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We had several families up enjoying Thanksgiving at the Cliff.  The Dovre family from Eau Claire enjoyed quiet time with their college age kids in the woods.  After visiting the resort only in the summer and fall months with the rest of the Paulson family it was fun for them to be up here in the snow for Thanksgiving.  They wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving for the rest of the family including Grandma and Grandpa, Wayne and Nancy Paulson


The Kischel’s from Wausau also enjoyed a few quiet days before their kids joined them for a big turkey feast.


Over Thanksgiving the lake opened up a little in places.  I am sure it will be frozen over again before long.


It amazes me all the time how the view so quickly changes at the lake


Mack had one of his first returning friends come back to the resort to play with him.  Daisy and Mack spent a week chasing each other in September and picked right up where they left off.  Daisy is much faster than Mack and smokes him around the yard getting to the stick way ahead of him


He has the weight advantage and if he cuts the corners a bit he can sometimes catch Daisy


Better luck next time Mac, she beat you again


One very frozen over lake.  It may just stay this way til spring




You may think this is a picture of a dog but it is actually of a chicken who does not want anything to do with a frozen lake.  It may take til January to get him to put a paw on the lake.  I do not have my doggy barometer this year to tell me when the ice is safe.  I knew it was safe after Poe investigated it and would either step out on the ice or back up.  Mack is not interested in doing any investigation.  Maybe when he gets older and wiser and plucks a few chicken feathers out of his coat he will be able to make his own judgements.  Til then he can roost in his nest at the perch with the look of “No way in ____ am I coming down to that strange stiff water…  I am a water dog not a skating dog… bring back the normal water”

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I do believe it is time to take out the last boat.  Woke up to ice creeping across the lake.



Mack trying to figure out what happened to the water.  I do not think he will be heading out on the lake anytime soon

Can Contest.  We only had one entry from Chuck and so he is the winner.  The actual poundage was 994, Chuck would have been dead on for one truck load but we did 3 of them averaging over 300 pounds  a load.   Congrats Chuck!


Ski shack got demolished.  After sitting for a year with none of us sure what to do with it after Craig smashed it with a tree, it was taken down.   Steve  has some new ideas for it


Only thing left was the floor boards.  What will go up in its place… stay tuned Steve is feeling creative.  It will not be exactly what was there I will say that


Cliff took another beating with the 60 degree temps.  His lean is getting more and more