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The fall colors are holding on.  We are just past the peak in my opinion but the woods are still hanging on to the fall colors.  Pic taken where the road meets the lake


Colors keeping things bright on the playground




Creepy, crawlies hanging around to be careful of


Road to the Resort

Road to the Resort

Parked quickly and snapped this pic to show what it is like to drive down the road to the resort lately.  Every day the color has popped more and more

Vew from Blackwood's dock

Vew from Blackwood's dock looking back at the resort

View from Blackwood's dock

View from Blackwood's dock

Fall is here and boats are coming out

Fall is here and boats are coming out

Hope you are enjoying the color pictures.  Walking out the door it is the easiest time of year to take pictures.  Next to Misty Lake pics and Pines in the Snow, fall color is the best.  Speaking of snow I hear flurries are in the forecast Monday…..