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After a long few weeks of getting the resort ready we were tired on Friday and Katie stopped by catching us relaxing.  She made some comment about when she was a kid there was no standing around……



It was time to go down the road to Hilltop for the first Kaubashine Cooler of the summer with Mary Ellen.  Love Kaubashine Coolers!  Perfect end of the week



Lots of folks at the resort this weekend hanging out with family and playing more soccer  with their grandson than knee says he should.  Fun times bad knee and all



Lots of fishing in kayaks



Some sock making on the deck



Back to work tightening up a clamp on the dock at 6pm.  Just what the boys wanted to do Saturday night.  Lots of complaints of the water temp and the need to do homework instead of being in the lake



Pontoon boat got cleaned and almost ready to get in the lake.  Early Memorial and late snow caused them to not making it in, in time for the weekend



Had to finish up the weekend with a trip to the Black Bear Bar on Hwy 70 for one of their famous pizzas



I did not know it but they have fish fry every day not just Fridays.



Famous pizza menu



The pizza did not disappoint and was a nice end of the weekend.  Back to work Monday cleaning cabins and getting those darn pontoon boats in the water finally.

The leaves in the area are just starting to pop out.  The vivid green of new leaves is a color that is hard to capture but easy to remember

I took all of these tree pics down where the road meets the water.  The first picture was taken looking over at Blackwood, Craig 2bdr rental

Spring is here to stay

And we know spring is here to stay because the John Deere Paint is out

Oars first on the list followed by beach chairs

The guys showing off their latest project over at Bear Den.  It would be nice if all the steps were like these and lets just say Steve has plans..  what plans get accomplished in the time allowed.. well that is a question

Yep a definite improvement.  Much better than cement blocks that were there.  They also straightened the cement wall and put a new cap on it.

What will today bring…. Steve was loose with the resort credit card at Aqua Land piers

This blog is about what is going on at the resort, and a the moment a large frozen chunk of water is what is keeping everyone entertained so you get one more day of pictures of skating across the lake.  This time the wind was whipping the snow across the lake.  Snow berms were starting to form which makes ice skating out in the open off the rink harder.  Can you feel the wind and cold from this picture?  It almost looks like a different planet

Mack was enjoying the fact that he had traction in the snow, we were not enjoying skating through the snow piles

Eventually chicken little got some guts and took off ahead.  We were headed over to where the road meets the lake where we heard Steve was ice fishing and skating

We found Steve with his father inlaw catching Northern

The wind was whipping so much that we tried some para sailing (skating)

One of the tools of every icefisherman

Using the cooler to prop up the pole.  Can’t do this regular fishing

Bobber bobbing away in the hole

Could not ask for a more beautiful day to be out on the lake

Time to start heading back through the snow piles

Good Luck fishing Mike!

Passing by one of Mike’s tip ups.  Steve had a path worn from their fishing hole to the tip up for him to check

One of my favorite pics of the day with the wind whipping across the lake

Time to head back home, ankles are sore and I have had enough of negotiating through snow piles.  Kids were half a lake ahead of me watching mom  make it back carefully before they started their hockey game, surprised mom just wanted to sit and watch this time

Sunset on a snowy icy Lower Kaubashine

With the cold hitting, it has been time to work inside on the cabins and do a little shopping.  Ugly lamps or lamp shades have been on the top of the list of things worked on this year.  I found these neat Lake Superior Rock and driftwood lamps at a local craft show.  The crafter that sells them is also at the Saint Germaine Flea market in the summer if you are looking for something unique.  The crafters are out of Mercer.  So far I have added 4 of these lamps in Restawhile and Bayview.  In adding local crafts and art in the cabins has been a goal of mine in the last 2 years and I think it has added something.  I also know that everything I have added was Made in the USA!  Yeah!

Stopped in, to see how the progress was going on Red Pine’s bathroom.   There are still a few holes in the walls

But it is coming together with walls going up.  New floor I hear is next on the agenda.  I am so going to miss the avacado tile…….  really LOL

Came down to the lake this morning to find it frozen over for the first time

Stepping out on the raft sent waves through the ice.  Insert the sounds of groaning and cracking at this point

For now without snow it is a clear view through the ice at the shallows

The Heiniken guys were here this weekend led by Phil Z, they headed out fishing with Barry Klatt from BK Guide Service who lives on Lower Kaubashine and has fished it his entire life.  They boated 3 really nice muskies this week with the above one being the biggest at 48 inches.  I believe I have seen this monster a few times floating through the swimming area looking for bluegills.  It was released back into Lower Kaubashine to continue to terrorize bluegills

They also boated a 45 inch muskie and I am not sure if this is a picture of the previous fish or the 45

