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One of our long time guests Charles Hebert (married to Amy Tempel) has started an online fishing blog and fishing tackle shop on line

Charles has some great stuff in his store and has channeled all his fishing ideas into a blog called The Arm Chair Fisherman.  I figured there were quite a few other arm chair fishermen and women out there who would appreciate Charles’ site and blog.  Congrats to Charles on the site


Some days it is hard to not take a good picture.  This was a perfect afternoon.  Mike Rose had the entire lake to himself and rolled one of our row boats in for a final trip out on Lower Kaubashine to find the fish of 10,000 casts.  With the new snow, calm lake and a boat, it was perfect.  Peace and Quiet.  I told Mike he was going to make everyone sitting at their desks jealous of the time and scenery he got to enjoy on Lower Kaubashine, even though he did not get a Muskie.






So happy I ran home to get the camera I had forgotten to bring along.  This is one of my favorite November Pics

26 inch Northern

26 inch Northern

In between Muskie fishing, Jimmy Cikowski caught these 2 nice fish last weekend.  They were headed straight for the frying pan