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Quick trip to Menards in Rhinelander the other day and could not resist picking up a couple of new kids swings

Especially with a little 2 year old named Bella who was more than happy to try them out

Getting a lift from Dad


They do not go as high as the extra special tree swing she has at home but they were pretty cool in her book

Yep do it again and again and again dad

Time to try out the big kid swing as well

Yep I like these swings almost as much as I like my cousins guinea pigs

The rain has come and that means I can put my paint brush down and do some blogging which has not been done the last few days.  The 2 weeks before Memorial Day Weekend are some of our busiest of the year getting things ready to go

The rain has sprouted up the Lily’s of the Valley

Ferns as well have been filling in the bare areas

Even with the rain the fishermen have been hitting the lake in the boats.  I have heard the bass are biting and bluegills are prolific.  Crappies have just started to come into the spawning beds

Before the rain Steve managed to get the raft painted and ready to head out next week

Before the raft goes out I hear Monday the white docks is going in along with the end of the big blue dock.  That ought to make the sunbathing ladies happy

I took this picture on Friday before it rained of Steve getting the beach chairs painted.  I counted and we are now up to 28 of them in all different styles and sizes.

The sun has come out finally after what felt like 40 days and 40 nights of rain

The customary picture of the tree snag and tree reflections on a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine

One last remaining oak leaf holding on over the water

I know yesterday I said I was not bringing out the camera until the sun came out… well I lied…  Guys were busy in the snow showers working on the Shamrock landscaping project.  Steve widening the steps and fixing the wall that got destroyed when the new septic and drain field went in last fall

Getting the old wall reset.

Find any old beer cans?  Troy trying to keep things straight

More and more rock.  We were the only ones visiting the rock yard in the snow at Winger Concrete

Trying to make a level surface for the picnic table and chairs that have never been level over by Shamrock

Reinforcing the wall hoping it will not move.  Mack wondering if I am done so he can go back and dry off by the woodstove and singe a few hairs

What do they do with the rocks… to be continued on a nicer day


I remembered my telephoto today to take a picture of Cliff sliding into the Lake.  The day he sinks is getting closer and closer

Getting ready for summer use of the porches we had these 2 canvases redone.  They last for 30 – 40 years and it was time these 2 were replaced at Shamrock.  We have them specially made at Custom Cover’s and Awnings in Woodruff.  They do great work if anyone is looking for some for their own porches.

We boiled down our 2nd batch of syrup.   This batch turned our much darker than the first one.  No idea why.  We learned with this batch to filter it more often through the cheese cloth so the end result had much less foreign objects in it.  I say they just add to the texture and enjoyment, but Troy was more than happy to see less small floating things in the syrup.  To can them we simply put the heated syrup int he jars, boiled the lids and put them on.  They sealed themselves as they cooled off

Cliff was not looking to excited when we pulled in the driveway.  If anything he looks slightly depressed at how spring is turning out so far.  Tomorrow we have 13 inches of snow in the forecast.  Will the Northern schools finally call a snow day on Wednesday or atleast cancel track practice?

The edges of the lake were showing some signs of melting but not much

As usual someone else found scratchy ice too much of a temptation to resist a good roll and back scratch.  No quavering so far on heading out on the ice

I think I am ready to see water instead of ice around the docks

There is a lot of ice out there for now.  We saw a truck still out on Lake Katherine on our way into town yesterday

Most of the snow is now gone from the ground

We found our maple sap bags fuller than when we left.  It has been a slow season so far for maple syrup.  We need temps in the 40 – 50’s and nights to go below freezing.  The forecast of the rest of the week is not going to help get it flowing.  13 inches of snow and temps with highs of 33 all week.  I think we are going back to spring break

Coming next…  What was Steve up to while we were gone… and publishing the official ice out list (as soon as I go through 6 days worth of mail)

Hey those guys sitting on buckets are back.

Ice fishermen dress in all sorts of garb.  I asked what was with the bright colors and he said it was so his wife could spot him out on the lake

Sun peaking through.  The snow total for later today and tomorrow has been adjusted to 5 inches.  Come on Mother Nature if we are going to have winter hang on you can do better than that!  Later in the week they have more snow projected as well

In the meantime it is perfect for icefishing!  Cody has it right with the chair

With the bite to the wind he had the right hat on for the day.  His “Up Nort” hat

Fritz looked frozen to his bucket with his ear flaps up protecting his ears from the wind.

After being out on the snapping crackling lake for a few minutes, Mack decided his fight or flight instincts were in full gear and retreated to a much safer dock.

When I called his name this was his response.  Turn his head away and sit down.  Memories of trying to get him out on the lake in December were returning

Just as I was about to leave Kip pulled out this nice fat Perch


Apparently on the way back, Mack made a decision that as long as the ice was snow covered it was safe in his book



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Sunrise this morning.  These are raw pictures with no editing or color manipulation.  It was that pretty of a sunrise.  All taken with my point and shoot Cannon as I wait for the UPS truck to appear in the driveway with my good camera repaired again.  The little point and shoot did pretty good this morning

I see the 2012 calendar picture

Nothing like a good back scratch at sunrise in the middle of the lake


Somewhere under that pile is the raft


Boats definitely looking cold


Point in the light snow coming down


Pontoon boat dock just sticking out of the snow.  Wonder how much damage it will go through during ice out or will it be an easy year.  Cliff goes back to the ice March 1st so start thinking about the day you are going to pick for Ice Out 2011


Who’s dog is that 1/2 way across the lake?


Looks familar


Time to go sit by the woodstove and melt off my snow beard.



I borrowed one of my new neighbors driveways to get a different picture of the lake today.  We have had rain for 24 hours and the snow got pretty much wiped out the ice is hanging in there but getting thin.  It is supposed to start snowing again today and temps are headed back down to highs in the 20’s so I am sure things will stay frozen up


Thanks neighbor for the use of the driveway


Someone desperate for snowmobiling has taken their sled on their first joy ride down the road.  I am sure they will be putting it away til more snow comes


Looking like spring around the resort but it will not last long


We had several families up enjoying Thanksgiving at the Cliff.  The Dovre family from Eau Claire enjoyed quiet time with their college age kids in the woods.  After visiting the resort only in the summer and fall months with the rest of the Paulson family it was fun for them to be up here in the snow for Thanksgiving.  They wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving for the rest of the family including Grandma and Grandpa, Wayne and Nancy Paulson


The Kischel’s from Wausau also enjoyed a few quiet days before their kids joined them for a big turkey feast.


Over Thanksgiving the lake opened up a little in places.  I am sure it will be frozen over again before long.


It amazes me all the time how the view so quickly changes at the lake


Mack had one of his first returning friends come back to the resort to play with him.  Daisy and Mack spent a week chasing each other in September and picked right up where they left off.  Daisy is much faster than Mack and smokes him around the yard getting to the stick way ahead of him


He has the weight advantage and if he cuts the corners a bit he can sometimes catch Daisy


Better luck next time Mac, she beat you again