Carefully pulling the next fish out of the net

This 34 incher had seen a few battles recently with others over bluegills

Releasing the fish back into the lake

Hats off to a good day of fishing and a cold Heiniken.  Til Spring.  If you are interested in a guide look Barry up at   It is especially nice if you want to get to know Lower Kaubashine by a local for the hot spots.  Barry also fishes all the other lakes in the area as well

With rain in the forecast the next couple of days, the guys thought it was time to take out a few extra boats and save on bailing.  Steve was corralling a flotilla to head down to Hilltop to be taken out

Heading out

How do you pull into Hilltop’s docks with this many boats in tow…  Steve’s secret

With the light steady rain I almost did not take anymore pictures today, but with the colors coming out I decided to take a walk around the resort.  The rainy conditions bring out the bright colors

It is interesting to see the color bleeding into the leaves

wind and rain blowing the leaves off the hill

I love the contrast of the evergreens with the color

More to come as soon as the sun comes out

4th of July week means one thing, time for the 4th of July horseshoe tournament.  Mr Tungett orgainzes it every year on his manila paper and we all show up in the correct spot

Families gather, the younger end of the Tungett family Linda, Dave and Eleanore

Some grab a beer

Some grab a label maker…. Label maker… who has a label maker and why have it on vacation…..

How else would the 2nd place “Note Quite Good Enough” prizes be made..  Everyone should have a label maker on vacation

The pony plaque for everyone that has never won.  Would any names get crossed off in 2011?

One name that we knew would not leave the plaque was Terry, who was in Washington DC visiting his brother.  Better luck next year, Terry and hope you are here to defend your Pony Plaque title as the longest running Hixson to not win the tournament

The prize plaques ready for 2011

In the end it came down to Troy the returning 2010 winner

Troy vs Tom (sometimes also known as Oh No, the god of horseshoes)

Dawn Cass (also known as Ding Dong) who inspired Katie to write a song about her vs

Vs. Kelley the Texas horseshoe power house who threw 2 ringers in the game helping Tom and her pass up Troy and Dawn

Kelly texting her results to the state of Texas.  The roar from Texas could be heard in Wisconsin

With the results in and games played it was time for the ceremony.  It starts with all the kids in the group getting a handfull of official horseshoe dirt (thick clay) from one of the pits at Hilltop

The gathering of the kids, but who do the gather around… the official god of the ceremony is the winner…

Time for “Oh N0” to pass the baton for the ceremony to his lovely assistant “No No”

No No leading the ceremony.  All hands are full of dirt, loaded and ready

This picture angle does not do the ceremony justice but know this, the god No No is being pelted with horse shoe dirt with glee by a bunch of urchins

First the Pony Plaque winners who’s names shall remain on the plaque for another year are recognized.  Katie Black was added to their ranks this year.

Kyle, Gloria, Katie, Will and Chris proud members of the Pony Plaque club minus their leader Terry Hixson

The official 2nd place winners, Troy and Dawn

Can you feel the love they get for 2nd place

Time for Kelly and Tom to accept their championship

No No congratulating his cohort Tom (Oh No) and Kelly from Texas

The 2011 Horseshoe Tournament winners.  Congrats to Kelly and Tom

One last prize to give out.  Oh No’s even lovelier assistant, Oh No’et presented the 2nd place trophies.  Thanks to Oh No’et and the wonderful label maker Kim Flower

What to do after an afternoon of horseshoes?  Time to eat.  Rule is you show up on the playground at 5pm precisely with a dish to pass.  Oh the goodies we had!

It is always hard to get an exact count of the amount of people at the table, but it is a lot of them.  Good food and good company

Mack got his first taste of being a resort dog at a resort picnic Leftovers!!

See everyone in 2012 when we gather again with Mr Tungett, Oh No, No No, Oh No’et and hopefully Terry Hixson as well.  See you then

As I have said in other blog entries it is time to go fishin!

I had this crappie picture shared with me from Mike Grady our famous 2011 Ice Out winner.  He caught his biggest crappie above.  Nice fish Mike!  Missing picture is Ruth balancing the net and the camera at the same time.  Thanks for getting the picture Ruth

Yours truly made it out for a short time but could only find the bass.  No crappie this time

Crappies are biting.  The big ones are coming in to spawn and it is time for some fishin fun

Crappies just kept coming up the hill with everyone.  These were headed right to a fry pan in Shamrock

Some were just arriving.  The Spencer family brings this old Sea King motor that dates back to 1949.  It still runs like a top.  Brings back many memories for everyone about fishing with Grandpa who they lost a few years ago.  Old motors are good things!

This old motor does not use  a gas tank, you unscrew the top and pour the gas into the tank on top of the motor.

Time to go fishing!