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It was a beautiful quiet sunset once again on the lake and I grabbed the kayak again to head out for the peak of color.  Enjoy

The shoreline on fire across the lake

Looking back at the sunset

I took this picture for Kim and Will Flower

The loon was out as well.  You can see the winter plumage starting to come in.  Boring gray bird headed to the gulf coast.  I had intents of creeping up and getting better pictures but the loon pulled a disappearing act after this picture and this is all you get.  So imagine the loon with fall colors up close with the reflection of the lake… it would have been awesome….  but not to be

Shoreline by Holiday and Restawhile

It gets better

and better

Wow I love this tree

I end with a quick picture of the snag in the shoreline.  Hope you enjoyed


Headed down to work at Bear Den and brought the camera along to take some color pictures in the bay






Mack Came along for the ride as well and could not resist the lake


I am not sure how he got in this position or what he was thinking beyond getting a drink of water


What are you looking at?  I know what I am doing and the water here tastes better than the easier to reach water by the shoreline


Which way do I go farther out or to shore


Yikes was that a Muskie rubbing up next to me.  I am out of here!


Hmm something that smells worse than I do that I can roll in or chew


Really I knew what I was doing the entire time

Fall Color

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I had been eyeing up these leaves for a couple of days with the half change, brilliant red offset by the deep green of the evergreen


Woods starting to come alive with color

More pictures to come when the sun comes out

I had a correction on the mushroom from yesterday from Linda in Atlanta.  Thanks Linda!  Steve told me the correct name but I forgot it and it does look like a head not a Hen

Hen of the Woods Mushroom
back to Glossary Index
(Scientific Name: Grifola frondosa) Shades of gray-brown, white and tan decorate
the layers of wrinkled caps on this delicate Asian mushroom, which grows
multiple long stems from the base upwards as it forms a large leafy head.
Unusual in shape, the Hen of the Woods typically grows at the base of hardwood
tree trunks, extending outward from the tree trunk and forming multiple layers
of caps as it grows. Instead of gills beneath the cap, the Hen of the Woods
develops tubes that extend down onto the stem. As it grows, the mushroom
develops layers of small frilly caps or it may grow as larger flat, protruding
disk-like caps, that in total may weigh from several pounds to over 50 pounds.

Succulent, large and firm in texture, this mushroom has a strong earthy or musty
aroma, providing a flavor that is bold, somewhat nutty and very similar to a
Portobello. It is a variety of fungus that is often valued for it’s health
benefits due to the amount of fiber, protein, and vitamins B and C that it
contains. However, it is best to use some caution when eating the Hen of the
Woods, as it may cause stomach discomfort for those who are sensitive or
allergic to various mushrooms. Therefore, consume only a small amount initially
if there is a concern for a reaction to the meat of this species.

At times this mushroom may be confused with the Chicken of the Woods mushroom,
but it is not the same mushroom. When cleaning this mushroom, wash it thoroughly
before cooking, since its leafy shape provides numerous areas that hold dirt and
particles. It can be immersed in a bowl of water and shaken to loosen particles
or it can be run under a faucet to clean it thoroughly. To prepare, cut the
mushroom into strips or dice it. It is a mushroom that can be sautéed in butter
or oil, baked or pickled, but should be well cooked to soften the tough texture.
Commonly prepared as a side dish as well as added to pasta, noodles or other
foods, it is also a good mushroom for use as an ingredient in soups or food
stuffings and eggs. For storage, keep it refrigerated, placed in a paper bag or
placed fresh on a metal rack so all sides are exposed to cool air. The Hen of
the Woods is also known as Ram’s Head, Sheep’s Head, Maitake, or Kumotake


With temps in the 60’s during the day and 40’s at night it definitely is feeling like fall.  Spots of color can be spotted here and there if you look closely


With a bit of rain coming down on Tuesday it was time to get the boats cleaned out.  Sunshine seems to be breaking up the clouds



Woodpecker making noise in the trees


Mac and I are working on Sit and Stay.  He needs more work on it before he becomes a easy photo subject, but he is making progress.  Only took 4 attempts at this picture to get it.  What I learned is that he listens to stay when I put my hand up and say it, but when crouching down to take a picture he thinks that is the signal to come.  As long as I stay standing he understands stay.  Dog is training the human I think


I never thought this plant would bloom, I waited all summer thinking that this perennial I bought at a garage sale last fall was a dud.  Turns out it is a late summer bloomer and very pretty.  Can’t remember the name of the plant

Check out the link above for an interesting story of a local bear in Lake Tomahawk.  It does explain why outside feeding is sometimes not the best thing.  When we have had a bear on our deck we have removed the food source.  Not sure if I would have had the guts to do what this woman did


I was shocked to see this leaf out in the woods.  It has been cool but we are not ready to plunge right into fall.  Temps will be increasing by the weekend to summer levels again.  I love the fall colors but we are not quite ready for them yet


Fall color report.   The color is just starting and you can catch trees here and there with nice reds and yellows.  This one is down between Restaswhile and Wildflower


Other areas of the hill are still green


With 3 weeks of dry weather and a dry summer, the colors i think will be a little duller.  This maple sums up some of the color, leaves falling a little faster from some trees


Walkway to Muskie Inn


Color in Wildflower’s stairwell


Still a lot of green in the resort