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With warmer temps and rain projected this weekend Troy thought it was time to make Cliff a little safer on the ice.

Time to give the guy a life line and tie him in for his big plunge into Lower Kaubashine

See ya when you are floating

I just get used to ice being over my swimming hole and now I am not sure what in the world is going on….


Time to get the last docks out of the water.  3 heads together came up with a way of doing the big blue dock that did not involve wadders.  Would anyone get wet?


Craig ready for the endeavor with his winter hat from McDonalds that he has had for years


Steve chose the more relaxed and cooler tie-die look with short sleeves.  One in a winter hat and another in short sleeves…  Troy was the middle man in a sweatshirt and laughing at the other 2


Tying up the ropes and taking out a few bolts by boat.


Heave Hooooo…


Hey it worked and we are all dry


This is all that is left of the dock, room enough for one person and the table…


They left taking out the docks to digging strange holes around Shamrock and Kaubashine in preparation for dirt flying next week


Searching…. Searching….. like a needle in a haystack…  Where did Maynard put those dang lines….


Walked down to the lake to catch the lake mists this morning.  Enjoy the pictures





I like the reflection of the clouds in the lake with the mists



I took this same picture yesterday and the change in the scenery with the leaves is amazing



More pictures like these to come as the lake slowly cools off from summer


A sure sign that summer is still hanging on.


A week does not go by that balls are not being caught off the raft


What form!


When in doubt grab a friend (or a cousin) and jump in


Enjoying the waves


Boat wars… who’s boat goes down first?  Only 9 more days til most kids are in school on September 1st.  Time to get in those last days swimming

August 28th we have a bunch of cabins open with a 2 night minimum

Labor Day  2bdr is open til Sunday and we have one cabin left open for the entire weekend


Had to make a quick stop at the Bearskin trail in Minocqua.  We have set 6 geocaches along the trail and one of them had gone missing.  So I chose this cold foggy morning to stop to replace it and shoot some fun pics of a different lake for a change for the blog.  The tressel bridge is always fun to take pictures of and the fog added to it.  Very Halloween feeling.  The trail lady was not there to take money it was eerily quiet


Frost on the bridge from the fog rolling across it



Just passed the bridge I found a spot to leave the cache.  If you are in the area and want to find this one and the other 6 between Minocqua and Hazelhurst along the trail go to and look for Going on a Bear Hunt 1 – 6 they all give clues to the final cache at the Bear’s Pot of Gold.  Enter Minocqua’s zipcode 54548 we have 20 caches hidden through out the Minocqua and Hazelhurst Area


View down the trail in the fog and late fall leaves.  I know most folks love to walk or bike the trail in the summer, but to me this is the best time to be on the trail, quiet and great views


On the way back I shot this pic of The Thirsty Whale in the mist.  Looking off the otherside of the bridge the fog was too thick for a good pic.