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That time of year again to clean up all the aluminum cans from the resort and take them in for recycling.  We hauled 3 truck loads like this and the question is how many pounds of cans did we collect this year?  5 dollar coupon chip to Hilltop for the closest guesser.  Can Amy Hebert the Eastern mathematician pull it out again and win?  To submit a guess simply send them in as comment to this entry and I will post them all and the winner by 5pm on Saturday.


Ben, Grant and Jake would like to thank everyone that crushed their own cans as they had to crush the remaining ones after picking up garbage.  All the can money heads into their savings accounts for school


A couple of Christmas stockings headed out in the mail to Madison to a blog watcher named Cheryl who has never been to the resort but follows the daily activities on the blog each day.  Always amazes me the people the blog touches and becomes their portal to the northwoods each day.  Hope you enjoy the stockings Cheryl and Dustin and Abby too.  9 more stockings hanging around if anyone else wants to order them before Christmas.  After Christmas I will knit up some more of them for the next year if anyone wants any for wedding or baby gifts


View off the hill this morning.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet



Mac sneaking in the picture.. wondering where all the excitement at the beach has gone.  School started today and he is definitely noticing how quiet the resort and our house is this morning




A sure sign that summer is still hanging on.


A week does not go by that balls are not being caught off the raft


What form!


When in doubt grab a friend (or a cousin) and jump in


Enjoying the waves


Boat wars… who’s boat goes down first?  Only 9 more days til most kids are in school on September 1st.  Time to get in those last days swimming

August 28th we have a bunch of cabins open with a 2 night minimum

Labor Day  2bdr is open til Sunday and we have one cabin left open for the entire weekend


Been a busy few days getting the resort ready no time for pictures or typing.  So enjoy these quick pics I took this morning of a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine



Good news, we were not sure if the big pontoon was going to have a motor this summer.  Our motor gave out and a new one priced in at 5,500 dollars.  With a little shopping around and phone calls a motor was found and the big pontoon will be on the lake in a couple of weeks.