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Our Ice out 2011 winner is Mike Grady who picked today April 19th as his day for Cliff to plunge into Lower Kaubashine.  Mike was a 2nd place winner a few years ago getting his 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar in a previous contest.  Congrats to Mike and also to Ruth where ever she is…

We looked over the hill to see Cliff this afternoon floating away

Troy pulling him in as usual.  We are missing his chair somewhere and will have to do a dive for it when it is warmer

Cliff coming into dry dock to drip dry.  Tomorrow he will have snow piled on top of him

We have a tie for 2nd place and it made me happy to dig in my files and come up with another interesting picture of Linda Hoadley.  Linda had April 20th picked and will receive a 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar along with…

Danny Ross who is on the right side of the picture who never gets excited about winning anything.  He will have to have Grandma Char take him to the bar because he is not 21 yet and will have to stick to Root Beer for his 2nd place win.

Thanks to everyone for following along this spring… Until Ice Out 2012 Cliff goes back into the closet to come out for special occasions… Like a trip to Hilltop for a drink with LInda with her winnings


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Sunrise this morning.  These are raw pictures with no editing or color manipulation.  It was that pretty of a sunrise.  All taken with my point and shoot Cannon as I wait for the UPS truck to appear in the driveway with my good camera repaired again.  The little point and shoot did pretty good this morning

I see the 2012 calendar picture

Nothing like a good back scratch at sunrise in the middle of the lake


View off the hill this morning.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet



Mac sneaking in the picture.. wondering where all the excitement at the beach has gone.  School started today and he is definitely noticing how quiet the resort and our house is this morning




Life been a little chaotic lately?  Enjoy these quiet pics taken on Lower Kaubashine this evening.  Beautiful calm night





Morning mists are back.  I broke out my telephoto lens to experiment this morning.  I have bought the ESO Cannon Book for Dummies and plan on experimenting more as I try to learn the ISO and aperture.  Some people can off the top of their heads explain the 2 things in some other language that the rest of us do not understand.  I am going to see if this book helps




I liked this pic with the telephoto



I am loving this new camera.  It is catching the colors and clarity much better.  I have to pick up the Telophoto lens yet and those pics will be good as well next week.



The contrast in colors at the lake at sunset was a sight to see


Some days it is hard to not take a good picture.  This was a perfect afternoon.  Mike Rose had the entire lake to himself and rolled one of our row boats in for a final trip out on Lower Kaubashine to find the fish of 10,000 casts.  With the new snow, calm lake and a boat, it was perfect.  Peace and Quiet.  I told Mike he was going to make everyone sitting at their desks jealous of the time and scenery he got to enjoy on Lower Kaubashine, even though he did not get a Muskie.






So happy I ran home to get the camera I had forgotten to bring along.  This is one of my favorite November Pics


Sunrise this morning.  The sun was spotted for just a couple of brilliant minutes.  The coloring of it was amazing


Heading down to the lake the sun was still caught behind the trees


The last that was seen of the sun

Coming tomorrow, Troy’s battle with the squirrels


It was a duck gathering on Lower Kaubashine this morning.  I spotted these and about 30 others gathering a still Lower Kaubashine this morning.  I know there is a duck guru out there that knows what kind they are.  Without looking them up I believe they are Merganzers?


They were all camera shy and took off to the other side of the lake.  You can see in this pic how still the lake was


Everything out and lake shore ready for winter


My favorite shot of the snag showing bare trees and quiet late fall on Lower Kaubashine

I am starting to put together the 2010 calendar they are going to be 20 a piece.  If you are interested send me an email at with how many you would like so I get an idea of how many I am ordering.  I hope to put them in the mail after Thanksgiving or the 1st week in December so they will be in plenty of time for being under the tree



Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy Lower Kaubashine in the fog this morning.  The lighting was amazing as the sun was peaking through.  I was racing home from the grocery store looking at Lake Minocqua in the fog to get to my camera and Lower Kaubashine.  I took some with the raft in the pic and some with it out.  Enjoy