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The Heiniken guys were here this weekend led by Phil Z, they headed out fishing with Barry Klatt from BK Guide Service who lives on Lower Kaubashine and has fished it his entire life.  They boated 3 really nice muskies this week with the above one being the biggest at 48 inches.  I believe I have seen this monster a few times floating through the swimming area looking for bluegills.  It was released back into Lower Kaubashine to continue to terrorize bluegills

They also boated a 45 inch muskie and I am not sure if this is a picture of the previous fish or the 45

Carefully pulling the next fish out of the net

This 34 incher had seen a few battles recently with others over bluegills

Releasing the fish back into the lake

Hats off to a good day of fishing and a cold Heiniken.  Til Spring.  If you are interested in a guide look Barry up at   It is especially nice if you want to get to know Lower Kaubashine by a local for the hot spots.  Barry also fishes all the other lakes in the area as well

As I have said in other blog entries it is time to go fishin!

I had this crappie picture shared with me from Mike Grady our famous 2011 Ice Out winner.  He caught his biggest crappie above.  Nice fish Mike!  Missing picture is Ruth balancing the net and the camera at the same time.  Thanks for getting the picture Ruth

Yours truly made it out for a short time but could only find the bass.  No crappie this time


There were a few things combined together on this boat trip that usually do not go together.  Wine and fishing but you really should try it before knocking it


One thing we were guaranteed was a beautiful sunset.  I took pics as the sunset changed



Happily the crappies were enjoying the sunset as well


Wine, crappies, pontoon boat, great company and a sunset go together wonderfully.  At 85 degrees and humid it was nice to get out on the lake for the breeze




Poe thinking it is time to put the cork on the wine and head in.  He enjoyed cooling off on the boat as well


This blog entry brought to you by minds of Char and Jenny.  Bon Appetite   Beer drinking fishing guys have nothing on us!