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What a difference a day makes.  An inch or two of snow came down last night changing the icy  lake

Same view I took yesterday

I took chicken little down to the lake with me.  Yesterday he would not even go down the steps.  Today he did and had strange looks at what happened to his swimming hole.  I seems to have lost his memory of last winter finally loving the ice.  I have a feeling we will be going through the same ice phobia as last winter when it gets strong enough to walk on.  Will probably have to just drag him out with me one of these days

My goal of he morning to take the same dock picture I took yesterday.  Missing picture is after this picture I wanted to take a picture of Mack out at the end of the dock looking out at the lake.  The dog has happily gone out on docks before…..  I called him over he came and I guided him out on the dock with him looking at me the whole time like I was taking him into the pits of hell.  I tried to get him into a sit and stay as I turned to go to the end of the dock to take the picture.  Before I could even get turned around the whole way, he was through my legs almost knocking me off the dock to get to shore

This is the last I saw of him as he made his escape from the evil ice.  The dog needs therapy

Julia and her Aunt Mandy came by with this little guy in there hands.  It is a baby snapping turtle.  You can tell by the high ridge on its back.  They grow quite big and you would never think of picking up and adult like this

Thanks Julia and Amanda for sharing your find.  Everyone will be happy to know they headed down to the lake to release the baby turtle to be seen on another day and much bigger

After numerous tries I have finally got some descent Rhubarb to grow. I have been afraid to pick it this year that it is not big enough to pick and am hoping next year it gets even bigger and pickable

My other 2 plants that came back this year as well.  I treated them to mushroom compost last year and this spring and seem to have made them happy.  If you are like my inlaws and best friend who both have huge patches of Rhubarb, I am in envy.  Many folks though have no idea what to do with it or don’t appreciate it.  We have done everything from making rhubarb sauce to making rhubarb icecream (I do not recommend the last one)  By far our favorite is Rhubarb Crisp that my mother inlaw makes

Here is is before going in the oven I doubled the below recipie and used a 9 by 13 pan

Grandma Gibson’s Rhubarb Crumble

Arrange 3 cups diced Rubarb in 8 by 8 by 2 pan

Sprinkle with

2TBsp Orange Juice

3/4 cup Sugar

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Dot with 1 Tbsp butter


1/4 cup melted shortening or oil

1/3 cup brown sugar

Sift together:

2/3 cup flour

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 tsp baking soda

Mix with 2/3 cups quick cookting oatmeal.  Blend with Brown sugar mixutre,  Spread overn rubarb.  Bake at 350 for 40 min.  Serve with whip cream if you want

Give it a try if you have access to glorious rhubarb! and appreicate it

For those who do not appreciate rhubarb (no idea what you are missing) here are the loons this afternoon floating around.  If you are not a appreciator of Rhubarb but posses lots of it in your yard, bring it along on your next trip to the Northwoods and get a big hug from me and the rest of the family. Ok maybe not Jake…. maybe not Troy…  Grant is rolling his eyes and Ben is running away so I guess you will get one from me and maybe some Crumble if you are nice

Wish I had his one in higher definition and closer but this was the best my telephoto could do and the loons were no cooperating swimming closer

Steve decided it was time to give the Birch Trees around the resort a fresh coat of paint.  Craig also instructed him to keep going and paint a few of the pine trees like birch trees since we have lost so many of our birch to the birch disease.

This is what happens to resort owners the week before Memorial Day… minds start to go…

This blog entry brought to you by the mind of Steve

After 2 days of tantalizing me with far off calls and appearing by the road when I was in a hurry on the way to pick someone up or drop off at school with no camera I finally caught the loon!  With a lake still half frozen the loon has restricted swimming area for awhile but it was hanging in its favorite fishing hole down where the road meets the lake

I only have seen the one loon.  Is this one just passing through and stopping by to get food for a few days… I am not sure.  I do believe one of the pair we have had the last few summers was killed on the lake last summer.  My neighbor saw the aftermath and thought it might have been a muskie.  The pair has been tagged and researched the last few years so I will be interested to hear from our loon researcher this spring if this is a lone loon from the pair or not.

