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Signs of winter.  The boats are all cleaned and stacked

Screened doors taken off and stored for winter.  The bang of the doors will not be heard til May

Finally time for small fix it projects, lampshade repaired from Muskie Inn.  No more dangling trim piece that I have told myself for 3 months to fix

Small projects to big ones.  Red Pines downstairs bathroom destroyed.  What size shower… where are the shelves going…. stay tuned..  all I will say is that the avocado green is gone.  All signs that winter is on its way


I start to wonder if I can manage to come up with knew interesting leaf pictures, but walking around the resort everyday the leaves change along with the lighting and you see something new to take a picture of.  All these pictures were taken between 4 and 5pm when the lightening gets softer from the glare during the middle of the day



Complete peace of mind



The constantly changing snag.  It never looks exactly the same and always worth a photo





Birchwood showing color in the late afternoon sun