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Sporty showing off the latest in chubby beagle wear.  Too chubby to fit into the doggy jackets at the store… have an owner that will make you a custom made knit one to fit the mature beagle.  Notice the fancy cuff around the neck


Wahooo the ease of movement for for the height challenged


Eat your heart out ladies


In other news Holiday has been getting a few updates.  Gone is the 1970’s TV cabinet from Millie’s house and in comes Steve’s deal of the year.  It is a secret where he got it but it was an awesome deal! and so much better than what we had


Owww la la…. I was not sure the big flat screen would fit in the cabinet but it did


Steve was also searching around a few other haunts and came up with this nice card playing table for Holiday.  I am not sure why Holiday never had a table on the porch, it has been the only porch missing a table for years until now


We picked up 2 of these old wicker couches last spring.  They got cleaned and paint job this summer and made a trip to the upholstery lady this fall and have returned.  Holiday is getting a porch make over finally


All day light fluffy snow has been coming down covering the pines


Been a lot of stripping going on around the resort, furniture stripping.  This old cabinet had many layers of white led based paint stuck to it.  After many hours working on it, it still has cracks and crevices to clean out


Sophisticated tools of the trade.


Back to work, it will be fun to see how this cabinet works out.  The final coats of stripper with a tool brush working out the cracks is the tedious part.  Can’t wait to get out the stain and varnish in the end


What cabin is the furniture delivery for…  Last weekend we had someone lite a couch on fire from a candle (you wonder why I do not leave candles in the cabins).  The couch is getting fixed but in the mean time we need a new couch in the system….


Fritz our 2008 Ice Out contest winner could not resist stopping over to try out the new furniture.  His comment is “tell Al I am moving this chair down to the ice by the fishing holes”


Comfy, comfy.. comfy…. who is the new furniture winner…


Matching Couch with 2 reclyners… Can you tell from the background where we are…. and the winner is…..


Yep Restawhile.  Linda’s cabin will be the place to hang out this summer to watch American Idol.  Restawhiles old couch will temporarily be in Shamrock until the couch in Shamrock comes back with a new arm, after that it will be looking for a new home not at Black’s Cliff.  This will change the bed arrangement in Restawhile, it will no longer have a hydabed.  Trading the comfort of a leather reclining couch for a lumpy hydabed I thought was a good change.


Now the question is where did Restawhiles nice  recliner end up….. Can Murry and Tom handle change…..  I remember the last time I changed the recliner in Bayview and Murry went on a search for her old chair .  Note to Linda watch out arrive early on June 26th or Murry may sneak in your cabin and switch out her furniture in Bayview for the leather in Restawhile


I finally managed to catch a pic of the deer herd on Lower Kaubashine at twilight in my neighbors yard.  Where were they during deer season… no idea but I can vouch for the fact that there are plenty of deer on Lower Kaubashine