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The sun has come out finally after what felt like 40 days and 40 nights of rain

The customary picture of the tree snag and tree reflections on a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine

One last remaining oak leaf holding on over the water

I know yesterday I said I was not bringing out the camera until the sun came out… well I lied…  Guys were busy in the snow showers working on the Shamrock landscaping project.  Steve widening the steps and fixing the wall that got destroyed when the new septic and drain field went in last fall

Getting the old wall reset.

Find any old beer cans?  Troy trying to keep things straight

More and more rock.  We were the only ones visiting the rock yard in the snow at Winger Concrete

Trying to make a level surface for the picnic table and chairs that have never been level over by Shamrock

Reinforcing the wall hoping it will not move.  Mack wondering if I am done so he can go back and dry off by the woodstove and singe a few hairs

What do they do with the rocks… to be continued on a nicer day


Sunrise this morning with clouds and snow coming down.  The sun managed to peak through for a few minutes to make an awesome sunrise.  Took this between Muskie an Bayview


I took this picture with the flash on and it really shows the flakes coming down


Same picture of Wigwam without the flash, the delay made it a little blurry but shows the snow accumulating


Birchwood in the light snow


The last of the blue dock waiting to come out in the snow


Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine