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Happy New Year from a cold windy Lower Kaubashine


Drifting snow over our ice skating rink.  Nobody is in a hurry to got down and get it back in shape


The beach covered in waves of ice


As my fingers were ready to freeze to the camera button, I caught this picture of the wind whipping up the snow by the boats


Little snow tornado on the other side of the lake.  We had a light dusting of snow last night and that is what is whipping around on the lake.  The rest of the snow is about 6 inches deep or so I think and crusty after the rain and freezing rain.


Perfect lake for ice fishing right now, no snow to trudge through.  Tom at Hilltop has marked the lake for sledding


The light dusting of snow we got last night.  They do have clipper systems in the forecast for next week nothing big but hopefully enough to repair some of the damage done to the trails


Mack playing in the snow with a friend.  This is the way most of our area looks for snow right now it is a hard crusty snow but mainly covers the ground.  I am guessing it is ok for x country skiing once they regroom and break it up.  Snowmobiling though is going to take more snow in the forecast


Sunrise this morning with clouds and snow coming down.  The sun managed to peak through for a few minutes to make an awesome sunrise.  Took this between Muskie an Bayview


I took this picture with the flash on and it really shows the flakes coming down


Same picture of Wigwam without the flash, the delay made it a little blurry but shows the snow accumulating


Birchwood in the light snow


The last of the blue dock waiting to come out in the snow


Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine



Warm sunset rays, warming up the colors across the lake


The Dunker’s from Arizona enjoying the fall colors that they do not see in the desert.  Beautiful time of day to head out for a little fishing.  The Muskie’s have been hitting this week.



View off the top of the hill last night