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After a long few weeks of getting the resort ready we were tired on Friday and Katie stopped by catching us relaxing.  She made some comment about when she was a kid there was no standing around……



It was time to go down the road to Hilltop for the first Kaubashine Cooler of the summer with Mary Ellen.  Love Kaubashine Coolers!  Perfect end of the week



Lots of folks at the resort this weekend hanging out with family and playing more soccer  with their grandson than knee says he should.  Fun times bad knee and all



Lots of fishing in kayaks



Some sock making on the deck



Back to work tightening up a clamp on the dock at 6pm.  Just what the boys wanted to do Saturday night.  Lots of complaints of the water temp and the need to do homework instead of being in the lake



Pontoon boat got cleaned and almost ready to get in the lake.  Early Memorial and late snow caused them to not making it in, in time for the weekend



Had to finish up the weekend with a trip to the Black Bear Bar on Hwy 70 for one of their famous pizzas



I did not know it but they have fish fry every day not just Fridays.



Famous pizza menu



The pizza did not disappoint and was a nice end of the weekend.  Back to work Monday cleaning cabins and getting those darn pontoon boats in the water finally.

With warmer temps and rain projected this weekend Troy thought it was time to make Cliff a little safer on the ice.

Time to give the guy a life line and tie him in for his big plunge into Lower Kaubashine

See ya when you are floating

I just get used to ice being over my swimming hole and now I am not sure what in the world is going on….


Woke up this morning to condensation on the windows, it went down to 39 degrees last night.  It was a good night for woodstoves and fireplaces.  We have been spoiled the last few Labor Day weekends with temps in the 80’s.  The high on Saturday was 59, but Sunday was improving to 70 degrees


Sun came out early to warm things up


Kayaks were out on the lake early enjoying the sun


Mac found some friends to play with it was doggie wrestling in the cool morning with Carmella and Cooper.


I am loving the resort dogs life


Young pup wearing out the old lady Carmella.  One growl from Carmella has Mac behaving himself


The Oberman family did a take over of the treehouse coming in fully armed to the teeth


Someone forgot to arm the twins Samuel and Adam but I think their relatives are packing enough heat to defend them from a hostile take over


Reach for the Sky or we will shoot


Away from the military take over of the playground, Jackie and Emma were enjoying the sunshine as the afternoon sun heated things up


It was warm enough for an afternoon of skiing fun for the Oberman family, no guns involved


This is the way to enjoy a Labor Day weekend.  Not a care in the world enjoying the last rays of summer


Time to head the raft out to its spot in the lake so we have room to put the white dock in.  Towing the raft to its spot can be a comedy of errors that we have all participated in (including an infamous launching by Paul)


Hmm notice one wadder on and one off… who got the leaky ones this time?


Heading out into position.  Keep Going!


Hope this is the right spot because that anchor weighs a &%^& ton and I am not pulling it up?


You don’t like the spot, put down the camera and pull the anchor up yourself and move it.  I did it better than Paul!


After all the painting of the blue dock parts and moving them around, apparently I screwed up their order and there was much discussion about which part went where


The great architect  getting it all back together



In other news, Bayview is just about completely roofed and should be done by the weekend.  All he has left is the porch.  I am sure Murry and Tom won’t notice a few drips on the porch this summer