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Today is March 1st and that means one thing….. Cliff has come out of the basement for Ice Out 2013.  Out of the closet… out of the basement there is a joke in there somewhere but it is not coming to me

Cliff has taken up his post about 100 feet from shore of Lower Kaubashine.  Guess what day  and TIME he will sink into the depths of Lower Kaubashine.  Send your guess along with your name and address and 5 dollars to Ice Out 2013 C/O Black’s Cliff Resort PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531  The person with the closest day and time will be the winner and win 1/2 of the pot.  I will have a few consolation prizes as well but I will leave those for a surprise for the others that pick the same day but not the closest time.  You guess must be in my mail box by March 10th so get them in the mail today!!!

The remaining half of the cash pot will be donated to the Lakeland Food Pantry this year.  It is a tough year for a lot of folks in the country and we thought it was a good year to put the Ice Out proceeds towards the Food Pantry

So join us once again this spring to watch the lake melt away and watch Cliff take the icy plunge into Lower Kaubashine

Get your guesses in and tune in to see when he sinks

March is here and our old buddy Cliff decided it was time to peak out of the basement and see if it was warm enough to come out.  After last weeks storm he was in no hurry to get out of the basement (and Jenny spent 3 days at a Muskie Expo show this weekend and possibly did not have time to encourage him to make an apperance)  Which ever story you choose to believe, it is time for Ice Out 2012 to start.  I know many have been waiting on pins and needles to get their guesses in as to when Cliff will sink into the depths of Lower Kaubashine

Cliff took up his usual spot about 50 feet from shore.  Same rules as always

1.  Send in the date you pick that Cliff will sink into Lower Kauabashine along with 5 dollars per guess to Black’s Cliff Ice Out Contest  PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531

2.  Half of the money collected will go into the pot to be split with the winners and half will go to charity.  As usual the Northwoods Wildlife hospital is always one of Cliff’s favorite spots to give a little

3.  Troy and Jenny will be the judges as to which day he sinks.  If he sinks after sunset and Troy and Jenny do not spot him til the next day, due to the fact that they are not going to sleep down at the lake with spot lights on Cliff, his sinking will be credited to the following day.

4.  All guesses must be in our mail box by March 20th

Let the games begin!

It is a lonely vigil and if anyone wants to come visit the poor guy please stop in and take a picture with him.  I hear the Schmelzer and Moore families will be some of the first to stop in.  Cliff is ready for any surprises they may bring

It was time to hand out the Ice Out Contest cash to the big winner Mike Grady who was staying in Eagles Nest this weekend.  Cliff stopped in, to peep in Mike and Ruth’s windows and scare them but they were not around.  Without a pen and paper to write a note, what better way to leave a note but in the sand

It was not too long before Mike stopped over after fishing to get congrats from Cliff.

Mike had to console Carmella who he beat out by just a few days.  Doggie snacks anyone

Our Ice out 2011 winner is Mike Grady who picked today April 19th as his day for Cliff to plunge into Lower Kaubashine.  Mike was a 2nd place winner a few years ago getting his 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar in a previous contest.  Congrats to Mike and also to Ruth where ever she is…

We looked over the hill to see Cliff this afternoon floating away

Troy pulling him in as usual.  We are missing his chair somewhere and will have to do a dive for it when it is warmer

Cliff coming into dry dock to drip dry.  Tomorrow he will have snow piled on top of him

We have a tie for 2nd place and it made me happy to dig in my files and come up with another interesting picture of Linda Hoadley.  Linda had April 20th picked and will receive a 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar along with…

Danny Ross who is on the right side of the picture who never gets excited about winning anything.  He will have to have Grandma Char take him to the bar because he is not 21 yet and will have to stick to Root Beer for his 2nd place win.

