from a local logger.  This logger used a double section truck dropping 14 cords of wood in front of the shed.  Question is can we get the big truck and trailer out of the driveway?


Analyzing the corners of the driveway to judge if the big truck can make the corner out.  A small Red Pine was in the way and Steve took care of it


The guys were doing so well not hitting things.  This tree was taken down at the spur of the moment with no come-a-long used… so what did they hit?


They took out the Office sign


Time to see if the driveway is big enough


Craig making room for the truck to get through by Muskie



Just barely making it around the corner.  Steve prepared to take out another tree if necessary


See ya for the 2nd load


New pile in front of the woodshed.  Question is which is taller the pile or the woodshed.  Steve had to go up on top to check it out.  The woodshed has the pile beat by a few inches


One really big pile of wood.  The 2nd truck load went in a different spot.  I think we have enough wood to keep Ted and Mark busy this winter when they come up to do some wood splitting.  The paper mills in Wisconsin have driven the price of wood up, due to the wet summer there is a shortage of wood at the mills.  This has caused the price of all wood to go up.  We usually buy popple and birch for the cabins to use and keep the oak for our winter wood supply.  All wood is in high demand at the moment and the price for popple and birch is the same as oak.  So next year for the first time, we are filling the resort woodshed with oak.  It burns longer but is a little harder to start.  It will be interesting to see if folks notice the difference and appreciate the good oak or if they want a return to the fast starting and burning popple


What cabin is the furniture delivery for…  Last weekend we had someone lite a couch on fire from a candle (you wonder why I do not leave candles in the cabins).  The couch is getting fixed but in the mean time we need a new couch in the system….


Fritz our 2008 Ice Out contest winner could not resist stopping over to try out the new furniture.  His comment is “tell Al I am moving this chair down to the ice by the fishing holes”


Comfy, comfy.. comfy…. who is the new furniture winner…


Matching Couch with 2 reclyners… Can you tell from the background where we are…. and the winner is…..


Yep Restawhile.  Linda’s cabin will be the place to hang out this summer to watch American Idol.  Restawhiles old couch will temporarily be in Shamrock until the couch in Shamrock comes back with a new arm, after that it will be looking for a new home not at Black’s Cliff.  This will change the bed arrangement in Restawhile, it will no longer have a hydabed.  Trading the comfort of a leather reclining couch for a lumpy hydabed I thought was a good change.


Now the question is where did Restawhiles nice  recliner end up….. Can Murry and Tom handle change…..  I remember the last time I changed the recliner in Bayview and Murry went on a search for her old chair .  Note to Linda watch out arrive early on June 26th or Murry may sneak in your cabin and switch out her furniture in Bayview for the leather in Restawhile


I finally managed to catch a pic of the deer herd on Lower Kaubashine at twilight in my neighbors yard.  Where were they during deer season… no idea but I can vouch for the fact that there are plenty of deer on Lower Kaubashine