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Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine


The tracks speak for themselves as to how busy the lake has been.  Still not marked for snowmobiles but that is not stopping anyone from venturing on the lake.  Personally I feel better when I see the markers out there


Trying to figure out what is going on in this picture… a dock that is marked for open water or an ice skating rink… not sure and not venturing across the lake to find out


Squirrel recovering from being flipped off my bird feeder by the squirrel flipper.  Wish I had a picture of it flying in the air off the feeder but this is the best I could come up with a confused and frustrated squirrel peering in our window wondering what happened

Hard to see all this great snow and wonder if the rain on Friday will ruin it.  Looking at the weather reports I was happy to see they lowered our temps and are talking about more freezing rain/drizzle and wrap around snow.  Can we escape the rain… stay tuned!


We had quite a day at the resort.  Many storms rolling through.  One sent the entire resort into our basement.  When the call came from Craig that there was a hook echo involved in the radar, everyone headed to the basement to ride out the storm.  Craig is a former professor of metorology at Nicholet College so he makes the call when to have everyone in the basement.  If he does not make the call in time, the tornado siren in Hazelhurst gets everyone moving.  Today luckily we had no siren go off, but took precautions anyway.  One way to get to know everyone at the resort is to spend 45 minutes in the basement in close quarters with one bathroom


Al Zeitz showing up quite wet after running down from Holiday in the pouring rain


Someone else who had a run through the resort warning people to head to the basement


Kids having fun with the Star Wars toys could careless if there was a tornado as long as they got to play with ships


Getting comfy, we pulled out the folding beach chairs which still had Lake Superior sand in them


Now this cracked me up, storm raging outside but the Zeitz family was picking up our wireless internet in the basement and staying connected.  They had some game going that could not be stopped storm or no storm

We have one more set of storms on the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder we shall see if everyone ends up in the basement again tonight.  You know you are a regular at the resort when you have spent a few afternoons hanging out in the basement with the neighbors

Anyone have a favorite storm story from their visits or time spent in the basement with everyone at the resort?


Beautiful afternoon and we escaped chores to go out for a little fishing adventure on the pontoon boat


Wanna wow a teenager have them catch a big perch.


The loon had to stop in and check out the fishing as well.   We spotted the new nesting spot of the loons in the back bay.  Loons are great to see everytime except when you are fishing.  Fish head for the hills when the loons come a calling


One really big Crappie.  The spawning season has just started.  This fish was sitting right on a spawning bed waiting to be caught.  This is some of the best fishing in my opinion of the entire year.  Spawning lasts til into the first week of June or so.


We even managed to find a bass.  Going through the channel into the back bay, it was fun to sit on the front of the pontoon and see all the fish swimming around in the shallows.  We spotted everything from Northerns, Bass, and Crappie swimming in front of the boat.  All fish were released not by choice, we had a hole in our live well.  Time to take a trip to Rollie and Helens Muskie Shop for a new live well


Troy and his big catch, disengaging hooks from lily pad roots.


Fun time was had by all including the loons.  Now to find some more time to go fishing instead of cleaning and painting