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It was a warm beautiful late summer afternoon with folks out enjoying the lake



Time to see if the retreiver in Mac likes water.  He is definitely not a jump in the water dog like Poe.  He slowly wades in with encouragement.  The final step off is scary and he balks at it


Ok, not so bad once you are in.  I haves seriously caught the golden ring and have the best home possible, laughing at all my litter mates who jumped beat me out for all those other homes.  Resort dogs life is the way to go!


Warm afternoons and cool nights it has been perfect summer weather with a little rain thrown in here and there.  Even with the rain we have had over a 10 year period we are still down and it will take a few years of above average rain to make up for the lack the last 10 years


Kids have been enjoying the lake


This picture of a ruby throated humming bird at our feeder is for Char the humming bird lady.  Char makes sure each year the humming bird feeders make it up and are taken down


Our poison ivy eradication program has been working and poison ivy has been turning up brown all over the resort


Steve armed for a very special job….


Checking the depth of room left in our drain fields, those on city water and sewer enjoy the fact that you do not have to do this or have any idea what I am talking about.  Life is good when everything is running smoothly


Time for a dead birch to come down.  Craig had a volunteer chainsaw operator Mark.  Mark has spent alot of time with chainsaws carving ice but has never used one for taking down a tree.  From ice sculptures to birch logs.  Question is with Wildflower in the back ground can they manage to take the tree down without hitting anything?  Insurance companies close your eyes, OSCA inspectors stay away


After getting instructions from Craig, Mark makes the first cut.  Important to note, Mark’s father, Ted has moved his car out by the gate far away from the chainsaw action


Nothing like a vacation with a chainsaw


Making the first notch


Slight correction on the aim of the tree


Babe Ruth making the call on where the tree will fall.  Can Mark do it?


Heading to the other end where the come – a – long was set to help pull the tree down.  Mark ratcheted it up.  What a relaxing vacation!




22 hours in a car through 7 states and it was worth it to take down my first tree.  Way to go Mark!  watch out or work out East will have you doing tree falling along with everything else at the motel


Now on to tree number 2 a very dead oak.  Trick is to notch it and pull it up the hill with the come- a -long


Watching Craig tie the top rope on the tree


Mark going for tree number 2


Charles decided to get in on the action as well helping Mark by keeping the come-a-long tight.



Charles and Mark happily looking at 2 trees on the ground and not on either of their cabins.  Way to Go!  Some people choose nice relaxing vacations at the beach, but I think the smiles on Mark and Charles’s face speaks for itself, they had fun taking down trees.  Little do they know that is the easy part now it is time to clean up the mess


We had quite a day at the resort.  Many storms rolling through.  One sent the entire resort into our basement.  When the call came from Craig that there was a hook echo involved in the radar, everyone headed to the basement to ride out the storm.  Craig is a former professor of metorology at Nicholet College so he makes the call when to have everyone in the basement.  If he does not make the call in time, the tornado siren in Hazelhurst gets everyone moving.  Today luckily we had no siren go off, but took precautions anyway.  One way to get to know everyone at the resort is to spend 45 minutes in the basement in close quarters with one bathroom


Al Zeitz showing up quite wet after running down from Holiday in the pouring rain


Someone else who had a run through the resort warning people to head to the basement


Kids having fun with the Star Wars toys could careless if there was a tornado as long as they got to play with ships


Getting comfy, we pulled out the folding beach chairs which still had Lake Superior sand in them


Now this cracked me up, storm raging outside but the Zeitz family was picking up our wireless internet in the basement and staying connected.  They had some game going that could not be stopped storm or no storm

We have one more set of storms on the Minnesota and Wisconsin boarder we shall see if everyone ends up in the basement again tonight.  You know you are a regular at the resort when you have spent a few afternoons hanging out in the basement with the neighbors

Anyone have a favorite storm story from their visits or time spent in the basement with everyone at the resort?


I caught the Johnson family having fun down at the lake this morning.  After the rain of the last few days everyone was ready to hit the lake for some fun in the sun


Kids trying to keep up with the paddleboat but Grandma had the lead in the row boat and was not giving it up easily


While fun was being had in the swimming area, Don Landbo and his son Grant here searching for the “big fish” over by the snag.  This is what escaping to the Northwoods is all about, quiet moments with a fishing pole and your son.  I am sure these will be some of the moments Grant looks back on later in life as his favorite times with Dad on Lower Kaubashine


I transplanted some Anemone a few years ago and it is  nice to see them come into bloom


New flowers I put in this year in bloom.  Can’t remember what they are.. maybe someone out there can identify them for me


A few days of Norway being open and it got 1/2 of its new roof on.  The rest will have to wait til fall.  Craig happily admiring his work.  While up on the roof he found an interesting message left from one of 3 characters under a few layers of old roofing… Bunger, Paul or Kevin…  Our bets are that it was Kevin


Birchwood getting a new coat of paint.  Somewhere I have a picture of Maynard 40 years ago doing this same job


Troy trying to figure out the easiest way to put a new roof on the pagoda at the top of the steps… quite a challenge

In other news I emptied our rain gage since Saturday and we have received about 7 inches of much needed rain.  Everything for once looks a little water logged and the boats are definitely in need of bailing so it is good the kids are in their last day of school today.  Over the weekend we are expecting more rain.  Our lake being spring fed is down a bit but nothing compared to 4 – 5 feet I hear many lakes are down.  A friend of mine is not even putting in their boat on Lake Seventeen due to not being able to dock it at their dock and fears of the rocks and other things that are sticking up in their lake.  The flowages are way down.  So this rain hopefully will help to right the lake levels again


Been a busy few days getting the resort ready no time for pictures or typing.  So enjoy these quick pics I took this morning of a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine



Good news, we were not sure if the big pontoon was going to have a motor this summer.  Our motor gave out and a new one priced in at 5,500 dollars.  With a little shopping around and phone calls a motor was found and the big pontoon will be on the lake in a couple of weeks.