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Uhhh Ohhh Troy walking down the driveway with a tool and a flashlight… never a good thing…


Victim of the cold this morning at -20 actual temp was Restawhile’s water lines.  Went to clean the cabin today and no water….  luckily it was not rented yet this weekend so panic did not set in too much.  We also lost hot water in our kitchen sink in the house which always happens when it goes sub zero.  After toting water to do the breakfast dishes from the bathroom, Troy got a heater pointed at our pipes and got hot water moving again.  Sure makes you appreciate hot running water when you loose it.  Restawhile thankfully warmed up with the afternoon sun and water came back on, on its own.  Can’t wait to see some 30’s this weekend!

The other victim of the cold was Steve’s car.  His ancient blue Jetta with 300+ thousand miles does not start below -5.  He gave his old car til 10am to start at which time he threatened old blue with a few words and that he would take his wife’s car instead.  Old Blue responded to the threat and the exact warmed up temp of – 5 and started right up.


Can  you feel the cold through the camera lens?

Speaking of camera lens’s…  Some may remember my favorite prized Cannon Rebel went in for cleaning a couple of weeks ago..  It came back through UPS last week.. I ran to open the box excited to have my camera back and….  took it out of the box looking all spanky clean to find my LCD screen smashed…  my heart stopped and a quick call to Best Buy where I bought it.  Found out I had to once again drive to Wausau to drop it off for them to fix and it would be returned by UPS to me.  Well dropped it off yesterday hopefully it comes back in one piece working good.  In the meantime I have given up on Katie’s Nikon the auto focus is not working and I am back to my point and shoot Cannon.  Anxiously waiting to see the UPS truck back in the driveway with my fixed camera.  So if the pictures look a little grainy or a little off you know the rest of the story


All part of coming up Nort’  Helping Grandpa fill the wheelbarrow full of wood for the nights fire while mom and dad are out on snowmobiles.  Little Cowan was being kept busy by Grandpa… which is bigger that piece of wood or Cowan


Not to be left out, Oscar the black lab was also looking for attention from Grandpa.  Oscar returned from a walk about with Sporty, the bad influence beagle, in his homemade doggie blanket.  It was a little too cold on the paws for a tour of the local neighborhood that Sporty wanted to go on.


Who is enjoying vacation more Cowan getting a wheelbarrow ride or Oscar chewing on a chunk of wood…. or Grandpa who is headed to the fireplace and a recliner while Cowan and Oscar take a nap

I talked to John the Groomer guy who grooms the Bearskin and over 70 miles of trails in our area.  He said the trails are GORGEOUS!  Get out and enjoy them.  The base is beautifully solid and barely needs any grooming it is holding up wonderfully.  He spent 8 hours last night grooming 2:30 – 11:30 done each night by volunteers just like John.  Way to go Minocqua groomers!


Ted and Mark arrived from Virginia for their annual week of woodsplitting in January.  There is just something about spending time together up Nort, that makes these 2 fly half way across the country to help us fill the shed up for summer


Troy trying to keep up with them piling.  Packer play off game this afternoon will bring wood splitting to a early finish today along with the entire state of Wisconsin.  During the Packer game is the best time to go grocery shopping in Minocqua, the aisles and streets are deserted


Happy New Year from a cold windy Lower Kaubashine


Drifting snow over our ice skating rink.  Nobody is in a hurry to got down and get it back in shape


The beach covered in waves of ice


As my fingers were ready to freeze to the camera button, I caught this picture of the wind whipping up the snow by the boats


Little snow tornado on the other side of the lake.  We had a light dusting of snow last night and that is what is whipping around on the lake.  The rest of the snow is about 6 inches deep or so I think and crusty after the rain and freezing rain.


