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Temps in the mid 30’s for a couple of days and the guys have abandoned helping me clean cabins for the woodshed.  Steve has turned in his bathroom cleaning bucket for a chainsaw and looks much happier.  Nothing like working in the woodshed with temps in the 30’s and not huge piles of snow.  The snow is doing ok through the warm up so far and has more snow headed our way on Wednesday/Thursday.  Reports from the skiers this weekend were all positive on the Winter Park conditions for striding and skating

Before getting into the big pile of wood it was time to clean up the kindling wood that Steve picked up earlier in the year.  We now have enough kindling for a very long time!

All set up in his new handy dandy high tech wood crib.  This wood crib has cut down on the time to do this job tremendously.  Troy used to run all these boards through a chop saw one at a time doing cuts.  Steve is now through the pile in about 10 minutes

Steam rolling off the saw

Troy crazy enough to get close to Steve and the chain saw.  he was pulling pieces out as they were cut

Engine heating up

Into the final cuts and you can see how well this contraption works

The final cut through the middle

Now looking for some piling volunteers who are at school.  Good after school project.  Next step at the wood shed, trying out the wood crib on the smaller popple logs we had delivered last fall.  Will it be worth it to fill the crib with the logs or is the old method of cutting individually best.  We shall see


Ted and Mark arrived from Virginia for their annual week of woodsplitting in January.  There is just something about spending time together up Nort, that makes these 2 fly half way across the country to help us fill the shed up for summer


Troy trying to keep up with them piling.  Packer play off game this afternoon will bring wood splitting to a early finish today along with the entire state of Wisconsin.  During the Packer game is the best time to go grocery shopping in Minocqua, the aisles and streets are deserted


We had two huge loads of wood delivered to the resort from a local logger.  This logger used a double section truck dropping 14 cords of wood in front of the shed.  Question is can we get the big truck and trailer out of the driveway?


Analyzing the corners of the driveway to judge if the big truck can make the corner out.  A small Red Pine was in the way and Steve took care of it


The guys were doing so well not hitting things.  This tree was taken down at the spur of the moment with no come-a-long used… so what did they hit?


They took out the Office sign


Time to see if the driveway is big enough


Craig making room for the truck to get through by Muskie



Just barely making it around the corner.  Steve prepared to take out another tree if necessary


See ya for the 2nd load


New pile in front of the woodshed.  Question is which is taller the pile or the woodshed.  Steve had to go up on top to check it out.  The woodshed has the pile beat by a few inches


One really big pile of wood.  The 2nd truck load went in a different spot.  I think we have enough wood to keep Ted and Mark busy this winter when they come up to do some wood splitting.  The paper mills in Wisconsin have driven the price of wood up, due to the wet summer there is a shortage of wood at the mills.  This has caused the price of all wood to go up.  We usually buy popple and birch for the cabins to use and keep the oak for our winter wood supply.  All wood is in high demand at the moment and the price for popple and birch is the same as oak.  So next year for the first time, we are filling the resort woodshed with oak.  It burns longer but is a little harder to start.  It will be interesting to see if folks notice the difference and appreciate the good oak or if they want a return to the fast starting and burning popple