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Sunrise this morning with interesting cloud formations

I am guessing this cloud was man made some how.  It was cool to see this morning

Ducks flying in the sunrise

Old pictures made me think about messing with the Black and White on my Iphoto.  Gives the shot a different feel.  Couple of boats still in.  We even have a few fishermen coming up this weekend to use them

The actual lighting was amazing as well with the purple tint and the lake mists

In other news we had Chuck Allison bow hunting at the resort for the last week and he was not going home empty handed.  We do allow some hunting on our 2 private 40 acre plots that we own on the road.  No hunting in the resort unless you are the Gibson boys and after the dastardly red squirrel with a bounty of 5 dollars a squirrel paid by mom.  If you are interested in private hunting, especially bow give a call.  We do have a few spots open for the gun deer season after the first weekend.  I make sure folks have assigned spots then so that everyone knows where they are and we only allow a select few at a time so it is quality hunting.  Give a call if interested

I got my next Christmas Ball done.  This one is based on Nordic sweater pattern, I have a 2nd one done previously that matches up with this one.  They are 12 each plus shipping of 5 dollars if you are interested.  I have also added them in a link on the maid website under Resort Information look at the stocking link for pictures of the stockings and balls


Just in time for winter the resort truck made it back from the plow guy who installed a plow on to it.  Good thing as we have 13 inches of snow in the forecast for Saturday.  Steve was happy to test it out and break it in on the 2 inches that came down over night.  We had been waiting for the truck to come back to put up our Christmas decorations on the gate


The truck is the only way to reach the top of the gate safely


Christmas bells going up


One individual that could careless about the truck.  He ran for the hills when Steve tested the plow out.  The scary sounds from the plow dragging across the ground made Mack scurry away like a bear was chasing him.  He would come no closer than this to the truck.  You can see the abstinent look of “no way am I coming anywhere near that white machine of noise”



Starting to look more like Christmas with white covering the ground



In the continuous list of little fix it jobs being done this time of year, I am happy to let everyone in Brichwood know that Steve and Troy got the ceiling tile replaced in the lakeside bedroom.  It had been stained with rain water last spring when Craig was replacing the roof.  They have their sights set on a a few other ceiling tile issues in other cabins like Bayview

13 inches of snow I am sure tomorrow will be a blog full of snow in the pines pictures check out this site for a neat way of enjoying the Northwoods with Llama treking in Phillips.  I have seen this featured on Discover Wisconsin and it looks like fun.  It is about an hour from the resort.  I can see next summer heading off on a trek.  They also have a funny blog about dressing up their llamas for the Christmas parade as camels that you might find funny and a fun blog to watch


Word was out in the neighborhood that it was wreath making day.  All day today we had 3 eagles swooping around the trees at the resort screeching at one another.  It is creepy to be outside and hear them and see the big birds going overhead.  We saw 1 juvenile and 2 adults.  This was the best shot I got all day


Most of my shots look like this.  The eagle is swooping in the background behind the trees


It was out to the woods for bough cutting for the Christmas Wreathes we were making.  Every year the weekend after Thanksgiving we do wreathes


Tools of the trade to gather spruce and whitepine boughs


Stopped by to say hi to “The Head in the Woods”  How many have found this guy in our woods? He kind of creepily surprises you when you find him looking at you in the middle of the woods


Kaubashine wreath making head quarters


We were joined by our new Hazelhurst neighbors Jim and Nancy Kotowicz who just went from being friends andguests for years to being the newest, happiest retirees in the Northwoods.  Nancy picked up quickly the art of bundling for the wreathes.  Jim enjoyed the Packer Game that was playing after making pecan bars to keep everyone working hard.  We were all happy to wear liquid glove a hand cream that makes getting the pine pitch off later much. easier.  We are planning our next get together to play Nancy’s favorite game Bunco


3 hours later 4 wreathes made and Nancy ready to get home before dark


Mack would like to put a shout out to his newest buddy, Barb who dropped him by his favorite present a bone filled with something delicious.  He is not as big of a pig ear fan as old Poe was, he is definitely a bone fan


The Moore family was up this weekend to enjoy some quiet time before Christmas and some shopping.  They would like Doug to know that Vicki behaved herself all weekend and did not cheat at cards… ok maybe a little…..


They amazed me with what they had squirreled away for the weekend in the cabinet.


Steve proudly admiring the new floor he and Troy installed in Shamrock.  All sorts of measurements and cuts to do and it made it in just fine.  Craig will be happy to see their work


My favorite pic of the day.  We got an additional 5 inches of snow last night and this morning.  The trees were loaded and it was beautiful to look out off the hill at the snow still coming down through the pines.  Good news is our problems with our plow truck are on the way to being fixed.  Truck has a new exhaust system which was planned for maintence.  The plow on the other hand is a different story.  Troy and Steve spent an entire day last week getting the plow off the truck and up to the shop.  We are at the mercy of the mechanic at the plow shop who is swamped at the moment.  Good thing the folks coming today have 4 wheel drive, as it is going to be a few days yet before the resort gets plowed out.  Maybe we can bribe him with Christmas cookies or cranberry bread



Digging out the old fashioned way.  Between last week and this weeks storm snow is definitely pilling up.  I had skiers out at Winter Park last weekend reporting good conditions.  Vilas County snowmobile trails open on Wednesday and Oneida’s trails open on Thursday.  Looks like it will be a good Christmas to New Years conditions for playing in the snow.  I also saw my first crazy Ice Fishermen on Lake Katherine this last weekend


More pics off the hill


Bows and Bells are up now if we could just get the driveway plowed we will be ready for Christmas