Perfect lake for ice fishing right now, no snow to trudge through.  Tom at Hilltop has marked the lake for sledding


The light dusting of snow we got last night.  They do have clipper systems in the forecast for next week nothing big but hopefully enough to repair some of the damage done to the trails


Mack playing in the snow with a friend.  This is the way most of our area looks for snow right now it is a hard crusty snow but mainly covers the ground.  I am guessing it is ok for x country skiing once they regroom and break it up.  Snowmobiling though is going to take more snow in the forecast


How deep is the snow?  I would say somewhere around a foot – foot and a half.  Our bear in the front yard is slowly being buried.  We had about 5 additional fluffy inches of snow come down since Monday.  Having a new 16 year old driver you really get an appreciation for snow covered highways


We shall see if the bear gets completely covered yet.  I had the question the other day on the phone, wondering if they would run into bears on the ski trails.  I am happy to tell everyone bears hibernate in the winter and the trails are perfectly safe from them.  Have to admit a slight chuckle on that phone call

I have a group going out today for their first ever snowmobile ride.  Except for some lakes that are not marked due to ice concerns it ought to be a great time to go.  Our first skiers of the year also arrive today and will I am sure be thrilled with the snow conditions out at Winter Park.  I have openings the 26th – 30th (not the night of the 30th) and starting again on the 1st.  Give a call if you want to escape to the woods (better yet if the relatives let you escape to the woods)


Mack would like to report it is dang cold outside


The lake is as cold as it looks


One thing this weather is good for is making Ice Candles.  Troy has his production line going with buckets of water in time to have plenty done for Christmas


The only warm thing outside the smoke stacks going full steam.


We had a light dusting of snow come through yesterday and last night.  Everything looks white but it would be nice to see more of it.  If it is going to be cold and the lake frozen over then we should have the snow to go with it


Mack looking out at the quietness and that dang frozen lake, wondering when the resort will get exciting again with friends for him.  He will have to wait a couple of weeks for the first of the Christmas/New Years folks to arrive.   We still have a few cabins left for Christmas if the thought of family coming to your house scares you, escape to the woods.  Christmas is at our lowest rates of the year starting at 115/night for Restawhile, 165/night for Shamrock, Kaubashine and Wigwam at 175/night up to the 26th when we go to Holiday rates.  There are still openings December 26 – 2nd but they are filling up so give a call if you were thinking of coming up at that time


After a day of rain the temps dropped and a light snow made it seem more like the Holiday time


Mack bravely heading down the steps ahead of me to check out the lake today.  Yesterday it turned into a slushy rain puddle, and this morning looks all froze up again


Anyone have a good caption for this picture?  What is running through his mind?


In other news, Shamrock is getting a little TLC.  The guys were hooking up the new septic system to the cabin yesterday when the discovered a few issues in the flooring in the bathroom.  I think it is time for some new linoleum and a few new floor boards around the toilet.  Steve is blaming it on Craig’s installation and he is not here to defend himself, I am just happy to see a non white floor going in the bathroom


What a storm this was and it is not done yet.  Came outside this morning to find this tree hanging over Wigwam after the 55mph winds went through.  There was not a garbage can standing in the resort, limbs down, a few small trees down and this big spruce hanging.  Electric went off at 1 am as well.  Good thing I passed out all the candles ahead of time to folks staying.


After a very short consultation with Troy we decided this tree was beyond our tree taking down abilities.  This is what you call a widow maker and I have no desire to be a widow.  Made a quick call to the tree service and surprisingly they were able to make it out right away


Tree guys talking it over


More consulting with the tree boss.


With the wind blowing and trees moving it was time to scale the red pine next to the spruce that it was stuck in to hook up a pulley


I don’t know what this guy gets paid but it is not enough to be up in that tree.  At one point as it was swaying with the spruce hooked in it he yelled at the guys on the ground to hurry up.  He wanted down ASAP


All of the ropes and pulleys being set up and hooked up to the green truck.  Brought back a few memories of the guys hooking trees up to our truck and flooring it


Time to make the back cut.  All ropes are taunt and pressure is on the tree


Notice how long the saw blade is to keep the guy as far from the tree as possible


I was wondering why they asked for plywood and we were soon to learn why


Goal was to have the butt of the tree on the plywood but this tree was not cooperating


Sliding further and further down but now stuck


Time to cut off the bottom of the tree


Whew on the ground and nobody hurt except for my check book for 400 dollars but it was money well spent.  More storm pics to come later


It has been 2 days of rain, which make it nice to hide by the fireplace but brings no inspiration for heading outside for pictures.  This morning it finally quit raining and I snapped these pics of the sun trying to peak through




Last of the oak leaves hanging on


Today was supposed to be the beginning of The Big Dig, but things got delayed for a week.  Instead all the boats got cleaned and stacked away for winter.  We still have a few left in at the lake for one more weekend.  Pontoon boat comes out after the weekend