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Grab your cup of coffee and enjoy a few moments on Lower Kaubashine




All the pictures today came compliments of Al, Roberta, Jimmy Cikowski and of course Fritz.  The best pics of their week Muskie Fishing on Lower Kaubashine in Kaubashine


They caught the loon in mid fall plumage loosing its bright colors and heading to the boring gray they were on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico


Usually these guys have no problem boarding a few muskies during their week, but this year was slow.  The lake temps were 70 during the day and 63 at night.  They had a few roll next to the boat but were only able to board this 32 inch Muskie.  It got Jimmy on Hilltop’s Muskie board, so he was happy.  The warm weather this week definitly had the muskies lounging and not biting.  Cold temps this week should get them biting again


Hmm… any guesses as to their favorite fishing spot….  See you for Thankgiving and Ice Fishing this winter

loons 2

Back in August during the infamous Black’s Cliff vs. Hilltop tournament, I ran into Vince Ophus from Hilltop who told me he had caught our gang of loons on the lake in some pics.  Vince promised to send them to me by email to share and he just got them into my inbox this week.  So enjoy these pics from Vince for a month ago of the juvenille deliquent loons in their rebel posse invading the lake

loons 3

loon photo

Vince also included the great pic of the eagle he got and the sunset on Lower Kaubashine

eagle on tree


Thanks Vince see you next August, bring your best game and whatever outfits you guys come up with in 2010


I heard a rumor about a lite bobber for night time fishing was being experimented with by the Adamtietz crew.  Here are the results of the experiment.  The bottom crappie is quite a fish.  I forgot to ask how big it was

I hope I am not boring everyone with misty lake pics but tis the season and can’t pass up heading to the lake each morning






These were all taken from Kaubashine’s dock.  Only thing that would have made it prettier is if there was color in the trees, which is right around the corner

Copy of DSC00018
Why is the beginning of the cross country season at the highschool an important thing for the Birchbark blog? It means that I am up early to get get a child to practice and early morning pictures will be coming with fog and frogs.  This frog seemed to be loving posing for me this morning

This is my screen saver at the moment on my computer. Pic came out nice
Lower Kaubashine on the first morning of 7:30am practices more to come with the mists of Lower Kaubashine. The frogs of Lower Kaubashine were a nice change

Wendy and Chris headed out for one last pontoon boat ride and the heron sent them this great salute.  A fitting end to a great vacation on Lower Kaubashine

Road to the Resort

Road to the Resort

Parked quickly and snapped this pic to show what it is like to drive down the road to the resort lately.  Every day the color has popped more and more

Vew from Blackwood's dock

Vew from Blackwood's dock looking back at the resort

View from Blackwood's dock

View from Blackwood's dock

Fall is here and boats are coming out

Fall is here and boats are coming out

Hope you are enjoying the color pictures.  Walking out the door it is the easiest time of year to take pictures.  Next to Misty Lake pics and Pines in the Snow, fall color is the best.  Speaking of snow I hear flurries are in the forecast Monday…..

Had a special request for screen saver pics from Paul Zaremba this last weekend.  The sunrise cooperated this morning so I took a pic both ways side ways and regular.   Enjoy and I will just add it to Paul’s bill

Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine

Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine