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4th of July week means one thing, time for the 4th of July horseshoe tournament.  Mr Tungett orgainzes it every year on his manila paper and we all show up in the correct spot

Families gather, the younger end of the Tungett family Linda, Dave and Eleanore

Some grab a beer

Some grab a label maker…. Label maker… who has a label maker and why have it on vacation…..

How else would the 2nd place “Note Quite Good Enough” prizes be made..  Everyone should have a label maker on vacation

The pony plaque for everyone that has never won.  Would any names get crossed off in 2011?

One name that we knew would not leave the plaque was Terry, who was in Washington DC visiting his brother.  Better luck next year, Terry and hope you are here to defend your Pony Plaque title as the longest running Hixson to not win the tournament

The prize plaques ready for 2011

In the end it came down to Troy the returning 2010 winner

Troy vs Tom (sometimes also known as Oh No, the god of horseshoes)

Dawn Cass (also known as Ding Dong) who inspired Katie to write a song about her vs

Vs. Kelley the Texas horseshoe power house who threw 2 ringers in the game helping Tom and her pass up Troy and Dawn

Kelly texting her results to the state of Texas.  The roar from Texas could be heard in Wisconsin

With the results in and games played it was time for the ceremony.  It starts with all the kids in the group getting a handfull of official horseshoe dirt (thick clay) from one of the pits at Hilltop

The gathering of the kids, but who do the gather around… the official god of the ceremony is the winner…

Time for “Oh N0” to pass the baton for the ceremony to his lovely assistant “No No”

No No leading the ceremony.  All hands are full of dirt, loaded and ready

This picture angle does not do the ceremony justice but know this, the god No No is being pelted with horse shoe dirt with glee by a bunch of urchins

First the Pony Plaque winners who’s names shall remain on the plaque for another year are recognized.  Katie Black was added to their ranks this year.

Kyle, Gloria, Katie, Will and Chris proud members of the Pony Plaque club minus their leader Terry Hixson

The official 2nd place winners, Troy and Dawn

Can you feel the love they get for 2nd place

Time for Kelly and Tom to accept their championship

No No congratulating his cohort Tom (Oh No) and Kelly from Texas

The 2011 Horseshoe Tournament winners.  Congrats to Kelly and Tom

One last prize to give out.  Oh No’s even lovelier assistant, Oh No’et presented the 2nd place trophies.  Thanks to Oh No’et and the wonderful label maker Kim Flower

What to do after an afternoon of horseshoes?  Time to eat.  Rule is you show up on the playground at 5pm precisely with a dish to pass.  Oh the goodies we had!

It is always hard to get an exact count of the amount of people at the table, but it is a lot of them.  Good food and good company

Mack got his first taste of being a resort dog at a resort picnic Leftovers!!

See everyone in 2012 when we gather again with Mr Tungett, Oh No, No No, Oh No’et and hopefully Terry Hixson as well.  See you then


The 4th of July week means one thing, time for the 15th annual Roy Tungett Horse Shoe Tournament.  10 of the 11 cabins at the resort headed down to Hilltop for Ting Soda, a few beers, pizza and horse shoes


Mr Tungett and the 2010 players.  This year there were 17 teams entered


Newly added this year is The Pony Plaque for those that have never gotten on the winners plaque.  Notice the top of the list is Terry Hixson who has put a lot of effort into winning by distracting other players but has remained a Non winner


Gloria Vs. Linda in a classic game of strategy and gamesmanship.  Each is praying the other wins so that they can sit the rest out and enjoy the tournament from the sidelines


Linda and her partnert came out on top and she is consoling Gloria or is it the other way around…..


The official referee Tom Hixson with his ruler making sure everything is legal


Kate from Ireland showing great form.  She will be going back to the big island a olympic swimmer and horseshoe champion


Rick Agnew getting the best dressed award for putting these color combinations together


In the end it came down to Sarah and her superior bounce technique.  Hit the ground before the pit and bounce the shoe in


Brigid and her sharp eyed marksmanship learned from the streets of South Chicago


Troy and his hometown advantage.  He sneaks down to Hilltop in the offseason and throws shoes when nobody is watching


Finally Tim who was our 2nd place winner last year.  Could he and Sarah pull out an upset over Brigid and Troy?


In the end the great horseshoe god “Oh No” was called upon to once again present the awards


Nobody messes with a Horseshoe god in a US Marine shirt in Chinese


Our 2nd place winners receiving their awards from Dawn who got 2nd place last year with Tim


Sarah will be using her prize to work out all year to get in shape for 2011 tornament


1st place winners Troy and Brigid with “Oh No” enjoying their moment of winning and getting on the plaque again



Congrats to the 2010 winners and a big thanks to Mr Tungett for organizing the festivities again


One last award to give out “The Pony Plaque” to Terry the longest running non winner.  Should we point out he is the only member of the Hixson family on the plaque


Afterward the real party started with Rick and his musical instrument.  Only this instrument would match that outfit


After the tournament at precisely 5:30 everyone shows up on the playground with a dish to pass and their meat cooked.  If you are late you may miss out on the great deserts


Everyone enjoying great friends and a great meal


Voted as the best dish was Dawn’s Ten Layer Jello  Don’t wiggle it too much or the tower falls over


Afterwards the kids favorite time came with Terry giving everyone and Alligator Ride they will not soon forget.  See everyone back in 2011 for the 16th annual Horseshoe Tournament only 51 weeks away and counting