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It was a day we wait for each spring the same as waiting for the first drips from the maple trees, waiting to see the fish spawning at Cedar Falls.  Just 10 minutes from the resort is Cedar Falls where each spring depending on the water temp you can stop to see fish jumping in the water fall.  In the pic above you can see the fins of the suckers in the middle of the pic

After seeing fins but not much action in the upper falls we headed to the lower falls and when you see folks standing on the rock looking down, you know you hit the right day and there is jumping going on

We always hope to catch the muskie’s and northerns jumping but today we caught the suckers

Fighting there way up the fall

This is better than chasing squirrels!

Turned back

Just don’t ask me to go in that cold water and we are ok,  I just like to watch the fish jump towards me

The river above the lower fall

One of my favorite shots of the day

Never gets old sitting on a warm rock in the spring sun watching fish flip at your feet

View through the water just below the fall in a call eddy.  Fish stacked up.  The water was higher than normal this year.

We are going to try to get out later in the week again to see if we can hit the day the Muskie’s jump the falls

Time to head to Cedar Falls 10 minutes from the resort to see the fish spawning in the water fall.  This is a yearly ritual for many locals in Hazelhurst who remember going to the water fall with their parents and grantparents, bringing along a picnic lunch and enjoying an afternoon of fish jumping and kids screaming and hopefully not wet.  There is always someone around that has the big ones spotted, like the guy above pointing out the big 40 – 50 inch muskie’s to Troy.  It is easiest on a low light day to have polarizing sunglasses to see the fish in the dark water

There are 2 big muskie’s under the depths in the above picture.  It was a hard day to catch pictures with the lighting.  Also I believe the Willow Dam has been closed holding back the water from the Mississippi so some of the falls our favorite ones are under water where we have taken some of our best fish jumping pictures.  We were restricted to the upper fall by the bridge

This sequence of pictures cracks me up.  I was sure someone was going in the drink.  But when you are 16 and your buddy is already out on the rock this does not come to your mind

Come on you won’t get dirty honest

This is the moment you are sure something is going to go bad…

Come on you can do it… is that a big fish about to climb the falls and bit your toe?

How much trust can you put in your friend?

Brian you could just let go right now and have revenge for something Jake has done

Guess you can trust him

We made it mom, and no search and rescue helicopters needed, our shoes are tied and we look cool!

Bryon (the other Bryon) tickling suckers out of the water.  He touched them but was not able to get them out of the water

Now on to the pictures everyone loves the fish jumping in the waterfall.  Today we mainly caught suckers

You know when you can get 2, 16 year olds to sit down and enjoy something it is pretty neat.   They enjoyed every moment of the afternoon and did not have to be told to put away the ear phones or Iphones or anyother devices they left them in the car!  Yeah!

The fish are a couple of weeks behind due to the cold weather and should be spawning for a couple of more weeks probably.  It is a neat site to see if you get a chance and always one of our favorite spring afternoons


This weekend we headed over to Cedar Falls 10 min from the resort to see the Muskie and Suckers spawning


The upper falls did not have any fish spawning but a while lot of frogs


We headed to the lower falls and had a lot more luck


Staring at us from the depths of the river.  Last year we missed the muskies and only saw suckers,  This year we timed it right


One big Muskie!


Notice the Muskie in the stream going up the falls.  The kids have not noticed yet.


Missing pic is the Muskie flipping up to where they are sitting and scaring them to death.  This was taken seconds afterwards as Jaws is going back into the river.


Muskie battling its way up the river


The red tipped suckers were not as active as the muskies.  They were gathered in pools below the falls waiting for the Muskies to be done


Another Muskie heading up the falls


Looking at the fins I am wondering if there is a muskie and a sucker together


We did manage to tickle one sucker out of one of the pool.

This is really a sight to see every year and one of our favorite spring things to check out