Doing what loons do best, fish.  If you are a fisherman the last thing you want is to be anywhere near the loons

This is spring?

Cliff ready to hibernate

As long as there is snow on the lake I LOVE IT

Folks in Muskie Inn using the outside as their freezer

You may not being enjoying the March snow but I have a fur coat and am LOVING IT!

I noticed a strange amount of smoke coming from Birchwood..  I have given the guys a green light to start working on their remodeling project and then I see smoke coming from the chimney….  I was almost afraid to step in the cabin to see what they were up to

Before stepping in the cabin I took this picture of the new snow in the trees.  I think our maple syrup tapping may take til atleast the weekend or beyond to start the sap flowing.  We have another storm coming through Wednesday

Once in the cabin I found evidence of their destruction.  What would Craig or better yet Maynard say to burning this beautiful 1970’s paneling.

I got in the cabin just in time to catch Steve with the crowbar

Troy was already cleaning up Steve’s path of destruction.  This bedroom is finally getting matching cedar paneling that goes with the other bedroom.  We have had this project on the list for a few years.  New carpeting and maybe a new ceiling too as they decide how far to go.  Somehow projects like these get bigger the farther they get into it

The trail they leave behind

Stepped over to Wigwam to see how close they were to be done there.  New linoleum will have to be put in the bathroom at least.. will that carry over into the entire cabin?  I have no idea I just take the pictures

New bigger shower installed.  I think there are a few ladies out there cheering

Imagine being able to sit and shave your legs at Black’s Cliff.. no need to contort your body for the sake of smooth legs at the beach this summer

The new walls back up in the bedroom matching the old walls pretty good.  Little less space for the dresser but I think it was worth it

Down at the lake, the new snow was starting to bury Cliff.  No melting yet.  So far we have 15 entries in the Ice Out Contest.  Get your guesses in before March 14th

Will these boats be covered in snow tomorrow

The raft unburied for now

You got to love the puppy in Mack.  He undug the rope to the sled to drag it around the yard

Love to know what is going on in that head of his

I stepped back over to Wigwam to see how the shower was coming.  Apparently they are at a stopping spot for the moment til the walls get stained and varnished.  They got their first coat today

Yep we got a little bit of snow yesterday and getting a little bit more today.  It should be enough to get the Lakeland Loppet race off at Winter Park this weekend

Who signed me up for this contest?

Cliff looking relaxed and ready to take on whatever March throws at him.  Even took off his hat in protest to the small amount of snow Mother Nature threw his way

Still trying to figure out this strange guy sitting on the lake

In other news Wigwam’s shower moves along

Splash board going into place

I held the guys back as long as I could with their crowbars but today was the day they got let loose on Wigwam’s bathroom.

So you see the gleam in Steve’s eye with a crowbar in hand.  Walls were flying and holes being made.  Missing picture was Steve man handling the old shower out the bathroom door

Troy picking up the pieces behind Steve

This picture begs a caption.  You got one put it in the comment section

Peek a Boo from the bathroom.  This wall will be moved as we put a bigger shower in the bathroom.  Question is will Steve leave a hole in the wall?

My bigger questions is will the ugly red sink finally leave?  Craig got it on sale in the early 90’s and installed it.  There was a reason it was on sale… a left over from the 80’s or maybe 70’s.  Love ya dad, but this is the ugliest sink in the resort hands down, good deal or even free… I think it is time for it to go

Mack would like everyone to know he is on the trail of the rabbits under the boats and hopes to have them flushed out ASAP, since they have been horning in on the compost pile from our guinea pig cages outside.  Mack’s favorite chew toys this winter have been frozen chunks picked out of the pile that he and the rabbits have been fighting over.  All I can say is GROSS!

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Cody and his Uncle Jimmy showing off their big catch a 31 inch Northern this weekend.  Cody’s smile was worth it all.  I think it was his lucky hat that gave him the edge this weekend

More nice crappies were biting.  This one still shows its white colors.  After a hour on the ice it will be back to its regular color.  Way to go Cody!