Thanks to everyone for following along this spring… Until Ice Out 2012 Cliff goes back into the closet to come out for special occasions… Like a trip to Hilltop for a drink with LInda with her winnings

I noticed a strange amount of smoke coming from Birchwood..  I have given the guys a green light to start working on their remodeling project and then I see smoke coming from the chimney….  I was almost afraid to step in the cabin to see what they were up to

Before stepping in the cabin I took this picture of the new snow in the trees.  I think our maple syrup tapping may take til atleast the weekend or beyond to start the sap flowing.  We have another storm coming through Wednesday

Once in the cabin I found evidence of their destruction.  What would Craig or better yet Maynard say to burning this beautiful 1970’s paneling.

I got in the cabin just in time to catch Steve with the crowbar

Troy was already cleaning up Steve’s path of destruction.  This bedroom is finally getting matching cedar paneling that goes with the other bedroom.  We have had this project on the list for a few years.  New carpeting and maybe a new ceiling too as they decide how far to go.  Somehow projects like these get bigger the farther they get into it

The trail they leave behind

Stepped over to Wigwam to see how close they were to be done there.  New linoleum will have to be put in the bathroom at least.. will that carry over into the entire cabin?  I have no idea I just take the pictures

New bigger shower installed.  I think there are a few ladies out there cheering

Imagine being able to sit and shave your legs at Black’s Cliff.. no need to contort your body for the sake of smooth legs at the beach this summer

The new walls back up in the bedroom matching the old walls pretty good.  Little less space for the dresser but I think it was worth it

Down at the lake, the new snow was starting to bury Cliff.  No melting yet.  So far we have 15 entries in the Ice Out Contest.  Get your guesses in before March 14th

Will these boats be covered in snow tomorrow

The raft unburied for now

You got to love the puppy in Mack.  He undug the rope to the sled to drag it around the yard

Love to know what is going on in that head of his

I stepped back over to Wigwam to see how the shower was coming.  Apparently they are at a stopping spot for the moment til the walls get stained and varnished.  They got their first coat today

Yep we got a little bit of snow yesterday and getting a little bit more today.  It should be enough to get the Lakeland Loppet race off at Winter Park this weekend

Who signed me up for this contest?

Cliff looking relaxed and ready to take on whatever March throws at him.  Even took off his hat in protest to the small amount of snow Mother Nature threw his way

Still trying to figure out this strange guy sitting on the lake

In other news Wigwam’s shower moves along

Splash board going into place

Ice Out 2011 is here.  Cliff has returned to the ice.  Once again guesses must be in my mail box by March 14th with 5 dollars.  Guess the correct day that Cliff will sink in the depths of Lower Kaubashine.  Half of the pot will go to the winner or winners to split and the other half will once again be donated to The Northwoods Wildlife Hospital  Send your guesses with your money to Ice Out 2011 C/O Black’s Cliff PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531.  Let the fun begin!

Mack had not met Cliff yet and was a little freaked out by the strange guy out on the ice who was missing his head

Circling around to the other side of the headless guy on ice

Never seen anything like this before

Definitely a stinky guy after being in the closet for a year

Cliff sporting a new look in a matching vest this year.  We put away the purple one he has worn the last few years

Enjoying the late afternoon sun on Lower Kaubashine

Do I get a guess too because I am ready for my swimming hole to return!  Get your guesses in


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Ruby has to be one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  She has personality coming out of her ears.  Her owners Ben and Deb think that her ears might be the trick to pick up the wireless internet into Muskie Inn.  Their friend Mike is convinced that when Ruby sits in his lap and is closer to the computer he is able to pick up the wireless signal better at Muskie’s kitchen table


Ruby doing her favorite activity, chasing the frisbee (better known as the F word in Muskie).  If you mention the F word in a sentence and she hears it with her bat ears you had better be prepared to go outside for 10 minutes with the purple disk (which is what I called it instead of the F word)


Loving the life of a dog.  I wish life was this simple and joyful for everyone


Ruby’s owner, Ben, getting some much needed therapy on ice.  Nothing is better for Ben’s soul than a few hours spent like this on Lower Kauabashine.


Sun trying to break through the clouds on the last day of February.  Tomorrow tune back in for Cliff’s return to the ice for Ice Out 2010