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It was a day we wait for each spring the same as waiting for the first drips from the maple trees, waiting to see the fish spawning at Cedar Falls.  Just 10 minutes from the resort is Cedar Falls where each spring depending on the water temp you can stop to see fish jumping in the water fall.  In the pic above you can see the fins of the suckers in the middle of the pic

After seeing fins but not much action in the upper falls we headed to the lower falls and when you see folks standing on the rock looking down, you know you hit the right day and there is jumping going on

We always hope to catch the muskie’s and northerns jumping but today we caught the suckers

Fighting there way up the fall

This is better than chasing squirrels!

Turned back

Just don’t ask me to go in that cold water and we are ok,  I just like to watch the fish jump towards me

The river above the lower fall

One of my favorite shots of the day

Never gets old sitting on a warm rock in the spring sun watching fish flip at your feet

View through the water just below the fall in a call eddy.  Fish stacked up.  The water was higher than normal this year.

We are going to try to get out later in the week again to see if we can hit the day the Muskie’s jump the falls


I saw the sunset on the lake was amazing and headed down to the lake to take some pictures of the pink sky.  Little did I know the sunset was taking 2nd fiddle to the fish being caught at the lake.  These 2 were having fun with bluegills or anything else that would bite and enjoying the sunset


Meanwhile Jimmy Cikowski lured this muskie out of the water off Kaubashine’s dock on a surface lure just as I was coming down the steps


Turns out it was a 28 incher with a few scares in its back from fights.  Now Al is afraid Jimmy won’t get in the boat the rest of the week and will just being fishing from the shoreline


Now here would be the picture I originally came to the beach to take


Woke up this morning to condensation on the windows, it went down to 39 degrees last night.  It was a good night for woodstoves and fireplaces.  We have been spoiled the last few Labor Day weekends with temps in the 80’s.  The high on Saturday was 59, but Sunday was improving to 70 degrees


Sun came out early to warm things up


Kayaks were out on the lake early enjoying the sun


Mac found some friends to play with it was doggie wrestling in the cool morning with Carmella and Cooper.


I am loving the resort dogs life


Young pup wearing out the old lady Carmella.  One growl from Carmella has Mac behaving himself


The Oberman family did a take over of the treehouse coming in fully armed to the teeth


Someone forgot to arm the twins Samuel and Adam but I think their relatives are packing enough heat to defend them from a hostile take over


Reach for the Sky or we will shoot


Away from the military take over of the playground, Jackie and Emma were enjoying the sunshine as the afternoon sun heated things up


It was warm enough for an afternoon of skiing fun for the Oberman family, no guns involved


This is the way to enjoy a Labor Day weekend.  Not a care in the world enjoying the last rays of summer