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I had to share Craig’s new improvement to our dock.  He installed a 9 foot bench.  I think the dock has a lot more leg room and the ability for folks to sit and talk better.  This will be the new hang out this summer.  The bench needs a coat of stain but other than that it is ready to go for summer


The last remaining projects are being completed as summer creeps closer.  Steve was determined to keep Donna Pyfer dry this summer and make her happy with a new roof on her porch.  Kaubashine’s roof has had a notorious leak over the swinging bed that had been patched and patched and patched some more.  Happily this is the last porch roof that needed shingles and Steve got it done this week.  No fears Donna, you can sleep on the swinging bed and listen to the rain with out being plopped on with rain drops


Painting, painting, painting…..


Can’t wait to see more and more folks out on the dock enjoying a sunset like Ben and Grant


With the humidity gone and temps just cracking 70 today it was a quiet day at the beach.  I don’t think anyone minded.  After the heat of the summer everyone has been dealing with, I have seen folks happily putting on sweatshirts and leaving their windows open.  Tonight it goes down to 49 and that might be a little too cool to leave the windows open.


With the cooler temps comes the ambition to do a little gardening.  I spread mushroom compost on the main gardens.  I used mushroom compost this last spring in a couple of our newer gardens and was amazed at the results.  I could only find it for sale at Stoney Creek Garden Center.  If you have never tried it and have a tired looking garden you may want to give it a try