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We headed on a tubing adventure to Winter Park.  Most folks locally buy a season skiing pas to Winter Park, our family is one of 2 that has purchased a season tubing pass.  The boys love to go and after a week of Basketball, Swim Club and cleaning cabins a relaxing time spent tubing is more up our alley than a marathon of skiing.  Although I do love to ski as well.

The first part of the adventure that I have written about before is just getting to Winter Park.  You have to drive down Camp 9 Road which is also a snowmobile trail and lightly plowed.  Dodging snowmobiles while driving is a frequent occurrence.  Snowmobilers sometimes forget they have to share this road.  I have been driving and had them pass me on both sides of the vehicle

Today everyone, including our car was on the right side of the road and all was well.

Relaxed sitting in a tube being pulled up the hill.  There is nothing like the just sitting back and letting your self be pulled up a hill backwards and enjoying

the view

the tubers heading up the hill

Adventuresome folks that want a work out can skip the line for the tube lift and hike it up the hill no waiting.  It definitely works off a few of those Christmas cookies

Once up waiting to head down the hill

Yahoo see you at the bottom of Squirrel Hill

Good afternoon had by all.  Where did that wonderful blue scarf come from?  Thanks, Char!  Now to negotiate Camp 9 road home


We headed out to Winter Park for some snow tubing.  It was awesome as you can tell from the picture above.  No busy lines I think in 3 hours the kids did about 100 slides down Squirrel Hill and not an injury to be had


I was  wondering how they got you up the hill and the ride up was a relaxing drag up the hill looking a back at the beautiful view.  Only danger falling asleep in the tube on the way up


Sitting back and enjoying the ride up


View from the top.. Look out below!


Yahooo get out of the way here we come!


This is what you end up looking like trying to keep up with 4 boys.  Note to self wear contacts next time so the snow does not build up behind the lens

I received this email newsletter from Winter Park and thought I would share.  So much good stuff happening out there but the highlight is a return of tubing and better yet a tow rope to get you back up the hill.  This should be an awesome thing to do this winter and I can’t wait for my first tub run down Squirrel Hill
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Dear Troy & Jenny,

David Bowie sang it almost 40 years ago   …….
and boy is it ever appropriate today around Minocqua Winter Park.

As you’ll read, we’ve been working real hard to bring you a new and improved Winter Park experience while maintaining all of the good things you’ve come to expect from one of your favorite xc ski destinations.  Along with the physical changes, there’s a renewed energy around the park that veterans haven’t seen the likes of in years.  When I accepted the position of Executive Director this summer I set two general goals to help build upon the good things that all of my predecessors (in particular, Keith Smith who really started the ball rolling four years ago) had accomplished  – 1) improve the overall value of the MWP experience and 2) help make Winter Park more of a Winter Park.  Read on to see how we’ve gotten a pretty good jump on those goals

Thanks so much for being a part of MWP’s eNewsletter group.  As the new guy in charge at Winter Park, it feels great to be “giving back” energy to a place that has provided me with so much positive energy over the years.  And, as you’ve read, there certainly has been a lot of energy put into so many different areas of Winter Park by so many different people.  If you are one of those folks,
thank you, thank you, thank you!  Everyone will enjoy the results of your time and talents.
The Skiers
Have fun, and we’ll ski you soon,

Jim DiDomenico
Executive Director
Minocqua Winter Park & Nordic Center

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What is Carson looking at on this beautiful fall day?


He was trying to catch a leaf before it hit the ground.  With all the leaves coming down this weekend, it was a wonderful form of child entertainment and kept the kids busy for atleast an hour all of them looking to the sky and racing to catch the leaves


How much better does kid entertainment get?  It does not involve a computer screen of any sort