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I took a kayak trip out on to the lake with the colors

Over to the other side

I caught Billy Borger over muskie fishing. The muskie were not biting in the calm waters but the reflections were and Billy was not complaining

I caught Kathy and Stacy watching Billy from the shore.  What a day to be out enjoying the lake!


How cold is it?  According to Craig, cold enough to pull out his McDonald’s hat from the 80’s.  We had our first killing frost last night and the woodstove got lit.  No furnace yet at the office, Troy’s goal is to avoid that until November 1st.  Thank god for woodstoves or we would be huddled under blankets


The cold has inspired tree cutting.  Craig has figured out a new system gauranteed to keep him from hitting things.  he uses a comalong to anchor and pull them.  So far about 100 dead trees have been taken out and nothing has been hit yet, notice I used the word yet.  There is a big pine by Restawhile that is going to be a major test of the new system


Trail to Eagles Nest showing color heading to peak.  This weekend and early next week should see the peak.  Nothing prettier than walking the trail with the new leaves and color


Fall color report.   The color is just starting and you can catch trees here and there with nice reds and yellows.  This one is down between Restaswhile and Wildflower


Other areas of the hill are still green


With 3 weeks of dry weather and a dry summer, the colors i think will be a little duller.  This maple sums up some of the color, leaves falling a little faster from some trees


Walkway to Muskie Inn


Color in Wildflower’s stairwell


Still a lot of green in the resort