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Sunrise this morning



Woke up this morning to condensation on the windows, it went down to 39 degrees last night.  It was a good night for woodstoves and fireplaces.  We have been spoiled the last few Labor Day weekends with temps in the 80’s.  The high on Saturday was 59, but Sunday was improving to 70 degrees


Sun came out early to warm things up


Kayaks were out on the lake early enjoying the sun


Mac found some friends to play with it was doggie wrestling in the cool morning with Carmella and Cooper.


I am loving the resort dogs life


Young pup wearing out the old lady Carmella.  One growl from Carmella has Mac behaving himself


The Oberman family did a take over of the treehouse coming in fully armed to the teeth


Someone forgot to arm the twins Samuel and Adam but I think their relatives are packing enough heat to defend them from a hostile take over


Reach for the Sky or we will shoot


Away from the military take over of the playground, Jackie and Emma were enjoying the sunshine as the afternoon sun heated things up


It was warm enough for an afternoon of skiing fun for the Oberman family, no guns involved


This is the way to enjoy a Labor Day weekend.  Not a care in the world enjoying the last rays of summer


First of all for all Poe’s friends out there.  He gave us another scare this week.  He lost use of his front legs due to rupturing a disc in his back.  Emergency trip to the vet, 2 steroid shots and an enema later and he is feeling better and able to walk again.  Troy and I are happy as we were carrying him in his dog bed like a sling for 2 days to get him in and outside.  He should make a full recovery after a round of predizone.  We are just happy to see him back on his feet, barking at new people and wagging  his tail


Mid August and the chipmunk lines come out.  Every year the Reedy family erects chipmunk lines like the ones at the Little Swiss Village which is now closed.  The chipmunks love this week and put on quite a show


Greg and Conner Williams in charge of the bratwurst for the big first meal of the week

That is what you call a full grill.  This is the 2nd batch of bratwurst to be cooked


Kids having fun on their first day of vacation


Pearl Everlasting has started blooming along the road side.  I missed a picture again of the elusive Northern Flickers that have been flying around the resort.  I am determined to catch a pic  of them in the next week.  Troy says it might have been a King Fisher I saw with a white ring around its neck


The Hayes Family up enjoying the lake and finding Yertle the turtle.  One of the kids had sharp eyes and spotted him without coordinates


Kids checking out the treasure in the treasure box


I caught this Blue Heron swooping around the lake.  I missed some elusive Flickers among the trees





Time for a dead birch to come down.  Craig had a volunteer chainsaw operator Mark.  Mark has spent alot of time with chainsaws carving ice but has never used one for taking down a tree.  From ice sculptures to birch logs.  Question is with Wildflower in the back ground can they manage to take the tree down without hitting anything?  Insurance companies close your eyes, OSCA inspectors stay away


After getting instructions from Craig, Mark makes the first cut.  Important to note, Mark’s father, Ted has moved his car out by the gate far away from the chainsaw action


Nothing like a vacation with a chainsaw


Making the first notch


Slight correction on the aim of the tree


Babe Ruth making the call on where the tree will fall.  Can Mark do it?


Heading to the other end where the come – a – long was set to help pull the tree down.  Mark ratcheted it up.  What a relaxing vacation!




22 hours in a car through 7 states and it was worth it to take down my first tree.  Way to go Mark!  watch out or work out East will have you doing tree falling along with everything else at the motel


Now on to tree number 2 a very dead oak.  Trick is to notch it and pull it up the hill with the come- a -long


Watching Craig tie the top rope on the tree


Mark going for tree number 2


Charles decided to get in on the action as well helping Mark by keeping the come-a-long tight.



Charles and Mark happily looking at 2 trees on the ground and not on either of their cabins.  Way to Go!  Some people choose nice relaxing vacations at the beach, but I think the smiles on Mark and Charles’s face speaks for itself, they had fun taking down trees.  Little do they know that is the easy part now it is time to clean up the mess


We had quite a day at the resort.  Many storms rolling through.  One sent the entire resort into our basement.  When the call came from Craig that there was a hook echo involved in the radar, everyone headed to the basement to ride out the storm.  Craig is a former professor of metorology at Nicholet College so he makes the call when to have everyone in the basement.  If he does not make the call in time, the tornado siren in Hazelhurst gets everyone moving.  Today luckily we had no siren go off, but took precautions anyway.  One way to get to know everyone at the resort is to spend 45 minutes in the basement in close quarters with one bathroom


Al Zeitz showing up quite wet after running down from Holiday in the pouring rain


Someone else who had a run through the resort warning people to head to the basement


Kids having fun with the Star Wars toys could careless if there was a tornado as long as they got to play with ships


Getting comfy, we pulled out the folding beach chairs which still had Lake Superior sand in them


Now this cracked me up, storm raging outside but the Zeitz family was picking up our wireless internet in the basement and staying connected.  They had some game going that could not be stopped storm or no storm

We have one more set of storms on the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder we shall see if everyone ends up in the basement again tonight.  You know you are a regular at the resort when you have spent a few afternoons hanging out in the basement with the neighbors

Anyone have a favorite storm story from their visits or time spent in the basement with everyone at the resort?


The pre party get together waiting for Gloria and Rich to arrive for their surprise 35th anniversary party.  Do you think 7 bottles of wine would be enough?


A very surprised Rich and Gloria arriving back from dinner with their family Eric, Alaina, Sarah and little Amelia who planned the party without their knowledge.  Way to go Kim and Will for setting things up for the family… now on to those 7 bottles of wine and cake


Congrats on 35 and many more years ahead!


One rule after 35 years, no smashing cake in anyone’s face.  A nice evening was had by all.  The beautiful and delicious cake came from the new Whistle Stop Bakery in Minocqua on 70 West


It was also Kate from Ireland’s birthday.  With her phone service not working up here for text messages from her family with brithday wishes, it was nice to have a cake with her 2nd family


The Mosquitos along withe everyone else had a great time…. and the bottom of the 7 bottles of wine was not quite found.  I hear Gloria and Rich are having a wine party later in the week