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This is the fine art of how to paint the floor under the swinging bed.  Thankfully we don’t do all the floors each year.  It was Muskie’s turn to get its floor painted and time to crawl under the bed to do the floor in the official porch paint of Black’s Cliff, British Tan.  I have 4 gallons of it left and it has be discontinued…. Time to find a new color…  oh the family debate that will create…  last time it took 4 trips to the paint store and Craig still did not like it, except for the good price we got on British Tan at Fleet Farm because it was a stock color

One of the many dangers of painting under the bed is having your hair get caught in the springs under the bed.  Getting loose can be a major problem…  is this why nobody else for the last 30 years has jumped up and down saying “I will paint porch floors show me what to do”  I guess I have this job for as long as hairs in my head to get caught in the springs

To make up for those missing hairs it was take mom out to dinner night.  We went to one of our favorite haunts “The Rib Guy” for the best pulled pork and BBQ in town.

We order our meal by the pound and feed a family of 5 for just under 35 dollars including Baked Beans and Coleslaw.  Best family deal in town.  It is not fancy and you eat off paper plates but we don’t mind a bit

#1 BBQ cooker in town

This year he has an even bigger cooker and the smell walking down town is enough to drive you crazy unless you stop in for a bit


That time of year again to clean up all the aluminum cans from the resort and take them in for recycling.  We hauled 3 truck loads like this and the question is how many pounds of cans did we collect this year?  5 dollar coupon chip to Hilltop for the closest guesser.  Can Amy Hebert the Eastern mathematician pull it out again and win?  To submit a guess simply send them in as comment to this entry and I will post them all and the winner by 5pm on Saturday.


Ben, Grant and Jake would like to thank everyone that crushed their own cans as they had to crush the remaining ones after picking up garbage.  All the can money heads into their savings accounts for school


A couple of Christmas stockings headed out in the mail to Madison to a blog watcher named Cheryl who has never been to the resort but follows the daily activities on the blog each day.  Always amazes me the people the blog touches and becomes their portal to the northwoods each day.  Hope you enjoy the stockings Cheryl and Dustin and Abby too.  9 more stockings hanging around if anyone else wants to order them before Christmas.  After Christmas I will knit up some more of them for the next year if anyone wants any for wedding or baby gifts


What is Carson looking at on this beautiful fall day?


He was trying to catch a leaf before it hit the ground.  With all the leaves coming down this weekend, it was a wonderful form of child entertainment and kept the kids busy for atleast an hour all of them looking to the sky and racing to catch the leaves


How much better does kid entertainment get?  It does not involve a computer screen of any sort


Laundry lines full from a wet day


You have a cool dad who can make the best log cabin, campfire in the North complete with sparklers.


At the age of 3 you feel like a real driver doing circles around the resort driveway


After doing a wipeout in the driveway, grandma makes you feel better with a bandaid


Everyday should end with feet up around a campfire.  Nothing more relaxing…


I caught the Johnson family having fun down at the lake this morning.  After the rain of the last few days everyone was ready to hit the lake for some fun in the sun


Kids trying to keep up with the paddleboat but Grandma had the lead in the row boat and was not giving it up easily


While fun was being had in the swimming area, Don Landbo and his son Grant here searching for the “big fish” over by the snag.  This is what escaping to the Northwoods is all about, quiet moments with a fishing pole and your son.  I am sure these will be some of the moments Grant looks back on later in life as his favorite times with Dad on Lower Kaubashine


I transplanted some Anemone a few years ago and it is  nice to see them come into bloom


New flowers I put in this year in bloom.  Can’t remember what they are.. maybe someone out there can identify them for me


I was told come down to the lake and bring the camera, there is a chance someone will fall in or other blogable fodder.  I think this pic speaks for itself.  What is Steve up to?


When you don’t want to carry something and water is between you and its destination, best to use the waterways.  Anyone recognize this piece of wood?


So far so good everything headed in the right direction and nobody wet


Where are they off to and what are they building…..  Stop in to see is all I will say.


Steve would also like to ask if anyone knows what this item is or does?  It has been sitting down at the waterfront and none of us know what it is.  If it is yours email me quickly before Clean Sweep makes it disappear.


Yep it snowed last night…. I love the 4 seasons and the beauty of all 4 seasons.  Mixing the beauty of the previous season with the current season though is not my favorite…. but I tried to find the beauty in the day….


Trees bent from the weight of the wet snow.  I am surprised to managed to  not loose power with all the limbs and trees weighed down


Lilies of the Valley buried in the snow.  They have not bloomed out so I hope they are ok and insulated in the snow when we go to the mid 20’s tonight


View off the hill by Muskie Inn



I think this little tree says it all


Newly popping out maple leaves covered in snow


View off the hill between Bayview and Wildflower.  Notice the snow on the trees across the lake



Bayview in the snow



I was supposed to get kindling for our fire at the woodshed.  The path to the woodshed was blocked by hanging trees


Newly painted beach chairs coated in snow.. something is wrong with this picture


The army of coverings I have on my perennial flowers hoping to make it through tonight at 25 degrees.

I am now done with winter and spring can come back at anytime……