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the oak trees are finally bare and time to start The Great 2010 Resort Rake.  Blower makes it a little easier but most of the leaves are still raked the old fashioned way and hauled away into the woods


Line of leaves leading up to the New “used” resort truck.  The old truck was having a few too many issues involving large repair bills and a plow that was not going to make it through the winter so Craig did his rounds looking for his usual good deal, and came up this one.  When trading in the old truck we had it loaded down with old roofing materials from the shed.  It was the weekend and the dump was closed, Craig drove it to the car lot and told the dealer he would include all the free roofing the dealer wanted.  The look on the car dealer’s face was priceless wondering if Craig was actually serious.  I would love to hear the conversation in the back room of the car dealer when he told his boss some guy was here to trade in his truck completely loaded with 100 years worth of old roofing and thinks we will reduce the price for all the free roofing and roofing nails


Something is missing from this picture….. big and orange……


Raft broke free and went for a trip into the shoreline



Troy going for a walk in the shoreline to rescue the raft.  Question is do the wadders leak?  Mack was trying to figure out what in the world was Troy doing walking around in the strange green pants


Jake coming to give his first raft tow.  Paul take notes


Towing it backwards actually makes the steering easier.  There was no wind to make this a truly entertaining experience


So how cold is the water?



Raft tied up in temporary dry dock for the winter.  Rumor has it the white dock is heading out in a couple of days.  Troy is marking the dry, non leaky wadders he has on


Color on the lake path is great!


Woke up this morning to condensation on the windows, it went down to 39 degrees last night.  It was a good night for woodstoves and fireplaces.  We have been spoiled the last few Labor Day weekends with temps in the 80’s.  The high on Saturday was 59, but Sunday was improving to 70 degrees


Sun came out early to warm things up


Kayaks were out on the lake early enjoying the sun


Mac found some friends to play with it was doggie wrestling in the cool morning with Carmella and Cooper.


I am loving the resort dogs life


Young pup wearing out the old lady Carmella.  One growl from Carmella has Mac behaving himself


The Oberman family did a take over of the treehouse coming in fully armed to the teeth


Someone forgot to arm the twins Samuel and Adam but I think their relatives are packing enough heat to defend them from a hostile take over


Reach for the Sky or we will shoot


Away from the military take over of the playground, Jackie and Emma were enjoying the sunshine as the afternoon sun heated things up


It was warm enough for an afternoon of skiing fun for the Oberman family, no guns involved


This is the way to enjoy a Labor Day weekend.  Not a care in the world enjoying the last rays of summer


The rain came cascading down the steps.  Not sure how many inches but it all flowed down the beach steps.


The delta at the top of the steps





Time to dash back to the house


The 4th of July week means one thing, time for the 15th annual Roy Tungett Horse Shoe Tournament.  10 of the 11 cabins at the resort headed down to Hilltop for Ting Soda, a few beers, pizza and horse shoes


Mr Tungett and the 2010 players.  This year there were 17 teams entered


Newly added this year is The Pony Plaque for those that have never gotten on the winners plaque.  Notice the top of the list is Terry Hixson who has put a lot of effort into winning by distracting other players but has remained a Non winner


Gloria Vs. Linda in a classic game of strategy and gamesmanship.  Each is praying the other wins so that they can sit the rest out and enjoy the tournament from the sidelines


Linda and her partnert came out on top and she is consoling Gloria or is it the other way around…..


The official referee Tom Hixson with his ruler making sure everything is legal


Kate from Ireland showing great form.  She will be going back to the big island a olympic swimmer and horseshoe champion


Rick Agnew getting the best dressed award for putting these color combinations together


In the end it came down to Sarah and her superior bounce technique.  Hit the ground before the pit and bounce the shoe in


Brigid and her sharp eyed marksmanship learned from the streets of South Chicago


Troy and his hometown advantage.  He sneaks down to Hilltop in the offseason and throws shoes when nobody is watching


Finally Tim who was our 2nd place winner last year.  Could he and Sarah pull out an upset over Brigid and Troy?


