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We headed on a tubing adventure to Winter Park.  Most folks locally buy a season skiing pas to Winter Park, our family is one of 2 that has purchased a season tubing pass.  The boys love to go and after a week of Basketball, Swim Club and cleaning cabins a relaxing time spent tubing is more up our alley than a marathon of skiing.  Although I do love to ski as well.

The first part of the adventure that I have written about before is just getting to Winter Park.  You have to drive down Camp 9 Road which is also a snowmobile trail and lightly plowed.  Dodging snowmobiles while driving is a frequent occurrence.  Snowmobilers sometimes forget they have to share this road.  I have been driving and had them pass me on both sides of the vehicle

Today everyone, including our car was on the right side of the road and all was well.

Relaxed sitting in a tube being pulled up the hill.  There is nothing like the just sitting back and letting your self be pulled up a hill backwards and enjoying

the view

the tubers heading up the hill

Adventuresome folks that want a work out can skip the line for the tube lift and hike it up the hill no waiting.  It definitely works off a few of those Christmas cookies

Once up waiting to head down the hill

Yahoo see you at the bottom of Squirrel Hill

Good afternoon had by all.  Where did that wonderful blue scarf come from?  Thanks, Char!  Now to negotiate Camp 9 road home

What is Wisconsin without its unique small town events.  Wife Carrying, Wife Ferrying and Pike Carrying took place in Torpy Park this weekend as a fund raiser for Minocqua Winter Park’s trail fund.  It was a fun time had by all and you got a free cool teeshirt for participating

4 heats of Wife Carrying started off the event.  Rules are you must carry your partner anyway you want around the course.  Most folks choose to do it the classic astonian way like this.  All is fine until the course goes through the shallows of Lake Minocqua and the female participant tends to get a bit wet.  You do not have to be married just a male and female pair.  We nick named this guy Big Red and his partner managed to stay pretty dry as he was the tallest participant

right behind Big Red were these two who did get wet in Lake Minocqua

Why did I miss all the pictures of running through the water with my camera?  I was at the finish line helping with the timing so will have to wait to get a few of the water pictures sent to me or see them in the Lakeland Times

One of the rules is the wife must weigh atleast 107 lbs.  If they do not weights have to be added

I thought for sure these two with such a light wife would be contenders but they took a digger on the course going over the obstacles.  Never said this was a safe sport

I was timing Big Red and his partner in both their heat and final race where they won and had to have my picture taken with them as their good luck charm

One to Wife Ferrying.  Only change in the course is they did not have to go through the water.  One of the new guys tried pulling instead of pushing and came in first and started a new trend in Wife Ferrying

Making the corner in Wife Ferrying

On to Pike Carrying.  Who carries the Pikes?

Kids of course and they went through the water as well but again I am missing those pictures…

I might have rooting for a kid in this race a little more than others

Everyone was rooting for the smallest of competitors who’s fish was taller than he was but that was not stopping him

He was quite the crowd pleaser stopping to enjoy his fans

Oh I have to finish

Now on to the best part the prizes.  You win your weight in things.  The kids had Gatorade, Brats, popcorn and mustard that they won their weight in

Popcorn was a kid favorite but did not add too much to the scale


The winner of the 13 – 17 year olds definitely made out well especially with the World’s best Brats from Trig’s


Now on to Wives.  This lady had it all figured out and was leaning back to get the most of her weight in Rootbeer

Eventually she made it with 5 boxes of Root Beer

My favorite was this one where she won her weight in brats.  I am missing the picture of the 2nd place wife ferrying lady who won her weight in mustard from Kopps.  You got to love over 100 lbs of Mustard

Big Red and his partner started out winning her weight in money times 5

Big Red was adding a little weight to the tetter totter

In the end they went away with cash and her weight in beer

After the competition I saw a lot of bartering going on between the winners swapping especially mustard for brats and beer.  Everyone went away with a smile on their faces and at least a cool new tee shirt that came with an interesting story about what they did today


There may be a large yellow ball in the sky rising but it sure is not warm


Burr…. with Windchill we are down at about – 15 to -20 this morning.  By the weekend though we are supposed to be cracking the 30’s which should be great for playing outdoors.  Maybe a return to Winter Park’s sledding hill


We headed out to Winter Park for some snow tubing.  It was awesome as you can tell from the picture above.  No busy lines I think in 3 hours the kids did about 100 slides down Squirrel Hill and not an injury to be had


I was  wondering how they got you up the hill and the ride up was a relaxing drag up the hill looking a back at the beautiful view.  Only danger falling asleep in the tube on the way up


Sitting back and enjoying the ride up


View from the top.. Look out below!


Yahooo get out of the way here we come!


This is what you end up looking like trying to keep up with 4 boys.  Note to self wear contacts next time so the snow does not build up behind the lens