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Unless you were a 24 inch fat northern, it was a great weekend to be at the resort.  The fishing was hot.  I have several groups sending me their fishing pictures.  All the fish were headed to the spawning beds from bluegills, bass,  northerns to crappie.  The elusive muskie was not far behind but I did not hear of any caught this weekend.  Everyone fishing went home happy


These guys are some of the happy fishermen who are sending me pictures.  They have been coming to the resort since the early 80’s every May and October.  Happy times with good friends and fish


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Bluegills that swallow the hook become dinner

I found Mike and Ruth enjoying the warm temps and filleting a few fish that could not be released.  Mike had his handy dandy electric knife making quick fillets

Nothing like a electric knife to make life easier in filleting little bluegills

Ruth was doing her part cutting out the stomach and taking off the skin

It takes a steady hand

There is nothing that tastes better than a pan fried bluegill fillet.  Need a lesson in filleting see Mike and Ruth they have a system that works

Steve had an absolute gleam in his eye when he arrived today.  Did you know that mushrooms are out!  Forest guy had spent the last day coming the woods for mushrooms.  Oyster mushrooms to be exact, and expected me to get all excited and serve them for lunch……

They really do look like oysters.  I am still leery of mushrooms from the woods and am not quite prepared to dig in and start munching.  Steve proudly told me part of the way you know is if you see the deer have been munching on them….  not sure I trust this bit of Bambi lore.  He also has a mushroom identification book and inlaws who are mushroom conoseurs

He was also very excited to show me his nursery log where mushrooms are started and more will grow if it is kept watered…  are you detecting my enthusiasm for becoming a back yard mushroom farmer?  Maple syrup does not kill you if you take it from the wrong tree

He is planning on drying them and storing them.  I know he was still working on some of his mushrooms from last year this winter

This picture is for those of you that need to envision yourself fishing on Lower Kaubashine this morning instead of being at work

Coming tomorrow.. my newest thing in beach comfort.. stay tuned I think you will like it

Crappies are biting.  The big ones are coming in to spawn and it is time for some fishin fun

Crappies just kept coming up the hill with everyone.  These were headed right to a fry pan in Shamrock

Some were just arriving.  The Spencer family brings this old Sea King motor that dates back to 1949.  It still runs like a top.  Brings back many memories for everyone about fishing with Grandpa who they lost a few years ago.  Old motors are good things!

This old motor does not use  a gas tank, you unscrew the top and pour the gas into the tank on top of the motor.

Time to go fishing!

Word got out that the carp were easy to catch on Lower Kaubashine.  The great Arbor Vitae fisherman, Brian, stopped in to go for a spin on Lower Kaubashine to see what he could find with his secret carp catching bait

Who knew carp had a taste for the Jolly Green Giant.

Down to the beach armed with a cooler to contain their catch.  Unfortunately they were a little late in the day and the carp were not right in the shoreline spawning where Jake netted them earlier in the day.  So out on the lake the great fishermen had to go.  Only requirement was to let one mom go with who had bought a scoop of crappie minnows, and had not been out fishing yet this year

One Golden Retriever was up for a little redemption in his reputation involving his fear of boats.  He was very interested in watching all the casting off the pontoon boat

Peace and quiet… not a lot of fish but peace and quiet!

Mack learning that hanging on the front of the boat is a neat place to be.  The carp became elusive along with the rest of the fish but everyone including Mack was happy to put their feet up hold a pole in their hands and do nothing but watch the bobber go up and down

You can see Jaws floating in the middle of the swimming area.  Everyone cleared out and took pictures.  Early summer is fun to see the big Muskie’s and other fish come into the shallows to spawn.  This guy has hung out for a few days attracting a few other big ones to come in.  Call him Don Juan of the swimming area

I got close enough to catch this picture.  He was not very intimidated or skittish of people on the dock

As well as Muskie’s we have the carp coming into the boat docks to spawn as well.  Jake netted these two in one scoop.  They are headed to a smoker of his best friend to be smoked before eating

It is not everyday that you can scoop out fish like this right out of the lake, and that is perhaps a good thing or none of the little kids would get in the water


I caught Billy Borger fishing in the lake mists.  Billy has caught at least 2 muskies this week at last count.  This is is favorite time to fish among the mists before anyone is up






See you in June Billy.


I headed down by the road to catch these pics of Doug and Rob fishing on a beautiful night.  Calm lake, cool, but not too cool temps and fish biting


They had just gotten the crappies to start biting when I got down there


Life is good!



Beautiful afternoon and we escaped chores to go out for a little fishing adventure on the pontoon boat


Wanna wow a teenager have them catch a big perch.


The loon had to stop in and check out the fishing as well.   We spotted the new nesting spot of the loons in the back bay.  Loons are great to see everytime except when you are fishing.  Fish head for the hills when the loons come a calling


One really big Crappie.  The spawning season has just started.  This fish was sitting right on a spawning bed waiting to be caught.  This is some of the best fishing in my opinion of the entire year.  Spawning lasts til into the first week of June or so.


We even managed to find a bass.  Going through the channel into the back bay, it was fun to sit on the front of the pontoon and see all the fish swimming around in the shallows.  We spotted everything from Northerns, Bass, and Crappie swimming in front of the boat.  All fish were released not by choice, we had a hole in our live well.  Time to take a trip to Rollie and Helens Muskie Shop for a new live well


Troy and his big catch, disengaging hooks from lily pad roots.


Fun time was had by all including the loons.  Now to find some more time to go fishing instead of cleaning and painting


Ice going out on the edges, lake turning gray… who would possibly want to go out on the lake?  Answer, a certain breed of ice fishermen that love icefishing so much that they take their life in their hands, put on a life vest, spikes on their feet to negotiate the ice and find the one spot on the lake that they can get on.  On Lower Kaubashine the spot to get on is where the snowmobile trail enters the lake.  The snow was compacted there and the ice is thicker at the edges


Open water and who could that be out on the ice?


Hmm I think I recognize those brown Carharts…


Grandpa Gibson’s idea of a perfect Spring Break sitting on the ice and fishing.  He says there are 16 inches of ice in the middle yet.  The 16 inches in the middle are not what worry me it is the 1 inch next to the shoreline that is scary.  This afternoon’s fishing adventure was limited by how far they could get out on the ice.  The top of the ice was very slippery and Grandpa forgot his grippers that go on the bottom of his shoes to negotiate the slippery surface.  He is headed off to Walmart today for a pair of crampons.  The only thing biting in this spot where minnows.  Today he has plans of making it over to his favorite crappie hole in between watching the Highschool Basket Ball and NCAA games.  Right now Troy and Grant are in the lead in our NCAA picks