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It continues to be overcast and rainy, but the colors still show through the rain.  The trail to Eagles Nest

Playground with colors appearing

Treehouse surrounded by color

Our apple trees with a 2nd row of 7 foot fence around them.  Deer STAY OUT! patrolled with an armed blonde and a golden retriever

Lets hope the sun decides to shine and some sunny color pictures will be soon


Looking our at lunch today we had some visitors coming through


The big Tom who was happy it was not Thanksgiving


Heading off for a tour of the resort


A few of the pontoons have made it out of the lake.  The color in the volleyball court is something to be seen


Boat shed will Craig finish it before leaving for the winter?


Wigwam showing some beautiful color around it

Tune back in next for big pile of wood and a really big truck.  Will the truck make it out of the driveway?