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With rain in the forecast the next couple of days, the guys thought it was time to take out a few extra boats and save on bailing.  Steve was corralling a flotilla to head down to Hilltop to be taken out

Heading out

How do you pull into Hilltop’s docks with this many boats in tow…  Steve’s secret

With the light steady rain I almost did not take anymore pictures today, but with the colors coming out I decided to take a walk around the resort.  The rainy conditions bring out the bright colors

It is interesting to see the color bleeding into the leaves

wind and rain blowing the leaves off the hill

I love the contrast of the evergreens with the color

More to come as soon as the sun comes out


The mists and the color were at the lake this morning.  Enjoy









Now that I have tortured you with pictures of the awesome color, I do have 2 cabins left for this weekend.  Beef A Rama is this weekend that everyone should experience once in their life.  I hear the pirates are back on the corner by the Belle Isle.  Parade of Beef, Beef Sandwiches, and Craft Fair.

Sunday Winter Park is having Winter Park day with all sorts of family and individual things to do like Nordic Walking Hike Kids Treasure Hike,  Mountain Bike Tour, Hayrides, Games and Races for Kids, CAT Skiing, Nature and Birding Walk.  My favorite Bad Bones BBQ will be there as well along with the Timberline String Band and Leinenkugels Beer.  Does it get better than this?


We had 2 days of much needed rain.  I caught these pics just as the clouds were breaking.  The lighting was great with the dark clouds, sparkling lake and the colors.  Enjoy





A few days ago the water did not come up to the first step.  With the rain the lake level came up a bit.  I hear the river is flowing again at Hilltop



Steve and Troy would like to report the white swim dock is out for another year and everyone stayed dry.  Nobody fell in.  Due to the lake being lower the water level stayed farther away from the top of the wadders


Fall color report.   The color is just starting and you can catch trees here and there with nice reds and yellows.  This one is down between Restaswhile and Wildflower


Other areas of the hill are still green


With 3 weeks of dry weather and a dry summer, the colors i think will be a little duller.  This maple sums up some of the color, leaves falling a little faster from some trees


Walkway to Muskie Inn


Color in Wildflower’s stairwell


Still a lot of green in the resort