In the end the great horseshoe god “Oh No” was called upon to once again present the awards


Nobody messes with a Horseshoe god in a US Marine shirt in Chinese


Our 2nd place winners receiving their awards from Dawn who got 2nd place last year with Tim


Sarah will be using her prize to work out all year to get in shape for 2011 tornament


1st place winners Troy and Brigid with “Oh No” enjoying their moment of winning and getting on the plaque again



Congrats to the 2010 winners and a big thanks to Mr Tungett for organizing the festivities again


One last award to give out “The Pony Plaque” to Terry the longest running non winner.  Should we point out he is the only member of the Hixson family on the plaque


Afterward the real party started with Rick and his musical instrument.  Only this instrument would match that outfit


After the tournament at precisely 5:30 everyone shows up on the playground with a dish to pass and their meat cooked.  If you are late you may miss out on the great deserts


Everyone enjoying great friends and a great meal


Voted as the best dish was Dawn’s Ten Layer Jello  Don’t wiggle it too much or the tower falls over


Afterwards the kids favorite time came with Terry giving everyone and Alligator Ride they will not soon forget.  See everyone back in 2011 for the 16th annual Horseshoe Tournament only 51 weeks away and counting


Eight dove in the water for the “Big Swim” across the lake.  There were 5 first timers.  Most afternoons in the summer you will see heads bobbing across the lake for anyone brave enough to do the “Big Swim”


The trusty boat spotters staying close to the swimmers in case anyone needed to jump on and to keep other boats away


The Peanut gallery cheering everyone across the lake


Sarah a veteran of many a “Big Swim”, taking it a little slow with her bad knee and cheering on Kate from Ireland who was swimming farther than she ever had before.  Go Kate GO!


We made it!  Now who is swimming back?  4 did make the return trip swimming back and 4 jumped on the boat.  5 new lake swimmers can go home to brag they made it across the lake.  Kate was thrilled to make it but will not be swimming the English Channel when she gets home


The Eastern end of the Black Family arrived to enjoy a week in the Northwoods.  Dave and Bonnie spent the week introducing Ellanora to all sorts of new sights in the woods.  They took a trip to The St Germain Flea Market on Monday returning with some yard art that will be turning heads in Washington DC.  The St Germain Flea market is something that has be be experienced, from crafters, to local foods and antiques everything can be found at The Flea Market.  Question is how to ship the Peacock and everything else they bought to Washington DC, because this year with Ellanora they flew.


A little help from Uncle Craig and a hack saw the Peacock will now make it in a flat box.  Dave will have to find a welder on the other end to weld a pole back on


Only found at the St Germain Flea market and now to a suburb of Washington DC.


This is the only picture needed today to prove THE SUN IS FINALLY OUT!  I believe the gloom set in June 5th or so and it has taken this long for the sun to return.  Everyone will be soaking up some much needed vitamin D today


For the fishermen out there I had this pic sent to me from Brent and Annette Geilenfeldt.  Brent caught this muskie while up last week in the gloom and the rain.  It was the highlight of their week.  I am sure Annette has it already scraped in her online photo book.  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for this trips photo book.  She can’t beat her squirrel pics or putting the driveway on fire this winter


Life been a little chaotic lately?  Enjoy these quiet pics taken on Lower Kaubashine this evening.  Beautiful calm night





A few days of Norway being open and it got 1/2 of its new roof on.  The rest will have to wait til fall.  Craig happily admiring his work.  While up on the roof he found an interesting message left from one of 3 characters under a few layers of old roofing… Bunger, Paul or Kevin…  Our bets are that it was Kevin


Birchwood getting a new coat of paint.  Somewhere I have a picture of Maynard 40 years ago doing this same job


Troy trying to figure out the easiest way to put a new roof on the pagoda at the top of the steps… quite a challenge

In other news I emptied our rain gage since Saturday and we have received about 7 inches of much needed rain.  Everything for once looks a little water logged and the boats are definitely in need of bailing so it is good the kids are in their last day of school today.  Over the weekend we are expecting more rain.  Our lake being spring fed is down a bit but nothing compared to 4 – 5 feet I hear many lakes are down.  A friend of mine is not even putting in their boat on Lake Seventeen due to not being able to dock it at their dock and fears of the rocks and other things that are sticking up in their lake.  The flowages are way down.  So this rain hopefully will help to right the lake levels again