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Spring means time to do some dock repair, and this year it also means replacing a few worn out docks with new ones.  We special order our docks from China… made in the USA?  Ok we will have to admit to the truth… our docks are not made in China… but by good old sweat and American ingenuity.  I know it is hard to believe

You know at the Hilton they buy their docks preassembled.. there is no cutting.. maintenance guys at the Hilton have it easy.

Same dock assembly that has been done since Maynard, no changes on the design

Measurement of the space between the rungs on the docks is a careful and precise science.  They could not do better at The Hilton or China if they tried

Good old American know how learned from years of experience with the trade secrets of dock building passed down from one generation to the next

Nope the maintenance guys at the Hilton do not have as much fun as these guys assembling the preassembled docks from China


Time to get the last docks out of the water.  3 heads together came up with a way of doing the big blue dock that did not involve wadders.  Would anyone get wet?


Craig ready for the endeavor with his winter hat from McDonalds that he has had for years


Steve chose the more relaxed and cooler tie-die look with short sleeves.  One in a winter hat and another in short sleeves…  Troy was the middle man in a sweatshirt and laughing at the other 2


Tying up the ropes and taking out a few bolts by boat.


Heave Hooooo…


Hey it worked and we are all dry


This is all that is left of the dock, room enough for one person and the table…


They left taking out the docks to digging strange holes around Shamrock and Kaubashine in preparation for dirt flying next week


Searching…. Searching….. like a needle in a haystack…  Where did Maynard put those dang lines….


Junior would like to report that with the light rain we received things are greening up and slowly sprouting.  We could sure use some more rain but will take what we can get.  Nothing like a snack on the hillside looking at the lake on a Sunday morning


View off the hill on a beautiful Sunday morning.  We actually for once had no one here Friday or Saturday and it always amazes me why the resort is so quiet in April on nice days like this.


Spring Dock work has started.  Who has the leaky wadders….  for once I think no leaks were found for now


3 docks in and many more to put in and straighten. Waiting for Craig with the wisdom of the ages to return to put the big blue and white docks in.  I hear he may make it back from the South by May 1st